You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

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You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by xarmyz » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:27 pm

Maybe it's because I have been lurking around these parts for far, far too long and have always had a low tolerance for well, to put it bluntly asinine questions (see should Goku be a Divorcee for a prime example) and opinions (of which the Unpopular opinions thread has no end of the latter.)

Look at the Super threads with their endless bickering about you guessed it, character's power levels or other shallow surface complaints that are no different than the kind that I've seen people on youtube comments make.

More then that it's seem that nothing from Dragon Ball can please anyone here anymore whether it be from Funimation, Toei or Toriyama himself.

Maybe I just disillusioned in that I expected better discourse about Dragon Ball from it's most passionate fans for like 10 years now. Maybe I'm just resentful that so many people around here now think that the Baby arc of GT is better than Freeza or Cell arcs which just feels like a fundamental wrong to me like 2+2 = 5. Maybe, I just wish people would be satisfied with something Toriyama gives them and not nitpick it to death just once.

I just don't understand how the rest of you don't see it like I do.

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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by ABED » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:37 pm

First, you'll find plenty of people here talking about what they enjoy.
Second, which arcs are better than which is a matter of taste.
And third, did you join just to tell everyone this forum bothers you?

Disagreement is a feature, not a bug.
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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by SuperSaiyaManZ94 » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:56 pm

Ok seriously, i can't parse what exactly your problem with this community is. Not everyone around here makes pointless threads that have little to no weight on the primary Dragon Ball related discussions held here. This isn't a general board/social media site like Twitter or Reddit, or others like GameFaqs and YouTube where you have butt loads of crazies and trolls who go ape shit over subjects and videos in the comment section, sure every now and then there have been some who make ridiculous topics or engage in flaming/trolling/blasting or other things but that doesn't comprise a majority of this forum and community at large. For the most part those pointless threads and people get weeded out and stopped by the moderators in an effort to keep the discussion on point and relevant to the franchise in a variety of interests, opinions and so on from both the casual and hardcore fans alike.

So long story short, your issue about the forum and by extension fandom at large doesn't really register to me in an understandable way.
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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by Rakurai » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:58 pm

The great thing about this forum is that we try to have rational and respectable discourse unlike other forums. We have rules reinforcing such discussion.

Discussions in forums like GameFaqs and Narutoforums from what I've seen spiral into flame baiting and shitslinging at each other for having different preferences and opinions. 'Lol GTtard' 'Super is trash' 'XXX fandom are dumbfucks' 'Only dumb fanboys would agree with that' is just toxic and unproductive to the community as a whole.

Forums like in Reddit are heavily biased with the upvote and downvote system. It's basically a Super circle-jerk over there and anything else gets buried underneath.

Whether it's power levels or hypothetical scenarios, these things all arise from the themes and settings of DB. You'd be hard-pressed to find a forum where users don't want to talk about power levels.

We are fundamentally different people and whether it's Toei, Toriyama, Toyotarou, or Funimation, one can't expect them to satisfy everyone unanimously. Who are you to claim what is fundamentally wrong? DB is a franchise with subjective opinions on different matters, and nothing except storylines and dialogues are facts. One should come into a forum with expectations that not everyone will agree with you. If you feel like liking GT over Super/Z is fundamentally wrong, then explain why and we can have a discussion over it. Maybe we'll find some common ground or new ways of thinking.

Also you shouldn't get worked up over 'asinine' hypothetical discussions. Just ignore those threads and move on to the ones where you find more interesting discourse.
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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by JohnnyCashKami » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:11 pm

The stupid dub 'wars' on YouTube are far worse than anything on here (even on the Vic Mignogna thread where people feel like they have the right to shoot down a guy without concrete proof). Those 'wars' have been going on ever since YouTube existed and still continue, sorta like console wars.

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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by VegettoEX » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:30 pm

It's OK if you don't like it here. I'm sure there's something out there that's an appropriate fit for you.

(Moving this out of the "Dragon Ball"-specific forum area.)
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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by KBABZ » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:43 pm

While I agree that there are touches of double standards and things that apply to both sides, I personally have only gotten into a single power level discussion in the two years I've been here (although I've never traipsed into the Super forum, mind).

I agree that the Goku divorcee question is pretty silly, but I avoid that simply by not participating in the discussion in the first place, and I similarly don't frequent the unpopular opinions thread, since it's not my jam. The claim that the Baby Arc is better than Freeza or Cell meanwhile can really only be laid upon one user here, and while I would not agree with them, I wouldn't try to shame them for that opinion either. So it's hardly the consensus of the forum.

The idea that Toei and Toriyama aren't at the top of their game isn't a shocking revelation to many of us here; someone's signature quote goes into how none of the creators are any younger and certainly aren't at the top of their game anymore. The strange moves by Toei only get more head-scratching by the day, and I personally don't quite agree that Toriyama is the level of genius everyone says around here for a guy who had to write the story on the fly as he went. This not even getting into the schism of opinions regarding Funi, even here; for some they were never great in the first place!

Ultimately, I find that it isn't what the topics are about, but how one discusses them. Guess what? Power levels have NEVER made sense when you lay the math out! But they serve the story pretty well and, as Toriyama explains, sets ones expectations at the start of an encounter (which can then be subverted; you can't subvert something that wasn't established first!). But there are more varied discussions here too, such as wuxia or food pun references or contests in Shonen Jump or translation differences that I suspect just don't show up in other places of Dragon Ball discussion.

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Re: You know the fandom here isn't that much better than the dub-only fans or the power-levelers

Post by Marlowe89 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:07 pm

I still find absolutely nothing wrong with power scaling discussions, provided that people understand it's not that serious and that the creators involved don't think about it nearly as much as the fans (although, depending on the subseries and medium, some appear to be more consistent than others).

Granted, I probably don't have very much room to talk; I've been in more heated conversations than I care to admit, and I've sort of backed off from that specific part of the community because it's not primarily why I'm interested in Dragon Ball anyway. Power levels don't ultimately matter in the grand scheme.

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