The thought of having a “Donate” option on this website is probably more difficult for us to wrap our heads around than it is for many of our visitors. Going back as far as VegettoEX’s Home Page in 1998, we have done anything and everything in our power to keep things as “real” and “transparent” as we can with the site. We have never asked the community for anything, and do not expect anything in return for running the site. There have been plenty of generous “donations” over the years (media and forum hosting, for example). We have even had prize donations for website contests. These have always been unsolicited, mean the world to us, and make the community a better place.

We have had people ask about monetary donations in the past, but have always struck them down. This is for fans, by fans, gosh darn it! Things are a little different now, though. This site is not run by a 16-year-old punk kid starting a links page. The four people who run this website are fortunate enough to all be adults with jobs, but there is no getting around just how unbelievably expensive it is to maintain this website. There are always things that need to be purchased, both for review and other purposes, but the biggest expense is literally just keeping the proverbial lights on day-to-day.

A while back, we put up a thread on our message board to see what others had to say. This is a wonderful community, and the last thing we wanted to do was alienate people by suddenly having a “Donate” button show up without any explanation. The response was overwhelming and supportive, so we decided to move forward with it. From this page, you can donate any amount that you wish via PayPal.

This leads to the big questions: what is this money getting used for, and how can anyone be sure it is being used properly?

To answer that second question first, one need only look at our history and the content of this website. We have been around since 1998, and are readily available and contributing on a daily basis. We can be held accountable by thousands upon thousands of fans, and so we believe there is nothing you need to worry about in that respect. It is our hope that if you are even halfway considering donating, you know this already.

In terms of recognition for donations, we have decided that it does not help anyone if donors receive any kinds of special “perks”; there will be no exclusive access to website content, or any shenanigans like that. We want people to donate because they want to. With that in mind, we also want to recognize contributions if people want a little “Hello!”

What we have decided to do is have a little fun with the contributions and recognition. This page will be updated any time something is purchased with donations, and we will not only list the people who contributed to the purchase of said item (unless they wish to remain anonymous, which is completely fine), but we will give the item a name in their honor. For example, one of the new items may be “The GokuEX Memorial Microphone Boom Stand”. Additionally, please note that items purchased are for the benefit of all areas of the website; for example, items purchased will not only be for the podcast, will not only be CDs for review, will not only be video games for review, etc.

Our biggest expense on a monthly basis is literally just keeping the website up and running.

Hosting & General Website
The Nou & Lemmy Fall 2012 Kanzenshuu Season
March 2013 Hosting
David, Joseph, Jamaal, Stacey, Soriah, Tyler
April 2013 Hosting
Mark, Jason, Richard
May 2013 Hosting
Alex, Alessandro, Brad, Joanna, Ana, Connor, Drew,
T, Ravinder, Jessica, Douglas, Brenton, Dave, Tyler, Marcos
June 2013 Hosting
Liam, Rob, Domenic, Jamaal, Pretorious, David, Raymond, Daniel
July 2013 Hosting
AJ, Jesus, Tyson, David, Philip, Connor, Jamaal, Alex, Marcus
August 2013 Hosting
Matthew, John, Jamaal, Daniel
September 2013 Hosting
James, Raymond, Scott, Aidan
October 2013 Hosting
Roger, Raymond, David
November 2013 Hosting
T, David, Joanna, Roger
December 2013 Hosting
Philip, Jourdan, Roger
January 2014 Hosting
Albert, John, Roger, David C., David M., Mark, Farhood, Ryan
February 2014 Hosting
Stacey, Steven, Roger, Albert, Richard, Roger, Derek F.
March 2014 Hosting
Lemmy, James
April 2014 Hosting
Corey, Roger, Albert, Derek P., Joseph
May 2014 Hosting
(still time for you to be listed!)
Purchased Items
The Laserkid Memorial DragonBall Evolution PSP Game
(Reviewed on Podcast Episode #0186)
The kinoko Memorial Windscreen
The sangofe Memorial 6′ XLR cable
The Tattoo (Jason) Memorial microphone
The Dowling Memorial Character Guide
(Reviewed on Podcast Episode #0176)
The AJKenlon Memorial Story Guide
(Reviewed on Podcast Episode #0176)
The sailorspazz Memorial Freeza Memorial CD
(Reviewed on the website and Podcast Episode #0175)
The Louis Memorial Chippie CD
(Reviewed on the website and Podcast Episode #0175)
The dracostarhome Memorial "Dragon Soul" CD
(Reviewed on the website and Podcast Episode #0177)
The Elliot Memorial "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!" CD
(Reviewed on the website and Podcast Episode #0181)
The dracostarhome Memorial November 2009 CD
The Brakus Memorial Episode 200 Memorial Prizes
(2 Dragon Boxes & Raging Blast given away on Podcast Episode #0200)
The Lemmy & Castor Memorial Remote Recording Studio #1
The StarRot Memorial Daizenshuu Four Prize
(Daizenshuu 4 given away on the website and Podcast Episode #0252)
The John Memorial Bardock Review
(Reviewed on the website and on Podcast Episode #0271)
The Joe Memorial Herms-o-maphone & DBGT Review Kick-Off
The Ashura Memorial "Saikyō Jump" Bonus DVD
(reviewed on the website)
The Michael Memorial Chōzenshū 1 Coverage & Translations
The Nate Memorial Chōzenshū 2 Coverage & Translations
The Jamaal / Mark / Raymond Memorial “Battle of Gods” Lead-Up Coverage
The following folks’ contributions have helped
with things such as covering shipping costs for contest prizes, etc.

If you would like to make a donation through methods other than PayPal, would like to donate physical merchandise instead, or if you have any concerns at all, be sure to let us know!