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宮原(みやはら) 直樹(なおき)

Naoki Miyahara

General Information

Birthdate: Unknown
Affiliation: Toei Animation
Work: Animation Supervisor, Key Animation Artist

Animation Supervisor Credits:
DBZ: 159, 199, 280, 289
GT: 6, 64

Naoki Miyahara joined the Dragon Ball Z staff, and presumably the Toei Animation staff, in early 1990 as a key animator. He would go on to stay involved in the series up through the bitter end of Dragon Ball GT, even filling the role of animation supervisor for the franchise’s final episode. In addition to the TV series, Miyahara was a key animator for every Dragon Ball Z movie, except the very first, and was the assistant animation supervisor for the Dragon Ball 10th anniversary movie. He also served as the animation supervisor for the short anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Go! Go! Ackman, which was released in July 1994.

Following Dragon Ball GT, Miyahara would go on to be the chief animator for the Digimon Adventure TV series and eventually the CG animator for the second Digimon Adventure 02 film. Ever since then he has become one of Toei Animation’s main CG animators, working as the CG director for Ayakashi, Xenosaga, most of the Pretty Cure TV series, and numerous shorts/OVAs for various series. Unfortunately, he is one of the few top animators from Dragon Ball Z to have never returned to the series in any capacity after the TV series’ original broadcast run.

Animation Gallery

This gallery serves as a small example of the animation seen in episodes supervised by Naoki Miyahara and may not be representative of his entire body of work during his involvement in the series.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Dragon Ball GT Episodes

Animation Team

Naoki Miyahara was more often a key animator than a animation supervisor, and would often fill-in with other animation studios to provide assistance when needed. When he did actually supervise an episode, all of the key animators involved were typically fellow animators from Toei Animation. Due to the animator rotations used in Dragon Ball GT, the animators involved with the episodes Miyahara supervised constantly changed.

Main Animation Team General Series Involvement
Naotoshi Shida (志田直俊) DB: 20 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 291; GT: 1 – 64
Takeo Ide (井手武生) DB: 19 – 153; DBZ: 1 – 291; GT: 1 – 64
Tetsuya Saeki (佐伯哲也) DBZ: 1 – 291; GT: 1 – 64
Toshiyuki Kan’no (菅野利之) DBZ: 46 – 291; GT: 1 – 21
Akira Inagami (稲上 晃) DBZ: 117 – 291; GT: 1 – 47
Takashi Nashizawa (梨沢孝司) DBZ: 134 – 206