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IC Carddass Dragonball

Post by Adamant » Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:44 am

Does this go here? I guess it goes here?

So it's been a while since this game came out, has anyone else given it a proper try yet? It's a card game that can be played both physically and digitally, with digital players being able to scan all their physical cards and use these together with their digital cards.

The website provides full explanations of how the game works, but here's a quick rundown:
Each player uses a deck of 40 "battle cards", plus a "leader card" that's kept separate from the deck and is always in play. The goal of the game is to defeat the other player's leader by depleting all 7 of their life points, represented by 7 randomly chosen cards from their deck.

The player can attack with the leader directly, or with battle cards placed in their "battle area", and attack both the leader and the battle cards on their opponent's side. Each card has a power level, and in order to deal damage, the power of your attacker needs to be equal or higher than the defender's. You can add to an attacker's power by playing other battle cards at the same time, though you'll lose these additional cards by doing this. Dealing damage to a battle card defeats it instantly, while dealing damage to a leader depletes their life points according to the attacking card's "strike power".

Playing cards costs energy equal to their "card level", represented by the cards in your energy pile. You add one card to your hand and one card to your energy pile at the start of each round, and all cards you lose during battle generally go into the energy pile unless special effects send them to the discard pile instead (which is where energy cards go when you spend them).

Cards come in four different colors representing four different playstyles: Red (increasing your cards' power), Blue (increasing your own energy or decreasing the other player's), Green (card removal) and Yellow (summoning and sacrificing cards on your own side). While many cards have effects that only work when your leader is a specific color, individual card color rarely matters, though cards of the same color from the same booster set are usually meant to be played together. There are currently four booster sets out, with set 1 being based on Battle of Gods, set 2 on Resurrection F and Freeza's army in general, set 3 on the Champa arc and the Coola and Bojack movies, and set 4 feeling like somewhat of an inbetween-set primarily focusing on the Cell-to-Babidi era, with some additional Champa arc cards.

The game can be played for free digitally with the official app for Windows and Android/iOS, and while the game is entirely in Japanese, the official website offers English documentation and full (though kinda sloppy and bad) translations of all text on all cards. The app also has a tutorial battle mode where you can play against a computer opponent with the starter set and learn how the game works. It's relatively simple to learn.

And yes, you can play it entirely digitally and entirely for free without buying or scanning anything. You start out with a full 41 card deck, and receive one free card as a daily login bonus, and can buy new cards for 300 coins each. You get coin bonuses for the first 5 online battles you win a day, and additional coins for climbing to new ranks on the ladder, which checks out to about 5-6 new cards a day.

Give it a try, it's really fun.
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Re: IC Carddass Dragonball

Post by WebScud » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:56 pm

Is this game still active? I noticed the physical cards are cheaper on Amazon Japan and the iOS app hasn't been updated in a year.

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