[Suggestion] Kenji Yamamoto Feature - Kanji for Track Samples

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[Suggestion] Kenji Yamamoto Feature - Kanji for Track Samples

Post by Snow_Lilies » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:57 pm

I was in a discussion with a friend recently about the whole Kenji Yamamoto debacle and wanted to point her toward a good breakdown for further reading and samples and I thought, "Hey, why not direct her to Kanzenshuu's feature about the whole thing?" She enjoyed it a lot, but when she was checking out the track samples on Amazon Japan, she wound up coming back to me to identify the track for some of them because the track listings on Amazon were understandably in full Japanese. Tracks like "GIRIGIRI –Sekai kyokugen–" weren't so bad because you could find the "GIRIGIRI" portion of it easily enough (GIRIGIRI -世界極限-), but other songs like “Michi no Kuni Kara Kita Senshi” weren't as quick to spot.

Could we potentially add in the Japanese titles (kanji and kana) alongside the romanization for greater accessibility?

P.S. It was fun rereading the feature. ^^ My personal first "hey that sounds like that one thing" was always Budokai 1's "FLaSH RuN aCRoSS THe UNiVeRSe" opening sounding way too similar to the credits theme of .hack//Infection released earlier that same year in 2002.