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Kazuya Hisada

General Information

Birthdate: Sometime in 1968
Affiliation: Seigasha
Work: Animation Supervisor, Key Animation Artist

Animation Supervisor Credits:
DBZ: 98, 103, 109, 114, 119, 125, 130, 134, 140, 146, 150, 155, 231, 268, 281, 287
GT: 1, 10, 16, 22, 27, 33, 38, 44, 51, 57, 63

Kazuya Hisada was involved as a key animator throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT for Seigasha, but eventually took over the role of animation supervisor for Tomekichi Takeuchi for much of the Dragon Ball Z anime. He would go on to be Seigasha’s lone animation supervisor for Dragon Ball GT. Following GT, Hisada began working as a key animator and animation supervisor for Toei Animation’s next smash hit One Piece. Interestingly, he later took over the role of character designer from former Dragon Ball GT animator Noboru Koizumi in One Piece.

Unlike most animation studios, the animators at Seigasha tend to rotate roles between being key animators and the animation supervisor of a specific animation project based on their various styles. This is seen throughout the Dragon Ball series’ run, as Tomekichi Takeuchi, Masahiro Shimanuki, and Kazuya Hisada all took on both roles at various points. Shimanuki and Hisada were both animation supervisors in Dragon Ball Z because their styles better suited the more angular look of the series, as opposed to Takeuchi whose rounder style was better suited for Dragon Ball and the early portions of Dragon Ball Z.

It’s worth noting that Hisada was an animation supervisor assistant in both Dragon Ball Z Movie 8 and the 10th Anniversary Movie, and later returned as a key animator for the 2008 “Jump Super Anime Tour” special.

Animation Gallery

This gallery serves as a small example of the animation seen in episodes supervised by Kazuya Hisada and may not be representative of his entire body of work during his involvement in the series.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Dragon Ball GT Episodes

Animation Team

Kazuya Hisada shared the same animation team as Tomekichi Takeuchi and Masahiro Shimanuki, which were quite talented and very consistent. Seigasha was quite good at fully utilizing each animator and they would often be rotated based on their specific strengths and skills. Following episode 63 of Dragon Ball Z, Shimanuki took over the role of animation supervisor, but was later replaced by Hisada. For the remainder of the series the two would rotate back and forth as animation supervisor. However, Hisada would completely take over the role in Dragon Ball GT.

Main Animation Team General Series Involvement
Tomekichi Takeuchi (竹内留吉) DB: 1 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 291; GT 1 – 64
Yōko Iizuka (飯塚葉子) DB: 1 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 291; GT 1 – 64
Masako Misumi (三角昌子) DB: 1 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 187
Masahiro Shimanuki (島貫正弘) DB: 19 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 291; GT 1 – 64
Naoki Tate (舘 直樹) DBZ: 68 – 291; GT 1 – 64

Seigasha typically stuck with their own main animation team and only enlisted a few supplementary key animators throughout the series when needed. Some of these key animators were simply fill-ins from other animation studios, such as Chikako Uesugi and Kuniko Iwagami who were from Toei Animation.

Supplemental Animators General Involvement (Count)
Chikako Uesugi (上杉千佳子) DBZ: 81 – 175 (2)
Kuniko Iwagami (岩上久仁子) DBZ: 81 – 175 (2)
Takashi Nashizawa (梨沢孝司) DBZ: 175 (1)
Hiroyuki Yokota (横田博之) DBZ: 219 – 225 (2)
Megumi Yamashita (山下 恵) DBZ: 231 – 287 (4)