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Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume

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Databook Information

Released: 04 March 2009
Retail: ¥630 (tax included)
Publisher: Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Size / Pages: JIS B6 (12.8 × 18.2 cm) / 96 pages
Catalog No.: ISBN 978-4-08-874803-0

Databook Contents

This is the first of two Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide books, which covers the story aspects of the manga series. Unfortunately, the majority of the information in this guide is already available in the daizenshuu and the two official kanzenban guides (Landmark and Forever). The cover art was drawn by Akira Toriyama.

Included before the table of contents is a small fold-out poster of a montage of various characters seen throughout the series. This poster can be combined with that of the “Character Volume” to create a larger poster. The seven Dragon Balls are hidden throughout the two posters and on the back side the characters are color coded into groups, with names and brief biographies for each character. Following the poster, is a page of stickers entitled “Dragon Ball Hyper Battle Seal”. The guides title page showcases the cover artwork from the final kanzenban volume.

The Super Warrior Who Saves the Universe!! Son Goku
The first section of the book essentially describes how awesome Goku is, and is divided up into four key words that describe his charm: purity, trustworthiness, strength, and fierce battles (mind you, in Japanese, the last point is only one word).
SECTION 1: History Section
The history section of the guide is broken up into five sub-sections, with each describing a certain time period within the series. Each section lists the corresponding kanzenban volumes and chapters that it comprises, along with small tidbits of information. A series timeline runs along the bottom of the pages listing major events, Goku’s age throughout the series, and page numbers where more information about that subject is available within the guide.
History 1 – Out Into the World
The first history sub-section highlights Goku’s adventures after meeting Bulma, all the way to the end of the 22nd Tenka’ichi Budōkai. (Kanzenban Vol. 1-9 / Chp. 1-134)
History 2 – Revival of the Demon Clan!
This next history sub-section highlights Goku’s battle with Piccolo Daimaō, to the eventual defeat of his reincarnation, Ma Junior, in the 23rd Tenka’ichi Budōkai. (Kanzenban Vol. 10-13 / Chp. 135-194)
History 3 – Space War!
The third history sub-section highlights the arrival of the Saiyans on Earth and our heroes venture into outer space, where they face off against the tirant of the universe, Freeza. (Kanzenban Vol. 14-22 / Chp. 195-329)
History 4 – The Shadow of Hopelessness!?
This fourth history sub-section highlights our heroes return to Earth, where they find a messenger from the future, warning them of the destructive artificial humans and concludes with Cell’s defeat. (Kanzenban Vol. 23-28 / Chp. 330-420)
History 5 – The Majin Returns to Life!
The final history sub-section highlights our heroes final battle to save the universe from pure evil, in the form of a pink blob, known as Majin Boo. (Kanzenban Vol. 29-34 / Chp. 421-519)
SECTION 2: Showdown Section
The showdown section highlights Goku’s main battles from throughout the series. It lists the kanzenban volume and chapters in which the battle takes place, along with a brief description and the battle’s ultimate outcome.
Showdown 1 – VS Jackie Chun
Showdown 2 – VS Tao Pai-pai
Showdown 3 – VS Tenshinhan
Showdown 4 – VS Piccolo Daimaō
Showdown 5 – VS Ma Junior
Showdown 6 – VS Vegeta
Showdown 7 – VS Freeza
Showdown 8 – VS Artificial Human No. 19 & No. 20
Showdown 9 – VS Perfect Form Cell
Showdown 10 – VS Majin Boo
SECTION 3: Training Section
These pages summarize the various forms of training that Goku undergoes over the course of the story, rating each form of training according to its effects upon Goku’s various attributes. It says these pages are “based on training data supervised by Toriyama”, though just exactly what this means is unclear. The “Training EX” pages cover some of the training methods of other characters, like Vegeta and Gohan.
Training 1 – Kame-Sen’nin’s Training
Training 2 – Karin-sama’s Training
Training 3 – Training in the Heavenly Realm
Training 4 – Training on Kaiō’s Planet
Training 5 – Self-Training in the Spaceship
Training 6 – Training in the Room of Spirit and Time
Training 7 – Training in Heaven
Training EX
060, 061, 062
SECTION 4: Friendship Section
The friendship section takes a look at the different relationships Goku had with some of the main characters in the series. It gives a general run-down of how Goku met each person and how their relationship changed over the course of the story. Interestingly enough, both of his sons and Mister Satan are included as some of Goku’s best friends. Scattered throughout the section are little “Kaiō-sama Saw!” pages, where Kaiō-sama examines three different relationships from the series; Kuririn and No. 18, Vegeta with Trunks and Bulma, and Mister Satan and Majin Boo.
Friendship 1 – with Bulma
Friendship 2 – with Kame-Sen’nin
Friendship 3 – with Chi-Chi
Friendship 4 – with Yamcha
Friendship 5 – with Kuririn
Friendship 6 – with Tenshinhan
Friendship 7 – with Yajirobe
Friendship 8 – with Piccolo
Friendship 9 – with Son Gohan
Friendship 10 – with Vegeta
Friendship 11 – with Teenage Trunks
Friendship 12 – with Son Goten
Friendship 13 – with Mister Satan
Kaiō-sama Saw!
071, 080, 085
The Truth About the “Dragon Ball” Manga (read translation)
The true highlight of the book, this section is a fairly lengthy interview with Akira Toriyama, in which he answers some questions on his various sources of inspiration while drawing the manga, such as Jackie Chan movies, Journey to the West, and his poor, overworked assistant. He also lists his favorite battles from throughout the series, explaining just what he liked about each one, and his favorite people from the series that he would be friends with.
Let’s Play a Bit with Dragon Ball
A small grab-bag section containing several different games, these pages include a maze, a logic game involving Kame-Sen’nin’s dirty videos, a “spot-the-difference” mirror image puzzle, a game where you match Yamcha, Pu’er, and Oolong’s names up with how they’d be written in Chinese, and other fun little things.
Exciting Columns
016, 042, 064, 086
There are four one-page columns scattered throughout the book focusing on different topics. Page 16 features four important items from the series: the Nyoi-Bō, senzu, Dragon Radar, and Kinto-Un. Page 42 is filled with a chart of all of Goku’s battles from throughout the series. Page 64 lists battle powers for major characters, mainly Goku, from the start of the series up until the end of the Freeza arc. It’s essentially identical to the battle power chart found in “Daizenshuu 7” and “Dragon Ball Forever”. Finally, page 86 is a relationship map showing how various characters are connected to Goku.

Databook Staff Credits

It should be noted that although Akira Toriyama is listed as the author of this databook, he actually had very little involvement with the production of its content, if any at all. The contents of this databook were almost entirely compiled and organized by Caramel Mama and Shueisha.



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