In addition to new-fangled social networking outlets like Twitter and Facebook and even our forum, we have been around long enough to still rock it with an IRC channel. Those looking for a casual place to hang out and socialize with the community about Dragon Ball and a variety of other topics, feel free to stop by — we would love to have you.

Already familiar with joining an IRC channel? No problem — check out the info below and we will see you there. Need a little extra help getting the right program up and running and learning some basic command? We also have you covered there.

The Raw Details

If you are already set to go, here is all you need to get yourself going:

CHANNEL: #daizenshuu

Not Sure Where To Start?

IRC (“Internet Relay Chat”) is an old standard for group communication online, totally separate from the web. Organizations set up servers that allow people to connect and register their own specific rooms (or “channels”). You can even specifically register your channel name and user name with the server to guarantee yourself an established identity if you choose.

You will need a few specific things in order to jump in to #daizenshuu with us: a program or plug-in to act as the chat client, and the information to get into our specific channel.

IRC Programs

There are a variety of popular programs to connect via IRC. An old favorite continues to be mIRC, a stand-alone program used exclusively for IRC. No matter what operating system or specific software packages you run, there is something out there for you.

Connecting & Joining

Once you have your IRC program or plug-in installed, and depending on its interface, you may have to enter a few specific text commands to join. If you are asked for a nickname, that is the name that will appear in the chat as your user name (similar to a user name you may have registered with here in our larger community, such as on our message board, though it does not have to be the same). If you are asked for a server, we use

If entering the above information into window prompts is not a possibility with your program (or even just too overwhelming), you can typically run the entire show with the following text commands into the main text entry box or row:

  • /server — connect to the chat server hosted by Rizon
  • /nick (your-name-here) — change your shown nick/user name
  • /join #daizenshuu — after connecting to the server, join the channel (indicated with #) daizenshuu

Why #daizenshuu?

That’s a fair question — why is it #daizenshuu and not #kanzenshuu…? Well, in 2012 we joined the fansites Daizenshuu EX and Kanzentai together to form “Kanzenshuu”. The former had been around since 1998 and already had an established community base, and for those of us stuck in our ways (as seen by still idling on IRC all day!) are… well… stuck in our ways! Everything is already registered and auto-connecting with so many of us, and we do not mind holding onto the past in just one tiny extra way!