New Dragon Ball video game ideas

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Re: New Dragon Ball video game ideas

Post by JewyB » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:21 am

I want to make this, but i'm lazy, so i'll post it and pretend that will inspire someone at Bandai somehow.

So, it's a game someone similar to Prototype, Infamous, Assassins Creed. You travel the city, its open, you have tasks, you level up skill trees. Easy. its based on the world map, Penguin city, Muscle Tower, whatever. Timeline: From beginning to end.

You play as(this will change based on mode) 4 saiyans. Its multiplayer, singleplayer you pick 1, multiplayer think Left 4 Dead or something, you can have upto 4. Each player picks one of 4 saiyans. you have your big brute, your small cocky, your average Goku ,and your GIRL.

Each has their own separate skill tree, one going the god route, one going the ultimate route, one going ssj4 route, one going [i dunno fusion or something, maybe something heroes related, rose???].

The longer you spend progressing the tougher the boss gets. You go to face the final boss at the very beginning? Its the Z-fighters waiting for Goku! You go a bit later? Its SSJ2 Gohan. You go even later? You dealing with UI boi.

That's how it would work, simple stuff.

Then you have difficulties:

Easy: You play as Frieza's race instead. Lets say a Cold, Cooler, Frieza, Mech, easy, 4 types.

Normal: Saiyans.

Hard: You all play as Saibamen, no skill tree, just basic stats, beat UI Goku as a Saibaman, be fun.a]

You could train up throughout by fighting characters like Cell etc, deal with the problem before the Z fighters, with a goal of eventually claiming the Earth.

I have more for this but i dont wanna make an essay about it and i also am far too lazy to ever actually make it so i'm gonna just stick with my ideas and character designs and not get sued!

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Re: New Dragon Ball video game ideas

Post by FPSSJ4_Goku » Tue May 04, 2021 2:39 pm

What about a Dragon Ball sim game? Bet nobody's thought of that before. :lol:

I'd love a visual novel about Vegeta and Goku just trying to survive a day in the city without their spouses. Or what about a goofy Telltale-style story about Goku trying to babysit his only grandchild before Gohan and Videl come home? Wait, no no no, a game where you have to balance Goku’s family obligations while also finding time to train for Cell and Majin Buu. That'd be awesome.
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