Who is the strongest Human?

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Who is the strongest Human?

Post by Krillin » Sat Mar 24, 2018 7:06 am

Well, the people I will be comparing will be Mr Satan, Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, Tienshinhan, Yamcha, Yajirobe and Krillin. The way this will work is, imagine they were in a fight to the death, whoever wins according to my research will be the strongest human, I will ignore power levels because they make no sense, anyway, LET'S GO!

I would say Chiaotzu would be killed in this "fight" first, you might be wondering, why not Mr Satan? I believe Mr Satan is more of a skilled fighter than Chiaotzu and could hold his own against Yajirobe at least.
Next I would say Mr Satan would be killed, mostly because he doesn't know how to fly, shoot ki blasts or anything to do with ki, and he is generally not as strong as the others.
Next would be Yajirobe, Yajirobe (despite being obese) is extremely fast with his movements and is a master swordsman, however, he cannot fly or use ki either.
Yamcha would be next, you must be wondering why I chose him to go here, personally, despite his speed, martial arts skills and ki moves, he is still weaker than people like Tien and Krillin.
Here is a surprise, I am putting Tien here, you must be like "BUT MASTER ROSHI IS WEAKER THAN TIEN!" but when has Tien done something slightly important throughout the series besides when he almost died trying to stun Cell?
Now, I would say Roshi is the second strongest human because of his martial arts skills, ki moves and the fact that he has been holding back throughout the series. Max power Roshi was able to hold his own against base form Goku actually.
Krillin would come out as the victor, Krillin overall is the strongest and greatest human to have ever lived, infact, he is the reason Goku became a super saiyan, without him, almost everyone would be killed or enslaved by Frieza.

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Re: Who is the strongest Human?

Post by VegettoEX » Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:33 am

This is not the place for these types of posts. Please use the actual "Dargon Ball" sub-forums for these conversations.
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