Episode Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Afterlife Tournament arc

Arc Information

Original Run: 28 July 1993 – 01 September 1993 (6 weeks; spent 1 weeks on break)
Corresponding: Dragon Ball Z Episodes 195 – 199 (5 episodes)
Filler Content: 0% Canon / 100% Filler
Rating Shares: Average: 21.1%
Maximum: 23.9% (Episode 199)
Minimum: 19.0% (Episode 196)

Arc Synopsis

After giving his life to save the Earth from Cell, Goku finds himself once again in the afterlife. Along with Kaiō, Goku heads to the Dai Kaiō’s planet to try and receive training from the Dai Kaiō, who is said to be the strongest in the afterlife. There Goku meets Paikuhan, the martial arts master of the western galaxy. After the north, east, south, and west Kaiōs are all assembled, the Afterlife Tournament begins! Goku and Paikuhan do well and advance along. Goku defeats Maraiko of the western galaxy, and advances to the finals. Paikuhan also makes it, and the final is set as a showdown between him and Goku.

Though Paikuhan had been going easy on Goku in their fight, he removes his weighted clothing after he realizes Goku’s true strength. Seeing this, Goku becomes a Super Saiyan and faces off against him. However, Goku is heavily damaged by Paikuhan’s special attack, the Thunder Flash, and is in an absolutely desperate pinch. But taking advantage of the opening when Paikuhan fires the technique, Goku blows him away with a Kamehameha. Goku has somehow won the tournament! However, according to the Dai Kaiō’s judgment, the two of them are disqualified for violating the rules. But the truth is that the Dai Kaiō didn’t want to train Goku, who was way too strong for even him…

Episode List (195 — 199)

Dragon Ball Z Episode 195Air Date: 28 July 1993
Dai-Kangeki!! Ita zo! Ano-yo no Sugē Yatsu
A Great Inspiration!!
I’m Ready! The Awesome Guy from the Afterlife
Scenario: Aya Matsui · Art: Chigusa Yokoyama
Animation: Keisuke Masunaga · Director: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Dragon Ball Z Episode 196Air Date: 11 August 1993
Ano-yo’ichi wa Ora da!! Rekishi no Yūsha Dai-Shūgō
I’m the Best in the Afterlife!!
The Great Assembly of Past Heroes
Scenario: Aya Matsui · Art: Shōji Tokiwa
Animation: Yūji Hakamada · Director: Kazuhito Kikuchi
Dragon Ball Z Episode 197Air Date: 18 August 1993
Dai Kaiō-sei Nekkyō!! Makiokose Gokū Senpū
Wild Enthusiasm on Dai Kaiō’s Planet!!
Goku Stirs Up a Whirlwind
Scenario: Aya Matsui · Art: Kenji Matsumoto
Animation: Masayuki Uchiyama · Director: Daisuke Nishio
Dragon Ball Z Episode 198Air Date: 25 August 1993
Honō no Kesshō!! Gokū ka Paikūhan ka!?
A Blazing Decision!!
Will it be Goku or Paikuhan?!
Scenario: Aya Matsui · Art: Shōji Tokiwa
Animation: Yukio Ebisawa · Director: Osamu Kasai
Dragon Ball Z Episode 199Air Date: 01 September 1993
Nogasu na Shōri!! Kimero Chōsoku Kamehameha
Don’t Let Victory Escape!!
Decided With an Ultra-Fast Kamehameha
Scenario: Aya Matsui · Art: Chigusa Yokoyama
Animation: Naoki Miyahara · Director: Hiroki Shibata