Battle Power Guide

TV Series and Movies

The following is a list of every battle power original to either a TV series, movie, or TV special. These animated productions do not actually expand significantly on the battle powers provided in the original manga, but they do add in a few extra ones here and there. Like the manga series, the Dragon Ball Z movies only feature battle powers whenever members of Freeza’s empire are present, since they are the only ones who use scouters. Be sure to click the episode or movie title to view a subtitled video clip of that specific scene.

Battle Powers in the TV Series

While in the manga only the first Makankōsappō is given a battle power reading, in the TV series Raditz says that the second one Piccolo fires has a power of 1,480. He’s not too happy about it, either.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 005
Goku: “Hurry!”
Raditz: “1,480?!”

Piccolo, firing the Makankōsappō a second time: 1,480

During the scene where Bulma uses her converted scouter to check out the battle powers of those around her, Kame-Sen’nin thinks it must be broken since it says Kuririn has a higher battle power than him. So, in the TV series Bulma scans Kame-Sen’nin’s pet sea turtle to prove it’s functioning properly. Umigame has the somewhat dubious honor of holding what is by far the lowest battle power ever stated.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 008
Bulma: “That shouldn’t be… Only 0.001!”

Umigame: 0.001

When Tenshinhan and the others take a mental journey into the past as part of their training under God and Mister Popo, they run up against two illusionary Saiyans. The Saiyans peg Tenshinhan and co. as having battle powers that add up to less than 1,507, which they find laughably low. They spend the rest of the episode easily killing everyone in the group off one by one. Fortunately the journey was only mental, and Tenshinhan and the rest are able to return to the present safely, though considerably humbled.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 017
Yamcha: “Let’s go!”
Saiyan #1: “The battle ability of all four of them together is 1,507.”
Saiyan #2: “They don’t seem so strong.”
Saiyan #1: “We can kill some time. Let’s just run wild for a little bit.”

Tenshinhan, Kuririn, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu (combined): less than 1,507

In the manga, Nappa reads off these three battle powers for Piccolo, Gohan, and Kuririn, but he doesn’t specify which number goes with which person. The TV series is much clearer on this point.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 022
Nappa: “Fine. I’ll check out their power. 981… 1,220… 1,083… Fools! Do you plan on opposing us with that level of battle power?!”
Vegeta: “Nappa. Take off your scouter.”
Nappa: “What?”
Vegeta: “These people change their battle power in response to the fight. Those figures can’t be relied on any more.”
Nappa: “Now that you mention it, you’re right. After all, it seems that stupid weakling Raditz got done in after being caught off guard by his scouter’s figures.”

Son Gohan: 981
Piccolo: 1,220
Kuririn 1,083

There’s a bit of a history behind this figure, as mentioned in the section on manga battle powers. In the original run of the manga, Vegeta is said to be at “close to 20,000” (in the sense of “approaching 20,000”, meaning the exact figure would be lower) when he fights Recoom, but this would seem to be a contradiction, since Vegeta was earlier said to be at 24,000, and he had only gotten stronger since then. In the TV series, the figure was changed to “close to 30,000”, to make things a bit more consistent, and this was the figure used in Daizenshuu 7 (where it was rounded up to simply “30,000”). Then finally, for the kanzenban re-release of the manga, the figure was changed to “close to 30,000”, though this change was only found in the second kanzenban printings and onwards.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 064
Jheese: “Hey, hey, hey! What is this? Vegeta-chan‘s battle power has increased to close to 30,000!”

Vegeta, as he begins to fight Recoom: close to 30,000

During Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan’s battle with Recoom, Gohan fires a Masenkō in a desperate attempt to hurt Recoom. Though his Masenkō has grown much more powerful since he used it against Nappa, it still fails to do much good against Recoom.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 065
Son Gohan: “Masenkō!”
Jheese: “Did you see that?”
Butta: “Yeah! For an instant, his battle power was over 20,000!”
Kuririn: “…Gohan!”

Gohan, using the Masenkō: 20,000

As Freeza approaches the home of the Eldest Namekian to interrogate him on the secret of using the Dragon Balls, three warrior-type Namekians appear to block his progress. Despite the fact that they’re much more powerful than the trio who had opposed Freeza and his men earlier, Freeza is still able to effortlessly defeat them by creating a whirlwind with his breath, blowing them all away.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 070
Namekian #1: “It seems we’re in time.”
Namekian #2: “Yeah.”
Nail: “Stop! Stop it! You’re no match for him!”
Namekian #1: “Even if we’re no match, we can still give you a helping hand.”
Namekian #2: “We’re Warrior-types, just like you.”
Freeza: “Warrior-type?…. Hoh, all three of you are around 10,000. Well, I guess the warriors of this planet are like that. Even if you’re just trash compared to me.”

3 Warrior-type Namekians: around 10,000 each

As the newly transformed Super Saiyan Son Goku fights with Freeza, out in space some of Freeza’s henchmen monitor the fight with a large computer. They can tell by Freeza’s incredibly high battle power reading that he is finally fighting seriously. But when they try to measure Super Saiyan Son Goku’s battle power, the computer can’t handle it and explodes.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 097
Beak Guy: “There’s a response! It’s Freeza-sama!”
Blue Beard: “What an incredible battle power figure!”
Cape Guy: “Heheh, I see. Freeza-sama has finally gotten serious!”
Beak Guy: “There’s another one! What is this gigantic reading?”
Cape Guy: “What’s the matter?”
Beak Guy: “There’s a tremendous reading right by Freeza-sama!”
Cape Guy: “What?!”
Blue Beard: “I’ll set it to this battle power figure.”

The TV series adds a few more notes about “kiri”, the unit of energy used by Bobbidi and co. After Bobbidi measures Son Goku’s energy, Dabra remarks that 1 or 2 planets can be destroyed with 200-300 kiri (this is also mentioned in Daizenshuu 7). Later on, Dabra boasts that not even 4,000 kiri is enough to defeat him. Both of these extra kiri lines are inserted into conversations that are otherwise identical to their manga counterparts.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 223 — Clip #1
Bobbidi: “3,000 kiri? Why does an Earthling have 3,000 kiri of energy?”
Dabra: “3,000 kiri? With 200 or 300 kiri, once can destroy a planet or two. That’s odd, there shouldn’t be any people like that on Earth.”
Bobbidi: “Is this scale malfunctioning? But if it really is 3,000 kiri, then Yakon can’t beat him. Yakon’s energy is 800 kiri.”

Dragon Ball Z Episode 223 — Clip #2
Dabra: “I’ll go to Stage 3 myself. And I’ll fill Majin Boo’s ball up with their energy in the blink of an eye, you’ll see.”
Bobbidi: “Dabra, if you’re beaten then it’s all over. Can you win?”
Dabra: “Can I win? I’m Dabra, king of the Demon Realm. Whether 3,000 kiri or even 4,000 kiri, there’s nobody in the entire world who can win against my power.”

Dabra: over 4,000 kiri

Battle Powers in the Movies and TV Specials

As Bardock is healing after his mission on Planet Kanassa, his doctors discuss his abnormally high battle power, which they say should now be close to 10,000. Such power is extraordinary for a low-level warrior like Bardock. Despite Bardock’s own high power, his newly-born son Kakarrot has a battle power of only 2, much to his father’s disgust. Clearly this kid has no future.

Dragon Ball Z TV Special: A Final Solitary Battle — Clip #1
Doctor #1: “Just what you’d expect of Bardock. To think that he’d make an almost complete recovery in just a few days.”
Doctor #2: “Yeah. Even though he’s a low-level warrior, he always managed to make it back near the brink of death.”
Doctor #1: “His battle power should now be close to 10,000.”
Doctor #2: “He’s really something.”
Toma: “How is he?”
Doctor #2: “There’s no problem with him physically; everything is perfect. But there’s some irregularity in his brain waves, and the computer is diagnosing him.”
Toma: “I see.”
Pumbukin: “We’ve got no choice. We’ll have to leave Bardock behind this time.”
Toma: “Yeah.”
Doctor #2: “What planet are you going to now?”
Toma: “Planet Meat.”

Dragon Ball Z TV Special: A Final Solitary Battle — Clip #2
Tōro: “Look at the shape of the future! And suffer as much as you can! Huhahahaha!”
Barduck: “Kaka… rrot… Chih, battle power only 2, huh? Garbage!”

Bardock: close to 10,000
Son Goku, as a baby: 2

In this movie, the Saiyan survivor Tullece invades Earth. Though Tullece was born as a low-level Saiyan, he gained greater and greater power by growing Shinseijū trees on various planets, then eating the special fruit they produced after draining all of the life out of their host planet. By the time Tullece comes to Earth to grow his next Shinseijū, he is powerful enough to defeat Piccolo with one blast, despite his scouter showing that Piccolo is at 18,000, equal to Vegeta when he first appeared. Tullece also reads Gohan as being 10,000, which he says is what he’d expect of a child with Saiyan blood. When Goku appears to face off against Tullece, Tullece’s scouter pegs Goku at 30,000. Goku manages to put up a good fight against Tullece, but Tullece powers up by eating a Shinseijū fruit. At this point, Goku can’t beat Tullece with even a Kaiō-Ken x10 (which would put him at 300,000, though this isn’t stated). He finally manages to defeat Tullece with the Genki-Dama, the solution to all problems.

Dragon Ball Z Movie 03: A Super Decisive Battle for Earth — Clip #1
Gohan: “Father…”
Tullece: “Oh. I see. So you’re Kakarrot’s son.”
Gohan: “You’re not my father!”
Tullece: “Kakarrot and I look alike… Since there weren’t that many types of disposable, low-level warriors like us… Battle power 10,000. Just what you’d expect of someone with Saiyan blood.”

Dragon Ball Z Movie 03: A Super Decisive Battle for Earth — Clip #2
Tullece: “Something’s coming. Battle power 18,000! Who is it? Who are you?”
Gohan: “Pi… Piccolo-san!”

Dragon Ball Z Movie 03: A Super Decisive Battle for Earth — Clip #3
Goku: “I think I was pretty darn lucky to have hit my head as a baby! ‘Cause that way, I didn’t end up like you! I can’t just let you get away with this!”
Tullece: “Ba… battle power 30,000?! What is he? His battle power is rising rapidly!”

Son Gohan: 10,000
Piccolo: 18,000
Son Goku: 30,000
Tullece, after eating the Shinseijū fruit: over 300,000

When Coola’s Armored Squad launch a surprise attack against Son Goku and the others (who are out camping, as they always seem to be in these movies), Dore incapacitates Gohan by grabbing him by the tail. Neiz notes that Gohan’s battle power is only 50, which Sauzer thinks is pathetic, even accounting for the fact that his tail is being pulled (which is a Saiyan weakness).

Dragon Ball Z Movie 05: The Incredible Strongest vs Strongest
Kuririn: “Gohan!”
Gohan: “Ku… ri… rin… san…”
Dore: “Heh. Is this the Super Saiyan?”
Neiz: “Chih! His battle power is only 50!”
Sauzer: “That’s a miserable figure, even if Dore is grabbing his tail.”

Son Gohan, weakened by having his tail grabbed: 50

On Planet Vegeta, two babies are born on the same day: Broli and Kakarrot. Broli was born with a battle power of 10,000, absurdly high for a baby, while Kakarrot was born with a battle power of merely 2. Despite the ridiculous difference between their two powers, Kakarrot somehow manages to make Broli cry. Broli will go on to remember this humiliating incident until he dies… all three times.

Dragon Ball Z Movie 08: Burn Up!! A Close – Intense – Super-Fierce Battle
Paragus: “Broli and Kakarrot were born on the same day, one after the other. Kakarrot…”
Saiyan #1: “Paragus’ kid is pretty shocking. To think that his battle power would be 10,000 as just a newborn!”
Saiyan #2: “Bardock’s kid battle power is only 2, but he’s made Paragus’ kid cry!”
Saiyan #1: “This brat “Kakarrot” may have a low battle power, but he’s sure got guts, at least!”

Broli, as a baby: 10,000
Son Goku, as a baby: 2