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Published by 04 July 2015, 11:24 AM EDTComment

The official Twitter account for Dragon Ball Super has started a daily countdown leading up to the series’ debut 05 July 2015. With one day to go until the premiere, a series of posts sum up the excitement: いよいよ明日朝9時!「ドラゴンボール超」放送開始まであと1日!一部地域を除き、放送中にデータ放送でカードバトルにチャレンジも出来ます!プレゼントもあるのでリアルタイムで是非!(S) At last, tomorrow morning at 9! There’s one day until broadcast begins! Apart from some areas,

Published by 19 March 2015, 12:46 PM EDTComment

This week’s May 2015 issue of V-Jump in Japan provides a few updates on the upcoming film, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”, revealing Akira Toriyama’s character design for Freeza’s powered-up new form, “Golden Freeza”. A quote from Akira Toriyama is also included, explaining how his script for the new movie came together: フリーザの復活、ということさえテーマが決まれば、なにしろフリーザは個性の強いキャラクターなので、忘れやすいボクといえど、よく覚えていました。それに今回はアクションシーンを増やそう、とも決めていましたので調子よく話がドンドン浮かんできました。あとは復活したフリーザを、どうアップグレードさせるのか、ということだけです。幸いな事に、前回の『神と神』で脚本家の方にヒントをいただいたビルスとウイスのキャラも十分に立っています。これらを組み合わせて珍しくスンナリ完成したストーリー。アニメーターの皆さんは超大変でしたでしょうけど。(笑)楽しんで観ていただけたら本当にうれしい悲鳴です!キャーッ!(ジジイの悲鳴) Once

Published by 25 February 2015, 9:40 PM ESTComment

An official website for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS fighting game, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, has been opened. The site, while still bare-bones for the time being, has launched with “About” and “Character” pages detailing many of the same tidbits from the game’s V-Jump debut. Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, and Trunks are highlighted in

Published by 25 February 2015, 9:52 AM ESTComment

Dragon Ball Heroes, the long-running card-based arcade game in Japan, has revealed a special live streaming event to commemorate the release of the upcoming “God Mission 1” (GDM1) update. The stream will take place on Sunday, 01 March, starting at 3:30 p.m. JST. Guests at the event will include Masako Nozawa (Son Goku) and Ryūsei

Published by 16 February 2015, 3:43 PM ESTComment

While previously reported on the official website for AnimeJapan 2015 (the same event where the Majin Boo arc of Dragon Ball Kai was extensively promoted last year), the official website of the upcoming 2015 film, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”, brings additional details about the Dragon Ball event happening this year. The “Tenka’ichi Fan

Published by 16 February 2015, 11:23 AM ESTComment

The official website of the upcoming 2015 movie, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”, has announced that the film will be screened in “4DX” in select venues across Japan. 4DX is a proprietary system from South Korean company CJ 4DPLEX (a subsidiary of the CJ Corporation conglomerate), which uses technologies embedded in moviegoers seats to