Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

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Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by Yuji » Mon Sep 27, 2021 3:23 pm

I know the names were reverted back to the Japanese names, but what about the dialogue? Is it a translation of the LoG dialogue (aka a translation of the Funi dub dialogue), or did the translators use the japanese anime's dialogue?

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Re: Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by VegettoEX » Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:13 pm

I've really been wanting to play through both and do comparisons -- it would be amazing to see what the Japanese version did for each and every single line in that game (for the record, only the second game got a Japanese release, as The Legacy of Goku II International).

Luckily, R Fujimoto recently did a live stream playing through the game, made all the even better by his impressions of each character's line of dialog. I checked out a few things, but this stood out to me:
  • Trunks' big line to Freeza at the end of DBZ episode 199 in Japanese is おまえたちを殺しにきた (Omae-tachi o koroshi ni kita).
  • In FUNimation's English dub, in that same scene, they have Trunks say: "Ah, so you must be Freeza."
  • In the original American Legacy of Goku II, in that appropriate scene, Trunks says, "Now I'm going to destroy you."
  • In the corresponding scene in LOG2I, he says おまえたちを殺しにきた :clap: .
And it's super weird. They change all sorts of dialog around. In the JP game, they give King Cold what was Freeza's line in the TV series ("Is there something we can help you with, Earthling?") where he's just wise-cracking in the original American script in the game.

If I had to guess, they probably went back and used the original iconic lines from the manga / TV series in its original Japanese where appropriate. For random chatter and side missions and stuff, they probably "translated" stuff "faithfully" (?!).

Anyone else have some pretty big lines/scenes in mind we can maybe check?

(I'd love to see Clyde Mandelin do an entire book on this game's two versions a la his Zelda and Earthbound books in the Legends of Localization series. It would be an insane and surely thankless job, though, most likely...)

EDIT: OK, I'm checking out LOG2I's #16's speech to Gohan before his SSJ2 transformation, and I think it's word-for-word from the original Japanese version. :lol: Even Cell's two-dialog-box "Ewwww... This sentimental downpour is killing me! It's so nice of you to help, 16, but I think I'll do this my way!" is edited back (in a single dialog screen) verbatim to its original Japanese line of いいアドバイスだ、 だが わたしはわたしのやり方で やっているのだ。
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Re: Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by Yuji » Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:43 pm

Interesting! It would be great to have a comprehensive analysis of all dialogue changes but that would be extremely difficult and time consuming.

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Re: Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by BlazingFiddlesticks » Mon Sep 27, 2021 11:31 pm

LOG2 International has long been a curiosity to me too, would be intriguing to see how they reverse-adapt an entire script- that must have been a job. Fujimoto clearly having fun with those impressions.
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Re: Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by Thanos » Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:44 pm

VegettoEX wrote:
Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:13 pm
Wait... have you finally learned Japanese!?

I always wondered what Japanese fans thought of Legacy of Goku 2. If I'm not mistaken it's the only Western-developed Dragon Ball game released in Japan, which isn't surprising because it is an anomalously quality product among the shite Webfoot and Infogrames were pumping out back in the early 00's.
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Re: Legacy of Goku games in Japanese

Post by coola » Thu Sep 30, 2021 8:25 am

They also changed character portraits for Japanese version https://www.spriters-resource.com/game_ ... et/122601/
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