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Sun Jan 11, 2004 7:10 pm
Forum: General Franchise Discussion
Topic: Let me get this board rolling with an old-fashioned topic
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I'd have to say Goku as well; but I like his transformations especially when he becomes SSJ3 and 4, he just gets bad-ass and doesn't take any bullshit from anyone and usually kicks some ass.
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Sun Jan 11, 2004 2:27 pm
Forum: Website & Community Discussion
Topic: Got a question about avatars, VegettoEX
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If you haven't really used your own personal webspace on the internet, then you could check out and that site should be able to hook you up with some free providers where you could upload a few things.
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Sat Jan 10, 2004 5:26 pm
Forum: Staff Help Requests
Topic: Transformations Guide
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Good stuff, very informative read for people who are unfamiliar and even familiar with what the transformations but not exactly sure of how they happened or when they happened.

Can't wait to see all of 'em completed.