Dragon Ball z movies and a special in theaters Tickets.

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Dragon Ball z movies and a special in theaters Tickets.

Post by Limit-Breaking » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:18 am

Three remastered Dragon Ball Z features are coming to theaters this fall for the first time!

Tickets are on sale now!
Click http://FathomEvents.com/DBZ
I'm posting this topic just to spread the word about it.
The information about the movies and special are as follow,

Broly movie Airs Sep 15 at (12: 55 Pm) And on Sep 17 at (7: 00 Pm) And if you go to the broly movie you will get Two trading cards of broly.

Toei Animation Words themselves
Ticket sales began, June 27, for the #DBZthrowback Feature Events!
Fans who attend the FIRST event, Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993), will get an exclusive #Broly trading card from Bandai!

Now Back To me
As for Bardock the father of goku Special and The fusion reborn movie they both will be played if you go to watch them, I believe first bardock then fusion reborn, But don't quote me on that. This Airs on November 3 At (12: 55 Pm) and November 5 (7: 00 Pm)

But Going to This Event Does Not Bring Any special Trading Cards for The father of goku Special and Fusion Reborn As far as i know. The reason the broly movie gets trading cards is probably because it's the only movie airing and there is nothing after it.

Now to show this is Real, I will leave links to Toei animation twitter promoting this as well.

https://twitter.com/ToeiAnimation/statu ... 1412801536

https://twitter.com/ToeiAnimation/statu ... 3256433664

Now Let me be clear that these movies and special are only Dub No Subs, i understand the frustration for sub fans but it is what it is and I'm just relaying the information as it's presented.

If you ask me i say just go for the enjoyment of being with your friends and getting to watch Dragon Ball Z in Theaters, Also Let me Be Clear as Well They Are not redone animation it's literally just the remastered movies and the bardock special that you can buy online even now, This is just an event to support Dragon Ball and getting to enjoy the experience of watching these in theaters.


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Re: Dragon Ball z movies and a special in theaters Tickets.

Post by VegettoEX » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:08 am

This is a sub-section for "Website & Community" discussion, not general Dragon Ball discussion.

There is already an ongoing thread for this topic in the appropriate sub-section.
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