Kanzenshuu addiction...

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Kanzenshuu addiction...

Post by PFM18 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:36 pm

I made this account 9 months ago and already have 2300+ posts. How does one find a way to be un-addicted to Kanzenshuu? Is someone posting so much annoying for other members? How/why have you guys ended up posting more or less some times than others? I guess this is just a thread about posting tendencies is what I'm trying to say.

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Re: Kanzenshuu addiction...

Post by Chuquita » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:31 pm

PFM18 wrote:I made this account 9 months ago and already have 2300+ posts. How does one find a way to be un-addicted to Kanzenshuu?
-Only post in the threads that matter the most to you. Spend your time wisely.

-Try to adhere to a time limit; like say you're only going to be here for so and so amount of time a day and try to stick to that.

-If you're here for news before it hits the main site, try instead checking in on the twitter accounts of those reliable sources that reveal the new info so you only get the news and not the news + all the forum discussion about the news. @Herms98 , @Terez27 , @AnimeAjay , @Sailorspazz , and @GovetaXV are all good places to start; there's many more.

-Try to figure out what it is that's leading you to spend more time than you want to here and try to address it.
PFM18 wrote:Is someone posting so much annoying for other members?
No, not as long as the posts themselves are meaningful to both the person posting and the others who read the posts. If the content is earnest, that is, not spam/trolling/baiting, then it's fine, imo.
PFM18 wrote:How/why have you guys ended up posting more or less some times than others? I guess this is just a thread about posting tendencies is what I'm trying to say.
My current posting tendencies are directly related to news updates regarding the upcoming Brolli movie, and to a lesser extent FighterZ on Nintendo Switch and upcoming merchandise. Previously they were intertwined with how interested I was with whatever was going on in Super that week.

I think the best bet is to try to strike a balance. You don't need to go cold turkey, but you don't want the time you spend here to negatively impact your life. It's like any leisure activity; you can still do it, but make sure you're also getting your more important life stuff done too.
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Re: Kanzenshuu addiction...

Post by The Tori-bot » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:04 am

Try out a hobby. Learn a trade. Make friends in an MMORPG/local leisure centre. Read a book. Smoke some weed. Go outside.

I used to be in the same boat, man. This place was the ultimate escape for me when I first joined. I'm sure everyone was sick of hyperactive 12-year-old me back in the day. I'm not that familiar with your posts but I'm sure you contribute more constructively than I did back then. :P As long as you're not just spamming the place to inflate your post count you're fine, but it's no bad thing to cool off from forums for a while and do some different things regardless.
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Re: Kanzenshuu addiction...

Post by Soppa Saia People » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:57 am

lol i dont know if i was ever addicted to the site, but i did spend a majority of my freshmen and sophomore years on it. my posting dropped off massively cause i have major social anxiety and i was always worried people hated my posts lol. i dont know though, if you arent posting just one sentence without substance, i cant imagine people will have much issue with posting so much.
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Re: Kanzenshuu addiction...

Post by Thanos » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:24 pm

I've had an account on here since it was Daizenshuu EX and George Bush was President and you already have almost twice the amount of posts I do. You should definitely seek help. Haha.

In all seriousness... there's definitely ways to be smart about posting, though. I think for me I slowed down because after around 12 years you just get less and less inclined to take the time to make posts. Back in '04 I was a forum-posting maniac (remember when forums were a thing?) and wouldn't know when to shut up. A good rule of thumb is "Am I actually contributing anything to the conversation, and is my post worth reading to anyone but me?" I'm sure I fail on that plenty, but it does work, because sometimes I'll start writing a lengthy post and sigh to myself and not post anything at all. Sometimes it's just better to lurk.
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