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Aliens, or extraterrestrials, in the Dragon World are beings not originally from the Planet Earth. After Akira Toriyama had exhausted all of the Earth’s strongest warriors, he decided to expand to the great beyond… the rest of the universe! From that point on, the series was never the same. Toriyama was now able to create a much wider variety of characters at will, specifically ridiculously strong opponents for Goku and friends to face off against. In addition, many of the Earth’s greatest warriors turned out to be aliens themselves, including the main protagonist, Son Goku (aka: Kakarrot).

Since there are so many characters that belong to the “Alien” category and its sub-categories, we have created a separate page for each sub-category. Follow the links provided below to view a specific sub-category. The majority of the Alien sub-categories were provided by Daizenshuu 4, which also categorized these characters.