The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

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The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Phozz » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:16 pm

Disclaimer/Notes: Not all feedback below is mine, but comes from the Xenoverse community itself! I'll be updating this list with my (& other's) feedback as frequently as I can!


My ideal Xenoverse 3 is an immersive open world MMORPG with tons of content. The open world aspect wouldn't be difficult at all to achieve considering that most of the iconic places from Dragon Ball are already present in the game. Just add a few other places such as Kame house, Other world, & Beerus's planet and we're good to go. A planner for the open world can be seen below.


Imagine a Xenoverse with Expert Missions and Raids that are actually fun, balanced, worth your time, and require a brain! Bosses with unique movesets that doesn't make you feel like "All I have to do is charge up and throw this ultimate over and over again...?! ok..." Bosses that require planning and teamwork! [ viewtopic.php?f=11&t=41478 ] Also, can raid/expert mission bosses only be giants? I'm sure we all don't enjoy chasing a tiny target around the map just so it can be knocked away again. Making bosses giants would not only solve this issue, but make bosses more difficult due to their huge hitboxes! (Bigger bosses can hit multiple targets at once & tend to leave less room on the stage for players to run. Giant bosses can also have giant ki-blasts that can hit multiple targets at once) Public events also need major improvement. "What public events?!" you might ask. Don't worry, I forget the Frieza siege event is a thing too. Dimps might be wondering "Why aren't people playing these?" Well Dimps, it's because they're boring and not worth our time. I'm not saying get rid of public events completely, I'm saying make them fun and worth our time.


It wouldn't hurt to add more rewards such as custom auras that you can show off in the hub and in game and companions that follow you around in the hub. We've also been begging for the option to change the colors for all of the clothes in the game and the option to wear two accessories at once.

Companion suggestions: Puar, Giru, Saibaman, Cell Jr, Buu & Hercule's dog, Toki-Toki, Zeno, Frog Ginyu, & Oracle Fish


Think about a mentor system in an open world. It'd make more sense, right? XV2's mentor system was definitely better than XV1's, but it lacked immersion. Can someone tell me why Beerus is on top of a school and not on his planet? or why Piccolo isn't meditating under a waterfall? It's not game breaking, but it really breaks immersion. Another thing that would really add to the experience is a Bethesda type dialogue feature that provides you with multiple choices during dialogue that leads to multiple outcomes. Imagine trying to intimidate Beerus and he gets angry and tries to fight you, or bribing him with food to gain access to his planet (but, if the food isn't good enough he gets angry and tries to fight you), or begging him only to be told to f*** off. And think of how hilarious it'd be to have to tell King Kai a joke to learn Kaioken & Spirit Bomb! Also, change the Dragon Ball system. We don't want to farm for them we want to enjoy collecting them! Finally, the last thing that I think would really add immersion to the game is rewarding the player for discovering this open world. How? Well, do you remember the power pole under Kami's lookout? Wouldn't it be cool to reward the players who inspected it by telling them how it got there? or rewarding humans who inspected it by allowing them to acquire a quest line for obtaining the power pole pro awoken skill? Other ways to reward the player is to have secret items scattered around this open world, being able to find fish in the water that you can cook (I'm aware that XV2 did something similar to this), or discovering new areas such as Hell when you fall off of snake way. Doing that would lead you into a survival mode that requires you to fight Hell's biggest and baddest villains 1 at a time! This is related to my next topic.


Some activities that come to mind are survival mode, Tournament of Power mode [ viewtopic.php?f=11&t=40880 ], classic tournament mode (as seen on older Dragon Ball games such as Budokai 3 or Budokai Tenkaichi 3), PvP clan wars (A mode that allows you and your clan to face off against other clans for clan BP or clan XP), PvP random battles (A mode that picks random characters from Xenoverse 3's roster and puts players up against each other using those characters), PvP tag battles which allows you to pick more than one character and lets you switch characters at almost anytime (similar to FighterZ or the Budokai Tenkaichi series), Dragon Ball history mode [ ... tory_mode/ ] and finally, PvP Dragon Ball history battles (A mode that picks random battles from Dragon Ball's history such as Kid Goku vs Demon King Piccolo, Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell, Goku vs Vegeta & Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren and puts players up against each other using those characters.)


Speaking of PvP, CAN WE PLEASE GET DEDICATED SERVERS?! Also punish the toxic players that rage quit, and reward the low & mid tier using players? I think adding tiers to characters would solve the problem. Low and Mid tier characters such as Teen Gohan, Android 17, and Hercule should earn bonus BP and possibly bonus XP (Low tiers should earn more than Mid tiers) while Top tier characters such as Time patrollers, Goku, Hit, Gogeta, etc. just get the usual amount of BP.


I know Super is a thing and everyone wants those characters, but some characters are long overdue. Kid Goku for one "-but, he can't fly!" Well give him a jetpack or his nimbus cloud! Look at Hercule please don't make those poor excuses like "He can't fly" or "He's too weak". We've also been asking for Uub + Majuub Awoken skill, Baby Vegeta, Pikkon, Roshi, Arale, & Demon King Piccolo. Why don't we get more awoken skills?! I was so excited to hear that XV2 had implemented a transformation system only to be sadly disappointed when I figured out that most of them aren't even present. Where's Full Power Bojack, Super Android 13, Giant Namekian Piccolo and Slug, and transformed Zarbon? (I know I might've missed a lot) Finally, variations/costumes. Why is Yamcha's Dragon Ball outfit in the game, but it's not a costume for him? or Piccolo's school boy outfit? or GT Vegeta's outfit? or Adult GT Goku? or- I'm sure you guys get the point.

More character suggestions: Caulifla, Kale, Kefla, Toppo + GoD Awoken skill, Dyspo, Ribrianne, Yamoshi (I'm sure he's going to be a cool character), & Android 21

More costume/variation suggestions: Badman Vegeta, Original Dragon Ball costumes for all Original Dragon Ball Characters, GT costumes for all GT characters, DBS costumes for all DBS characters, Long-haired Trunks, Bojack movie Teen Gohan, Saiyan armor Goku and Gohan, & Cell-Saga Jacket Goku


NPC suggestions: Mr. Popo, King Kai, Guru, Nail, Dende, Zeno, Future Zeno, Zeno's attendants, Future Zeno's attendants, Grand Priest, Supreme Kai, Korin & King Yemma


The constant updates for XV2 extended the game's lifeline exponentially! Continue supporting XV3 for as long as possible and I'm positive players will continue to come back. On the other hand buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes should be getting fixed much more consistently.


- Remove step vanish spam (or make it cost stamina) because step vanish spam + terrible net code = practically invincible opponents

- Make the first quick fire ki-blast cost 1 (or less) ki. this'll make players think twice about using a ki-blast stun to extend a combo or initiate a fight

- Make special ki-blasts cost 1 ki. great ape expert missions are absurdly easy with the bomb ki blast. you can spam it infinitely, there are no consequences for spamming it infinitely, and it does a major amount of damage. It makes everything else useless.

- Get rid of cheesy infinite combos or apply damage scaling (to PvP) to punish the infinite combo abusers (This means if you're abusing the same infinite combo, it will lead to your opponent taking less damage overtime)

- Put a cooldown on ultimate attacks

I feel like stamina shouldn't be a dominant factor in XV3. You shouldn't lose a fight because your opponent had more stamina than you. The fights in XV3 should take more wits.


Accessories such as Tapion's sword, Janemba's sword, Goku's power-pole (excluding the power-pole pro awoken skill), & Whis's staff should be playable, in our opinion. These weapons can be universal to every race by allowing every race to equip these weapons. Every weapon should have different combo strings. This would give us different options for fighting styles instead of us being stuck with the same combos for the rest of the game. These weapons could also include weapon specific special and ultimate attacks to improve their value (ex. Tapion's sword would have the Brave Sword Slash special attack and the Brave Sword Attack ultimate attack while Goku's power-pole would have the Power-Pole & Power-Pole Combo special attacks!)


While creating a character, you can choose an Android (I think this can be solved by giving Earthlings an Android variation), change your fat Male Majin to a buff Male Majin, choose to have a tail for your Saiyan, and have your Saiyan's hair spike up while Super Saiyan (I think this can be solved by giving Saiyans the option to customize their hair while Super Saiyan). These are things I, personally, can live without, but out of almost everything, I've seen these be requested THE MOST.


[Edit: 03/02/18]


- Allow people to join your game in the middle of a PQ, but the person who joined late will have a 10% less chance to obtain special loot (This will fix the 'not being able to find an online PQ for the longest time' problem and the 10% less chance to obtain special loot will ensure that the person who put in the least effort will not be rewarded as much as the ones who did, but will still have a chance.)

- Make limit burst different in PvP & PvE. In PvP, it should only act as a health regeneration tool, & DEF + ATTK + SPD buff (Much like sparking from DB FighterZ) and in PvE it can stay like how it is in Xenoverse 2. In my opinion, limit bursts and super souls should not be tied together and some limit bursts should be completely removed from the game (Auto just-guard & Final Kamehameha ATTK up).

- Allow Saiyans to choose to have a tail while creating a character. Saiyans who choose to have a tail will have the choice to choose SS4 as their SSGSS transformation (SS4 will only be a cosmetic change for SSGSS)

- You can wish for a 5 hour 25% XP boost, a 5 hour 25% Zeni boost, or other boosts with the Dragon Balls. This will keep Dragon Ball collecting relevant even after a while

- Increase everyone's health (even cacs)

- Make giants playable [ viewtopic.php?f=11&t=40946 ]

- QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! We'd rather have 1 fun, unique, replayable, & rewarding raid rather than 100 boring, repetitive, unplayable, & unrewarding raids. The same goes for parallel quests.

- The story in extra pack 2 was great! I hope we can see more of this in Xenoverse 3 with improvements, of course

- Improved AI! I don't like an ally that kicks my opponents out of my combos. Also, allow AI to transform, stamina break, & use ultimate attacks because it seems like they can't

- Allow Saiyans to choose their hair while Super Saiyan (While also giving us additional options such as Broly's LSS hair, Future Trunks's SS hair pre & post-hyperbolic time chamber, Teen Gohan's SS & SS2 hair, & Kefla's SS hair). This way, we have the freedom to keep our hair the same or make it spiky & the developers don't have to worry about making a Super Saiyan variation for every single hairstyle. In my opinion, making a Super Saiyan variation for every single hairstyle for both Male & Female Saiyans would be time consuming and that time can be used to improve more crucial aspects within the game

- Dedicated servers. This will solve the online lag problem that Xenoverse DEFINITELY has! This seems to be the biggest problem with the Xenoverse games according to the fanbase and I.

- Seperate PvP & PvE. To balance the game more, PvE and PvP should be separated because certain builds for CaCs are broken in PvP, but are perfectly fine in PvE. This would not only make PvP a more fun environment, but would also make PvE feel the way it should be!

- Give Dual Ultimates seperate slots! This way, you can run 2 solo ultimates and 2 dual ultimates simultaneously and not have to worry about switching them up every second. Also, when you're running 2 dual ultimates on a mission that doesn't allow partners, you're just screwed and that can be very bothersome.

- Allow us to pay Zeni to hire Hit to assassinate someone

- Destructive events. Stages such as Planet Namek, Cell games arena & Tournament of power arena should be destructable during quests and PvP. Destructive events can happen when two ultimates clash! Destroyed Planet Namek & Destroyed Cell games arena wouldn't be difficult to implement at all considering that both stages are already in the game.

- You can instant transmission to NPCs to traverse the open world faster. (ex. instant transmission to Mr.Popo to get to Kami's lookout faster or instant transmission to Beerus to get to Beerus's planet faster)

- Use the Dragon Balls to revive King Kai! As a thanks, he'll teach you the Kaioken technique and Spirit Bomb!

- A quest that requires you to travel to Earth's Hell and talk to Frieza. Frieza will tell you to revive him with the Dragon Balls and he'll allow you to rule the universe alongside him! (This can lead to a quest that allows Frieza race to obtain the Turn Golden awoken skill!)

- Make DLCs free a year after their release. This will make newcomers feel much more welcome to the game because they won't have to hand over $200+ to get the full experience. (Imagine how much you'd have to pay for DLC if Xenoverse 3 lasts for 5+ years and 4 or 5 DLC packs came out every year. In my opinion, Bandai Namco & Dimps would make more money this way because this would encourage more people to buy Xenoverse 3 & more people to buy Xenoverse 3's additional DLC)

- Goku & Vegeta dual ultimate: Final Kamehameha

- Texture packs! This would please those who aren't happy with Xenoverse's textures and art style! Example: DB Movie 20 texture pack (because that art style is BEAUTIFUL!)

- Swappable ENG/JPN voices for each individual character. I, along with a lot of others, would love to keep most ENG voices, but swap out Jiren's ENG voice for his JPN voice.

- Ultra Instinct for all races, but balance it by forcing the player to use the 'Ultra Instinct!' Super Soul

- Ban cheesy Specials/Ultimates and Super Souls from PvP such as: Aura slide & Fake death.

- Switchable tag-team partners in tag battle can be tagged in while performing a special attack (example: Goku can be tagged in while performing Kamehameha for ? amount of ki)

- All Gods of Destruction such as Beerus, Champa, & Toppo have destruction energy as their charged ki-blast to differentiate them from the rest of the cast

- Hit has his invisible punches as his charged ki-blast to differentiate him from the rest of the cast

- Option to turn on damage numbers in PvE (Like other MMOs)



Namekians should act more as tanks, Saiyans should act more as close-range DPS, Frieza race should act more as long-range DPS, Majin race should act more as healers/supports, & Earthlings should act more as a balance between close & long-range DPS. Examples of this are below.


Perks - 10% more DEF
Limit burst - Super armor & DEF up


Perks - 10% more damage for strike supers
Limit burst - Strike ATTK up


Perks - 10% more damage for ki-blast supers
Limit burst - Ki-blast supers ATTK up


Perks - All moves that heal in the game do 10% more healing, Buff Male Majins do 3% more damage, Fat Male Majins take 3% less damage, & Female Majins have 3% more speed.
Limit burst - Health regeneration & increased healing


Perks - 6% more damage for strike supers & 6% more damage for ki-blast supers
Limit burst - Strike & Ki-blast supers ATTK up




- Capsule corporation (Xenoverse 2)
- West city industrial sector (Xenoverse 2)
- West city suburbs (Xenoverse 2)
- West city expansion
- World tournament stage (Xenoverse 2)

- Pod landing (Xenoverse 2)

- Cell games arena (Xenoverse 2)
- Mountains (Xenoverse 2)
- Wasteland (Xenoverse 2)
- Underground lake (Xenoverse 2)

- Korin's tower
- Kami's lookout (Xenoverse 2)
- Hyperbolic time chamber (Xenoverse 2)

- Archipelago (Xenoverse 2)
- Kame house


- Namek (Xenoverse 2)
- Namek expansion
- Frieza's spaceship (Xenoverse 2)


- King Yemma's palace
- Snake way
- Hell (Xenoverse 2)
- Earth's Hell
- King Kai's planet
- Sacred world of the Kais (Xenoverse 2)


- Beerus's planet


- Inside of Zeno's palace
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Re: The Ideal Xenoverse 3. What's yours?

Post by Phozz » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:32 pm

For those wondering, I didn't mention story mode because I'm sure Dimps is going to make us proud! With Fu coming in XV2 DLC Pack 6, I'm sure they're going to leave us with a cliffhanger for XV3. Also, I'm sure they're going to do an original story this time. Hopefully one with a Time Patrollers vs Demons scenario that leads to an all out war! I'm sure if Xenoverse 3 gets the love, care, and development time (ATLEAST 2½ YEARS) it deserves, it can be a PHENOMENAL game. I have such high hopes! Dimps, Bandai, don't let us down!

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by ZeroDio » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:45 pm

Here’s some stuff (probably need to edit out the stuff we just got in Extra Pack 3)

New Skills
Silver Dragon Flash
Instinct Kamehameha
Super Instinct Kamehameha
Surging Spirit
Soaring Fist
Godly Display
Energy Punch (Jiren)
Invisible Strikes
Overheat Magnetron
Invisible Eye Blast (Jiren)
The several variations of Power Impact
Justice Crusher
Justice Flash
Justice Crush
Justice Kick
Cannon Maximum
Light Bullet
Destruction Ball
Energy Fist (Caulifla)
Crush Cannon
Burst of Energy
Gigantic Impact
Resist Blast
Gigantic Shout
Fist Cannonball
Gigantic Blast
Final Weapon
Final Weapon Enhanced Gigantic Blast
Kiai (Kefla)
Icy Glare
Cage of Time
Time Lag
Flash Fist Crush (Invisible Energy Wave Ver)
Energy Kicks
Galick Cannon (SSJ2 Cabba Variant)
Golden Death Beam
Great Death Beam
Cage of Light
Golden Death Ball
Pretty Cannon
Pretty Love Machine Gun
Max Love Cannon
A Maiden’s Charge
Heart Arrow of Love
Ribrianne Super Amore Shower
Love Storm Arrow
Ribrianne Eternal Love
Big Amour
Fist of Love
Poison Energy Wave
Poison Blow
Poison Breath
Shining Blaster
Wolfgang Pressure
Danger Beam
Wolfgang Penetrator
Final Strike
Gamma Burst Flash
Photon Flash
Electric Shot
High-Pressure Energy Wave
Quick Blast
Energy Cannon (Future 18)
Chaos Beam
Ki Smoke Bomb
Life Force MAX Power Kamehameha
Grand Adora
Circular Cutter
Energy Punch (Ganos)
Air Shattering Energy Ball
Whirlwind Spin
Mighty Hurricane Fury
Revenge Death Ball
Flaming Death Ball
Revenge Death Ball Final
Dragon Thunderclap
Chocolate Kamehameha
Lightning Arrow
Sun Gun Attack
Blazing Barrage Palm
Fistful of Pain
Hyper Tornado
Burning Shoot
Blazing Zephyr
Thunder Flash Attack
Super Energy Bomb
Voltage Missile
Nest Ice
10x God Kamehameha
God Final Flash
Katopesla The Final Mission
Circle Flash
Finger Blitz Barrage
Ultimate Cannon
Destroy Everything!
Mystic Shooter (Buu)
Deadly Metal Needles
Metal Breath
Prepped Attack (Rildo)
Deadly Crush (Rildo)
Limitbreaker Kamehameha (SSJ God Goku)
Calamity Blaster
Twin Dragon Shot
Planet Geyser
Double Eraser Cannon
Dashing Punch
Divine Wrath
Holy Light Grenade
Black Ball Rain
Total Detonation Ball
Conoisseur Cut
Absolute Release Ball
Hors d’Oeuvre Stab
Excellent Full Course
Revenger Cannon
Revenger Charge
Ultimate Blow
Rapid Charge Counter
Energy Wave Combo (Hatchiyack)
Hell Lighting Cutter

Updated Transformations
Turn Golden: Golden (500 Ki) -> True Golden (Full Ki Bar)
SSGSS: SSGSS (500 Ki) -> SSGSSE (Full Ki Bar)
Future SSJ: FSSJ (300 Ki) -> FSSJ2 (400 Ki)

New Transformations
Kale SSJ: SSJ1 Kale Ver (300 Ki) -> SSJ2 Kale Ver (500 Ki) (Female Saiyan Only)
SSJ God: 500 Ki
Broly SSJ: SSJ A-Type (300 Ki) -> C-Type SSJ (400 Ki) -> Legendary SSJ (500 Ki) (Male Saiyan Only)
MAX Power (Human Exclusive): 500 Ki
Red Eye Namek: 500 Ki
100% Full Power (Frieza Race): 400 Ki
Super Evolution (Frieza Race): 500 Ki

Zen Exhibition Arena
Tournament of Power Arena
Tournament of Power Arena (Damaged)
Tournament of Power Arena (Shattered)
Animal Reserve Island
Baba’s Palace Entrance
Planet M-2

SSJ Blue Kaiokenx20 Goku
Jiren (Full Power)
Jiren (Hidden Power Awakened)
Caulifla (Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
Kale (Base, SSJ, SSJ2)
Kefla (Base, SSJ, SSJ2, Strengthened SSJ2)
Berserker Kale
God Toppo
Ultra Instinct Omen Goku
SSJ Blue Evolution Vegeta
Ribrianne (Base, Super)
Super Baby 2 Vegeta
Oceanous Shenron
Imperfect Cell
Frieza Form 2
Frieza Form 3
Gotenks Buu
Android 19
Android 20
Super Garlic Jr
True Golden Frieza
SSJ2 Cabba
SSJ Rage Trunks

CaC Outfits
Super Garlic Jr
Android 18 (Saiyaman Saga)
Android 18 (ToP)
Android 18 (Western Outfit she stole)
Master Roshi (ToP)
Ultra Instinct Goku
Jiren (Hidden Power Awakened)
Bulma (Bunny Girl, End of Pilaf Saga, Red Ribbon Army Saga, Fortuneteller Baba Saga, Android Saga, Mid Saiyan Saga, RoF Saga, Goku Black Arc)
General Rildo
Android 21
Majin 21

Hairstyles & Facial Features:
Chi-Chi (23 World Tournament, Bojack Unbound, Bulma’s Party Buu Saga, DBZ End)
Mamba (Short Hair Ver)
Towa (Regular,Darkness, Demon God)
Bulma (End of Pilaf Arc, World’s Strongest, Bojack Unbound, Garlic Jr Saga)
Android 21
Majin 21

Other Game Characters:
Majin 21
Android 21

New DragonBall Sets:
Namekian Set - Rare Level Wishes (Balls are earned through Namek Related PQs)
Black Star Set - Super Rare Wishes (Balls are earned through GT Related HIgh Level PQs)
Super Balls Set - Event Level Wishes (Balls Are Earned through Event PQs)

New Attack:
Caulifla’s Atomic Kamehameha like Attack

CaC Outfits:
Goku & Vegeta Movie 20 outfits
Bulma (Broly Super Movie)
Chelye (add her hairstyle to my wishlist)

Movie 20 Artic area

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by AnimeNation101 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:53 pm

So what? Are you sending this to Dimps/Bandai Namco or?
I called it that Gogeta, Bardock, and something Broly related would be in the movie before it was even announced that it was a Broly movie. 8)

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Waluigiman » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:12 pm

Race Suggestion:
All: can now be fat and skinny, that way you can actually make an avatar that can look like a child instead of a really small body builder. Male majins can now be buff or skinny because of this.
Earthlings: Can have animal/monster features. As a result making a Kai looking character is much easier.
Saiyans: If tailed, they can become Super Saiyan 4 or Great Ape.
majins: I don't know.
namek: I don't know.
Frieza race: I don't know.

All clothing and accessories should be recolorable including the suits that belong to a certain character.
Like said before, more than one accessory can be used at the same time.
Robotic features should be added so the avatars can be dressed as robots. special effects for extra coolness.

Mafuba: That is if its not there yet. high health bar causes the opponent to be hurt by the exploding container, low health causes opponent to be trapped.
Hakia: when the oponent is full energy, its the Toppo variation, if too weak to survive, it's the type of hakai like Beerus'.
Hakaishins/angel characters: should function differently just to make them more especial(if possible.)

Note: the flightless characters can now fly because of the flying nimbus,jetpacks, or simply because they learned to fly or come from a different reality. Larger than average characters are playable as well.
Dragon Ball
Kid Goku
General Blue
King piccolo
Pilaf in a machine(his face can be vissible)
Master Roshi

Dragon Ball Z
Dr.Gero: if he is still absent.
19: Same as Gero.

Dragon Ball Gt
Add another shenron that has the potential, most likely Oceanous Shenron.
General Rildo

Dragon Ball Super
Botamo: he is more durable but to make it fair, he should be a poor fighter like he is, and is easily affected to throwing attacks.
Magetta: Unlikely like Botamo but I want him badly.
Future Mai: She is one of the weaker but her weapons would make her fun to use. Unlikely but I want that to happen.
Ribriane: probably the only Universe 2 character to be playable.
Toppo/ Buff Toppo
One if not all of the wolf brothers from universe 9. Realisticly, they will function better as a team in Dragon Ball Fighterz but if solo, Basil is most likely to appear.
Maybe add another God of destruction such as Belmod or someone like that.

Note before anyone tries to correct me about this being unrealistic, I am already aware that not everything will happen, so no need to be reminded.

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Phozz » Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:33 pm

AnimeNation101 wrote:So what? Are you sending this to Dimps/Bandai Namco or?
Sorry for the late response, I didn't expect people to respond after so long! To answer your question, I'll try my absolute hardest to ensure that Bandai Namco sees our feedback. I run a Twitter account called @DreamXV3 and I @ Bandai Namco's account as often as I can. I can't promise that they'll see every piece of feedback, but during most of their livestreams for XV2, they encouraged us to @ them with feedback so I'm sure they'll atleast see some of it!

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Koitsukai » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:16 pm

I think it sucks that you can't pick the strongest form of a character and have to unlock it during the fight because you start with 0 ki... like if in DBZ they never spent 2 episodes charging before a fight... :roll: I just played with SS Gohan and he doesn't even have energy charge, so if you unlock SS2 is going to be for just the final blow.
Cell Games SS Goku should be a separated character if they are keeping that stupid everybody on their base form from the start thing.

Regarding the ki, stamina and health bar, maybe they could blend them all together or something. Like life and ki be pretty much the same or ki and stamina be connected(we've seen many fighters end up exhausted after a massive ki attack), transforming gives you ki AND recovers some health. Or something different, this life and power bar is being used since the Final Bout's days, 20 years later they could come up with something cooler and more original, right?

And I always wanted the option to play the game with "realistic" results. Like Broly vs Krilin and Krilin's attack do nothing while Broly's fart destroys Krilin. Pointless, sure, but Fifa is having a no-rule mode, so why not?

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Jackalope89 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:19 pm

Koitsukai wrote:I think it sucks that you can't pick the strongest form of a character and have to unlock it during the fight because you start with 0 ki... like if in DBZ they never spent 2 episodes charging before a fight... :roll: I just played with SS Gohan and he doesn't even have energy charge, so if you unlock SS2 is going to be for just the final blow.
Cell Games SS Goku should be a separated character if they are keeping that stupid everybody on their base form from the start thing.

Regarding the ki, stamina and health bar, maybe they could blend them all together or something. Like life and ki be pretty much the same or ki and stamina be connected(we've seen many fighters end up exhausted after a massive ki attack), transforming gives you ki AND recovers some health. Or something different, this life and power bar is being used since the Final Bout's days, 20 years later they could come up with something cooler and more original, right?

And I always wanted the option to play the game with "realistic" results. Like Broly vs Krilin and Krilin's attack do nothing while Broly's fart destroys Krilin. Pointless, sure, but Fifa is having a no-rule mode, so why not?
Ki and Stamina WERE the same bar in Xenoverse 1. And it kind of sucked in comparison (also the Super Saiyan Ki spam was awful at times).

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Phozz » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:52 am

Here's a slightly more in depth version of my open world planner for Xenoverse 3!



Noteworthy areas:

• Capsule Corp (Xenoverse 2)
• West City Industrial Sector (Xenoverse 2)
• West City Suburbs (Xenoverse 2)

Noteworthy NPCs:

• Bulma



Noteworthy areas:

• Korin's Tower
• Kami's Lookout (Xenoverse 2)
• Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Xenoverse 2)

Noteworthy NPCs:

• Korin
• Mr. Popo
• Dende



Noteworthy areas:

• Papaya Island
• World Tournament Stage (Xenoverse 2)
• Archipelago (Xenoverse 2)
• Kame House
• Training Island

Noteworthy NPCs:

• World Tournament Announcer
• Roshi



Noteworthy areas:

• King Yemma's Palace
• Snake Way
• King Kai's Planet
• Hell (Xenoverse 2)
• Earth's Hell
• Sacred World of the Kai (Xenoverse 2)

Noteworthy NPCs:

• King Yemma
• King Kai
• Bubbles
• Gregory
• Supreme Kai
• Pikkon



Noteworthy NPCs:

• Beerus
• Whis



Noteworthy NPCs:

• Zeno
• Future Zeno
• Zeno's attendants
• Future Zeno's attendants
• Grand Priest

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by MKCSTEALTH » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:21 pm

Here's what I would like from Xenoverse 3


Fully embrace the craziness and possibilities of manipulating time. Let the story be about Fuu running rampant through the timelines, changing events and distorting how things play out to some crazy possibilities and potential what-if, game exclusive characters (we haven't gotten Gokhan, Vegeta-absorbed Buu outside of Budokai 2, and others).

The storyline could be the Time Patrol is working to figure out what Fuu is doing, while Towa and Dabura are also working to gather the energy of Fuu. We could ultimately choose what side we want to be on (Time Patrol or Time Breakers) and this effects what mentors we have access to. For the Time Patrol, we could get the heroes of the story (Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, etc.), for the Time Breakers, we get villains (Raditz, Nappa, Frieza, Cell, Ginyu, etc.). Any moves unlocked on either side, as well as costumes, can be equipped by all characters. The end of the game could have the Time Patrol facing Mechikabura, or the Time Breakers facing Xeno Vegetto or some other powerful foe. Also, while I know they are trying to keep Heroes and Xenoverse separate, I would like some new variants of Goku and co. for the Time Patrol


Give us the option to change our auras. Give us different auras we can equip as we would accessories. Give us two accessory slots, and also give us colorable variants of Master's clothing once you 100% a Master's training. As for outfits to add, they have everything pretty well covered I feel through the DLC packs.

As for actual character customization:


Give us the option to have third eyes (like Tien), scars on the bodies of characters, and also give us every possible hairstyle from characters in the game. Also add the option for our characters to have subclasses (i.e Androids for Earthlings that have better Ki Controller, Berserker for Saiyans that deal more physical damage, etc.). Also give us the option to have pointed ears so we can roleplay as Kaioshins. I wouldn't necessarily want Kaioshin/Makaioshin options unless it fits in the storyline.

Human transformations are okay, but add a 100% Power form like Roshi's. Have it drain stamina, but have all attacks buffed significantly. A Great Saiyaman form would also be interesting, but I doubt they'll want to do that.

Give. Us. Spiked. Hair. When. We. Transform! I will understand longer hairstyles not fully spiked up (like if we got Raditz hair as a customization) but it's gotten very bothersome now. Especially when modders can pull it off. As for Super Saiyan forms, we could get:

SSJ1-SSJ3- Gradually increases Ki Super Damage
Berserk- Green Hair, increased muscle mass, increase Physical Damage
SSG, SSB, SSBKK- These forms would drain ki and the forms would be lost after. SSG would offer a temporary buff upon falling out of the form, SSB would make Stamina regen lessen while in the form, and SSBKK can drain health as it does in XV2

As for SSJ4 and UI, UI is ruled out. For SSJ4, I could see it being it's own stand-alone transformation that gives balanced stat buffs to both, but runs out when stamina is empty (like Golden Form)

Also give us the option to have a tail for Saiyans, ones that actually flow and animate like SSJ4s do currently. They can wrap around armor when worn. That's fine.

Frieza Race:
Give us Golden Form and give us 100% Full Power. Muscle mass increases and stats are greatly raised, but stamina drains quick and when you fall out of the form you're left open for a bit. Also, fix the coloring on Golden From so that it just turns the user's body gold with whatever highlights picked for the color of their....orbs? What exactly are the purple things on Frieza reffered to?

Give us a Super Buu esque transformation, along with Kid Buu. Also give us an "Absorbtion" form that works dependent on your Mentor. You'd gain their clothes, as well as their moveset for the remainder of the battle. This could put a spin on things as it would let Majins change up movesets mid battle and offer some more variety.

This race is difficult. I like Giant Forms, but I think having some sort of "Merging form" would be cool where they power up similar to Hit. It'd be weird, but I can't think of anything else to really do with this race.

Now for movesets, clothing, and accessories:

Movesets are fine as they sit now imo. As for clothing, just colorable variants of stuff. Also give us additional, species-specific clothing. As for accessories, we need a Potara accessory. It's baffling how we've had three Potara fused DLC characters and have yet to get a Potara accessory. Others I can't think of at the moment. As for "usable swords", that could fall under my Subclass (where choosing a Sword Master could warrant using a Sword)

Game Modes:
Give us back the offline tournament mode. That was fun in all the other games. Especially with the World Tournament Stadium being in the hub world already. I like Hero Colosseum just fine, but that side story can greatly be expanded on in the next game. I think with the idea of "Battle Royale" being popular in both Dragonball Super with the ToP, and with other online games, I would like a Battle Royale style mode, maybe even similar to Smash Bros "100 Man Melee" where other players and characters spawn in as the match goes.


I absolutely love the Xenoverse series. I loved the first game, and I still play Xenoverse 2 to this day. But I want them to make actual changes to this formula. Make Xenoverse 3 something truly great and awesome. I have other things I'll have to sit and think that I want them to add and change. Might do a seperate post for that

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by MKCSTEALTH » Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:03 pm

Adding onto my previous post (sorry mods for the double post)


Here are some characters they need to add. For Dragonball, they can decide how to handle the no flying mechanic

Kid Goku (Purple Gi/Turtle Gi presets)
King Piccolo
Tao Pai Pai (Cybord Tao Preset)

Monster Zarbon
Second/Third Form Frieza
Second Form Cell
Evil Buu (Skinny)

Garlic Jr (Full Power)
Android 14
Android 15
Android 13 (Full Power)
Bojack (Full Power)

Baby Vegeta (1st and 2nd form presets)
Oceanus Shenron

I get most of my picks are minions that didn't do a whole lot, but a whole lot could be done with them. Create warring factions through the timelines. Cooler's Armored Squad versus the Ginyu Force. Bojack's gang vs the Galactic Patrol. Stuff like that.

Now, I wanna explain my Subclasses idea. Basically, it's to determine how that character fights. Split into:

Light (Technical)
Medium (Balanced)
Heavy (Weighted)

They could vary between races. So example, for Saiyans there could be:

Low Class (Technical)- Start off with lower stats, but can gain more experience points per level up. Can be Ki Blast focused or Melee Focused
Elite (Balanced)- They start off with higher stats, but overall balanced between Ki and Physical attacks
Berserker (Weighted)- Start off with average stats, but gain access to a "Berserker" transformation or mode that greatly buffs their stats. Can be either Ki Blast focused or Melee Focused

Kind of playing around with the already established character systems we have. We can also have different "schools" of fighting, such as

Turtle School- Standard
Crane School- Focuses more on lighter attacks that aim for pressure points
Swordsman- Sword Based Attacks
Bo Staffs- Battle with Staffs
Gunners- Ki Blast based, weaker physical attacks.

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Yuli Ban » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:09 pm

In terms of endgame content, I'd just adore DBZ games so much more if they had proper power scaling. Sure, in the main game, I want to be able to use Mr. Satan to karate chop Whis to death if I so choose, but I've also wanted another mode where the devs coded in some hardcore stats. As in, I shouldn't be able to do just as well in base form as I can in SSGSS + Limit Breaker. Nor should I be able to crush Golden Freeza using SS1 during one encounter but get reamed by Yamcha while using Ultra Instinct the next. At least, not in this theoretical mode.

I call it Ultra Balance Mode.

Transformations would mean a damn, as would power levels. Let's say you can customize your power level in the mode. I should spend half an hour punching at Freeza trying to shave off one single bar of his health if I'm in my base form while he seems to move at light speed making a mess of the place with my blood and internal organs. The only realistic way I can take that motherfucker down is if I come up with some genius tactic like using solar flare + kienzan while an ally is distracting him. Or a Super Spirit Bomb, that might work. Might.
If I go Super Saiyan, I should have a rough battle with him. It might take all I've got and most of my skills, but I can accomplish it.
If I go Super Saiyan 2, I should be able to end the fight in a few seconds. One punch or ki blast = one bar of his health.
Any higher and his attacks shouldn't even register against my body, like that old ability Broly had in the Tenkaichi games where he didn't flinch if you punched him.
Some characters are naturally beyond others as well. Raditz can't even dream of putting of a scratch on Beerus. Outside of Ultra Balance mode, it will be time to get your Raditz on. Inside Ultra Balance mode, Beerus should be able remind the pissant monkey of his place. No, the reverberations in the air from when Beerus whispers sweet nothings into Raditz's ear should liquefy the monkey's body from the inside out. Yes, it will make fights utterly one sided, but it would be a fun novelty. And if you do somehow overcome the massive gap between two characters (like using 23rd TB Son Goku to defeat Saiyan saga Vegeta), the RNG should default to a 100% chance of giving you some rare item.

That said, I didn't exactly like how they tied your level of transformation to the number of bars of ki you had. Considering I enjoy Super Saiyan 2 the most, I always tried going for that one, but I either had too little or too much ki. That said, I at least did like the fact using Super Saiyan doesn't drain your ki. I don't understand why using Super Saiyan Blue does, but that's for another time.

I also don't understand why kaioken x20 is stronger than Super Saiyan 3. It was the same thing in Raging Blast 2— kaioken x3 made Son Goku stronger than Super Saiyan 3. At that point, it's pretty much False Super Saiyan God.

Speaking of False Super Saiyan, I love the FSS effect you get when you wear a wig. My avatar always has a Yajirobe wig, which has the side effect of making it look like she goes FSS and FSS2 and that SS3 is actually just her finally achieving Super Saiyan. I hope they keep this around and don't make wigs also go gold/red/blue (or outright remove wigs when you transform at all).

I despise Ultimate Tenkaichi, but if there's one thing it did do right, it was allowing your avatar to adopt custom fighting styles. I'm actually shocked they haven't done this with Xenoverse considering having mentors is one of the big draws. It's cool to be able to learn their abilities from training with them, but being able to learn their specific fighting styles would deepen the immersion. In nü DB, it's true that at-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta dominates, but it's a video game so who cares?
Maybe it's my fault for going with a female build when this is a Japanese game, but I would prefer a more savage/berserker fighting style— a lot of hard melee blows, crashing, full body attacks, clotheslining, wrestler-esque moves, something fitting for a monkey. Where I throw fewer attacks (maybe three button prompts for a full combo rather than six or seven) and they are slower but they hit with much more power. Or where my Throw ability is something closer to Broly's Eraser Blow/Gigantic Omega. Likewise, what if I want to learn some time-bending psychokinesis powers? Why can't I go to Guldo and equip a style that replaces my basic attacks with telepathic moves? If I use the Turtle school fighting style, my charged-up ki blast should be a Kamehame-hadouken, but if I take on Freeza or Cooler's style, it should be a finger blast.

Ultimate Tenkaichi also allowed you to change your aura color and appearance. I personally liked it better in Raging Blast 2, but that's probably because Ultimate Tenkaichi sucked gooch anyway. I think Xenoverse 3 should go a step further and allow you to create a custom aura. It's quite obvious that auras are the Dragon Ball equivalent of light saber colors. Raging Blast 2 went all out for the auras, even allowing you to toggle things like lightning separately from the auras themselves. At the very least, they ought to tie aura color to alignment.

Which brings me to my biggest wish.

Ever since Ultimate Tenkaichi first allowed players to create custom characters, Namco Bandai have steadfastly refused to give players the option to play as a villain or morally ambiguous character. Hell, UT outright called the CaC story "Hero Mode".
I know you can ally with villainous characters and even do missions for Fu in Xenoverse 2, but you're always still treated as a righteous hero. If there's one thing the game industry's learned in the past 40 years, it's that the harder you try forcing players to be good, the more they enjoy being evil dickheads. Of course, when you actually force players to be evil, the reverse happens. Hence why games with moral choice systems are either the best or the worst of both worlds depending on your point of view. Still, I'd glean much more enjoyment out of a Xenoverse game if I could join the Dark Side. Just as much as I should be able to stop Towa and Mira and prevent the Demon Realm from rising, I should be able to help Towa and Mira revive the Demon Realm and then take that power for myself. And in the end game, that means the overworld (whatever they call Conton City next time) gets a full fledged make-over. Preferably it's a make-over that builds up over the course of the story. And there should be a New Game Plus mode so you can replay the main story after you've beaten it all, which would also allow you to go the Heroic route (or vice versa).

And no Sonic-style bullshit about a Final Story that shows you were ultimately a Hero the whole time anyway, goddammit!

Hell, if they want to add replayability or at least add more hours to the run time, why not make it so that there are some items you can only get if you go full Hero or full Villain and you have to use New Game Plus to get everything? Like, say, you can travel through the overworld on various items besides flying. If you knock out the Hero-side story, you unlock the Nimbus, a rideable mini-Shenlong, or a flying version of the Capsule No. 9 motorcycle. If you clear the Villain-side story, you unlock Freeza's hover pod, Dark Nimbus, or something else of the sort.

With that said, another thing Ultimate Tenkaichi did well (I need to stop praising UT before I have an aneurysm) is that it allowed you to give your CaC a personality. I mean, I always stuck with the "Teen" personality because it was reasonably close to Cell Games-era Gohan's, but I knew there were some others there.
Imagine bringing that back. Another user above mentioned branching dialog trees— if Namco Bandai put their time to good use, they could combine all of the above and make it so that you could choose a personality and then an alignment and this can alter the dialog options available to you. For example: someone with a Pure personality on the Hero alignment probably wouldn't tell Beerus to "Piss off." But if your personality is that of a "Punk" or "Demon", you could and this gives you a special event where you fight an enraged Beerus. After all, this is a Role Playing Game with fight game mechanics— naturally, you shouldn't be able to do literally everything in the game regardless of the choices you make, hence the point of role playing. If I can't view a special scene because I did something a particular way, well that's how RPGs work and there's always New Game Plus.
Having these different personalities should also trigger different quotes. I always imagine my avatar as being a fairly typical Saiyan grunt complete with the savage look, so having someone like Raditz or Nappa react to her as if she's some meek newbie breaks immersion. I understand why, though— it's because all dialogue isn't personalized so the characters have to speak as if you chose any of the other races. Actually, it's also somewhat immersion breaking that I'm playing as a Saiyaness and literally no Saiyan male takes note of this... Again, ah well, that's for another thread.

Now if I ever have to give Ultimate Tenkaichi anywhere near this many good words ever again, I'm going to swallow my own fist. Literally the only Dragon Ball game I ever returned because I just couldn't stand the fucking thing and I have never regretted it.
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Yuli Ban » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:10 pm

Adding the ability to stack on more accessories is also a common wish I've seen. I always use Yajirobe's hair for my avatar because it's so suitably Saiyanesque whereas most of the hairstyles built into the game just seem too Human. But my biggest gripe is that I don't get a tail unless I wear Saiyan armor (and in that case, it's wrapped around her waist anyway). The Saiyan tail accessory that you can buy is static and angled awkwardly to begin with, and I can't use it with a wig + scouter so the whole thing's a bit of a wash. There should be different classes of accessories just as there are with clothes— accessories for your head, face, torso, legs, hands, and feet. No reason why wearing Trunks' sword on my back means I can't also don Jackie Chun's wig, but I can understand why trying to put Chaozu's hat on a Janemba-styled head wouldn't work.
More clothing damage should also be done! I've never seen this asked (because I haven't looked very far) but one of the best parts of Dragon Ball is how clothing starts falling off characters' bodies. They already have base undergarments to protect children's eyes, so I think being sufficiently damaged should run the risk of taking off large chunks of your clothing. It can be the same chunks every time just for ease of design, but it would definitely help immersion to see much more battle damage beyond the token scratches and bloody patches. Since we'll probably never get an M-rated Dragon Ball game, the only way they can do more is to up the clothing damage.

Really, Xenoverse 2 has come quite close to my "dream" Dragon Ball game in function, but not in scope. Conton City is still way too small for that, and the fighting mechanics are a bit too chaotic. I don't even think Xenoverse 3 will nail that dream, actually. The sort of Dragon Ball game I long for requires hardware from the future.

If Namco Bandai came to me and asked me what sort of game I wanted them to make, the very first thing I'd tell them is "Don't." VR tech isn't good enough yet and I'd rather they experiment more with the open world style before going all in with it. I'm currently bleeding from my nose and dousing my knuckles in salt and pepper because once again, Ultimate Tenkaichi was at least a proper step. It came out in 2011, IIRC, and Xenoverse didn't come out until 2015, so it predated the current series with its CaC mode and they were able to hear everyone's complaints and wishlists in order to give us an infinitely better experience (though I still think Xenoverse 2 is what Xenoverse 1 always should have been). That doesn't excuse the fact Ultimate Tenkaichi's Hero Mode sucked kidney and spleen literally through the intestinal wall, but it was at least a start.

However, DBZ For Kinect also came out in 2011 and it was dire. I don't think it's worse than UT only because at least the fighting system wasn't fundamentally piss-ass broken and utterly repetitive— no, it was only repetitive. I quite liked the idea of a DB game in first person, but it was far too ahead of its time. First person DB can only be properly done in VR. But alas, this is all for another thread.

Ultimately, my hopes for Xenoverse 3 are actually rather high because Namco Bandai would literally have to give us Xenoverse 2: Episode 2 for it to be a let down. They've had 2, going on 3 years to develop it and they don't have to worry about another console generation until at least 2020 or so. I played Xenoverse back in 2015 and then didn't play it for a long time, so picking up Xenoverse 2 three years later didn't disappoint me like it did other people. I basically view Xenoverse 2 as the "definitive" version of the two. That said, I am expecting more out of Xenoverse 3. It's always possible they pull a Saints Row the Third on us where they scale back character customization, replace more than they add, and touch up aspects of the game most didn't care for while ignoring the stuff we wanted.

I didn't touch on my hopes for the story because it's been mostly peripheral, but since I at least mentioned my hopes for a moral choice system, here's my thoughts on this: they really ought to take what they were doing in the DLC story mode and expand on it. Xenoverse 2's story was disappointing because it was Xenoverse 1's story with Tullece and Slug added. Xenoverse 1's story was disappointing because it didn't really do anything interesting. I think they were still a bit too scared to make a proper "original" storyline in a mainline Dragon Ball game at the time which is why Xenoverse 1's story was just the last 15 games' "Raditz to Boo" retread but with a twist. The twist being that the villains... are now stronger.
Well, there was a few interesting ideas such as having Broly and Bardock fight when Majin Boo was released, but they didn't go far enough with that. They tried a bit harder with Xenoverse 2, but it wasn't until we got to Fu's part in the DLC that I felt like they finally started telling an actually new story, and even it isn't quite up to snuff.

Ultimate Tenkaichi... sigh, yet again did it right by at least having the Hero go on his own original story that had nothing to do with the Dragon Ball storyline. I think you even befriend Captain Ginyu and teach Future 17 and 18 the error of their ways. It was still a mythically bad story that was played utterly straight (seriously, they missed a great opportunity to make Son Goku the ultimate evil and actually surprise players instead of going with Omega Shenron).
If you can tell by now, I think Ultimate Tenkaichi had many great ideas, and that's why I hate it so much. The Hero Mode was amazing in concept, superior to either Xenoverse games by way of having a story that didn't rely on the tired rigmarole we've done so many times now and tried using characters for new purposes. It just failed every step of the way, going out of its way to fail at things that should have been obvious winners at times. And that doesn't even cover how monumentally stupid the core gameplay was to begin with.

Fu, I think, opens the door for actual changes. And considering this is a game with a create-a-character system, I'm surprised the devs haven't made their own unique villains. I mean, I did find the Nutz gang in Xenoverse 2, and that's something of a start, but I mean going the whole nine yards. He is basically a morally ambiguous Dragon Ball fanboy, asking questions we've been asking for decades now or even ones we didn't think of. Xenoverse has the potential to be the ultimate "Dragon Ball What Ifs" simulator, but its whole means of doing this so far has been to just make the characters goffik and then continue on as before.

The moral choice system I mentioned earlier is really just the surface. I'm also envisioning Xenoverse 3 having multiple paths to take, with Fu ultimately gaining power from each of them and the overarching storyline being trying to uncover his motives (as well as some stuff with Towa and Mira, of course). And I don't mean safe paths like "what if your avatar helped Goku and Piccolo fight Raditz" or even "what if Nappa betrayed Vegeta first" that still ends with Nappa's death and the timeline corrected. I mean: imagine if Fu decided to literally cut the Saiyans out of the timeline altogether, meaning that one storyline you follow is a timeline where Son Goku and Piccolo's rivalry continued unabated. We never got to see where this would have led, so this timeline is our first glance at it. It can still follow the Raditz-through-Jiren timeline generally— just with actual "what if" branches leading to genuinely new story developments and it's up to you whether or not to set things right or let these new timelines flourish into greater demonic power.

ADD moment: imagine if they also gave you the option to design the villain or even make it so that you can reuse another profile's avatar as a Hero/Villain— slot 1 is your Villain character? If you create a new character in slot 2 and play as a Hero, you have the option of having your Villain be the character in slot 1!
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Yuli Ban » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:21 pm

When it comes to the subject of characters and character customization, I'm of the opinion that they have to add, add, and add. Perhaps it's because I grew up with the Tenkaichi games and, thus, I'm spoiled by their large rosters. I have a literary mind and adore roleplaying, so I always prefer having more to play with even if that does come at a cost— Burst Limit was a much better fighting game (and had the best graphics until FighterZ a decade later), but I'd still prefer to play Raging Blast 2 just because it had a larger roster and quite a bit of customization available. Yes, I'm that shallow.

Of course, Xenoverse's gimmick is the character creator. As a result, I'd prefer if Dimps and Namco Bandai put most of their effort there. When it comes to official characters, I'd like it if they brought over everyone they had in Xenoverse 2 as unlockables with some additions and continued adding characters via DLC. Then they'd be able to put more effort into the character creator. I'd love it if they doubled the number of customizable items you could use at the very least as well as if there were DLC for items from other famous shonen series (like One Piece, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc).

But more than that: Xenoverse 2 introduced the ability to recolor official character clothes at a price (as long as the mentor/partner was the one wearing it). If this is possible, then it should also be possible to give official characters some of your junk in Xenoverse 3. This means if I want to make Freeza wear Goku's Turtle school gi, he's going to be carrot-colored. I don't like the Sadala Saiyan Army armor? Cabba's wearing Nappa's Saiyan armor then. I'm actually surprised Xenoverse 2 didn't do this with accessories at the very least, such as letting Son Goku wear Muten Roshi's glasses or carry the Power Pole.

When I say I want them to double the number of customizable items, I do include fighting styles and auras in that list. There isn't an infinitely large number of things they can add to the game, after all, and I don't think many people are hankering for twenty different school insignias like in Ultimate Tenkaichi. Though having the ability to further customize clothing to add things like special marks (e.g. tags for the Turtle school, Crane school, Demon clan, Planet Vegeta, Freeza army, etc.) is always nice as long as they don't use it as pure filler (e.g. 20 different colors for the Turtle school clothing tag, or separately unlockable tags for the torso, legs, hands, and feet— all of which count as their own items).

When it comes to auras, they ought to be able to outdo what they did a decade ago. I'm not going to be disappointed if auras are just a one-and-done deal because it'd be nice to have the option to choose your own at all, but I'd be appreciative if you could toggle effects— lightning (which is automatic with SS2 and SS3, AFAIK), lifting rocks (I know it's automatic for SS3), these sorts of things— as well as apply different auras to transformations. This requires transformations being their own character, obviously.

Finally, there's something I've been thinking about lately. It's related to that "Perfect Dragon Ball game" concept I mentioned earlier. Anyone remember the Tony Hawk games? Especially Tony Hawk Underground. In those games, you could actually create your own skateboard tricks.
It might be too daring right now with no precedent since Namco and Dimps like to take baby steps, but I think something Xenoverse 3 can try out is a "technique creator". You can stitch together various attack roots and moves to create your own Special or Ultimate attack. Maybe you have "Spirit Points" and each specific root has a certain number of Spirit Points attached, so if your current cap is 10, you can only make a basic "rush attack + ki wave" move or something of the sort. But if you have a cap of 150, you can combine things like part of the Spirit Breaker Cannon + Meteor Combination + Gigantic Omega, give it some extra buff effect like "smashes through all guards" or "deals double damage" and then give it your own name in 30-characters or less. And then you can teach your techniques to others online and watch as everyone ignores you— I mean, uses your own technique. You are now a mentor yourself!
Actually, it'd be great if you could use more abilities in gameplay. There are just so many lovely buttons on a PS4 controller— why is it you can only use special attacks with R2 + (colored shape)? I don't even think L2 does anything. Why not allocate Strike Supers to L2 and Ki Supers to R2 to double the number of techniques you can use?

All of what has been said isn't beyond the ability of programmers. To be blunt, even FighterZ doesn't push the current gen hardware. Hell, Xenoverse 2 would barely push last gen hardware to the limit. If they wanted to make a game that used all the power of 8th gen consoles, the entirety of Xenoverse 2 could literally be a side game, a Hero Mode to a much larger game. I think it's around 18 GB in size in an era where some games are ten times that.
Even the standard retort about having more playable characters— that you can't personalize them with their own distinct moves— isn't as viable of an argument these days as it was in the past. It was an issue in the PS2 days when games were barely 4 GB in size and the hardware could still be measured in megahertz and megabytes. They could make every character feel different and unique as they did in, say, Burst Limit or Infinite World while still having a roster of 100+ playable characters PLUS a create-a-character mode. That's just how stupidly powerful modern consoles are.
The only thing preventing Namco Bandai from pulling all of this off is budget. I have no idea how low budget DB games are and can only assume that they're at least "A" quality (as opposed to AA or AAA), so they might only have a few million dollars to work with and that goes by quickly when you're employing game devs.
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by AnzuMazaki » Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:23 am

Pre-Z content and more CAC content would make Xenoverse 3 Perfect for me.
Even the ability to make custom outfits for canon characters.
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Jackalope89 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:38 am

Saiyans don't need a dozen different transformations to choose from. Go SSJ (no Vegeta or Future version), and for God level, have 1 of 3 options available. God (would rather that than Blue), SSJ4, and Legendary.

Humans... The Flying Nimbus wasn't a terrible thing, but doing something more along the lines of Roshi's full power or Tien sprouting extra arms would make it more unique.

Namekians... The Giant Namekian transformation is useless at best. Either fix it, or doing something like Super Namekian/Red Eye Namekian.

Majins, well, the one update made Purified Form not so awful. But people want non-fat male Majins. With the transformation something like Super Buu.

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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by roninwolf1981 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:59 pm

Phozz wrote:
Some of the things I've been vocal about are most likely worded better by others, but I feel it needs to be echoed.

-SSJ4 awakening skill
-LSSJ awakening skill
-hair spikes up when in SSJ/SSJ2
-optional AND animated Saiyan tails

-100% Max Power awakening skill

Frieza Race:
-Level transformations like Frieza

-Super Buu awakening skill

New races:
-Android: so that NPC dialogue can refer to your CAC as an Android and not an Earthling
-Alien: any of the races in Frieza's fleet
-Demon/Half-Demon/Possessed Earthling/Makaio

Awakening Skills:
-God of Destruction
-Villainous Mode
-Supervillain Mode
-Demonic transformation

Other nitpicky things:
-fix the aura glow of Potential Unleashed, Kaioken and Purification to better reflect the visual effect used on Mystic Gohan and Kaioken Goku.
-add more body types like slender and fat
-add more height and weight snaps to be able to create physiques like Jaco, Kid Gohan, Android 17 and Nappa
-add independent mass and length sliders for head/torso/abdomen/arms/waist/legs after the physique selection
-add more eyes/hair/mouth/ears selections for customization; fangs and pointed ears available for Earthlings
(personally, I've been wanting either Android 17's eyes or Zarbon's eyes for my own CAC)
-customizable aura, either the ability to manually color the ki ourselves or the ki colors are separate equipment like in Ultimate Tenkaichi
-ability to recolor equipment like in Ultimate Tenkaichi (even with selectable decals/logos)
-more accessory slots
-more CAC slots (16 minimum)
-ability to learn movesets from mentors or from PQs
-ability to learn throws from mentors or from PQs
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Dragon Ball Gus » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:55 pm

Come on, guys. Saiyan tails should not be an option. That's like having a Freeza race CAC's tail being an option. It's part of Saiyan anatomy. It's the most distinguishable thing about the Saiyans. I want to be able to tell about the Saiyans and the Earthlings, because there are a lot of times where I can't tell them apart. The Saiyan tails would easily fix that, if the Saiyans have them all the time, and they're not an option. Side note: If we still have the option to go SSB, I think it would be cool if the tail turns blue as well.
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by roninwolf1981 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:02 pm

Dragon Ball Gus wrote:Come on, guys. Saiyan tails should not be an option. That's like having a Freeza race CAC's tail being an option. It's part of Saiyan anatomy. It's the most distinguishable thing about the Saiyans. I want to be able to tell about the Saiyans and the Earthlings, because there are a lot of times where I can't tell them apart. The Saiyan tails would easily fix that, if the Saiyans have them all the time, and they're not an option. Side note: If we still have the option to go SSB, I think it would be cool if the tail turns blue as well.
...except there are canonical Saiyan characters without tails. Usually, Saiyan NPCs have any variation of the Saiyan armor or any of the Frieza/Cooler armors. And I can imagine that there are fans out there with their own CACs and have their own headcanons on how they lost their tails or whether they were born with tails or not, so having the option to either have it on or off at will should appeal to both sides of the argument. It's best not to have it either one way or the other when both ways could resolve the problem.
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Re: The Perfect Xenoverse 3/Feedback for Dimps & Bandai Namco

Post by Yuli Ban » Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:02 pm

Reposting my wishes in a more streamlined form, because I've got a few more of them.
Xenoverse 3 has the potential to be the ultimate Dragon Ball game for a myriad reasons. The Dragon Ball gaming IP is worth $1 billion, compared to the measly $25 million of 2011 when we got games like Ultimate Tenkaichi and Z For Kinect. It may have been in development for 2+ going on 3 years now, as Xenoverse 2 was released in 2016 barely changed from 2015's Xenoverse. And the Xenoverse series has sold over 10 million copies, even more than the Budokai series.
With all of this in play, my wishes here aren't just a pure dream but a real possibility.
  • Give us the ability to change the avatar's aura color and composition, a la Raging Blast.
  • Give us the ability to change clothes for canon characters, even if they can only seen this way in battles.
  • School/army marks and logos should be separate customizable items.
  • Add clothing from other shonen (as DLC if needbe).
  • Ability to alter hairstyle without using Dragon Ball wishes (as a salon if needbe).
  • No wigs except for obvious cases (like Super Saiyan Goku hair); all should be options for hair.
  • No more race specific clothing. Rather, redo the clothing stats so that wearing race-correct clothes boosts your stats (and nerfs your stats if race incorrect if needbe).
  • Open up more accessory slots. At least give us the option to equip two accessories. At most give us the option to equip an accessory for each body part.
  • When we train with a mentor, allow us to learn that mentor's basic fighting style. At the very least, let there be multiple schools of fighting styles to learn. These affect standard/heavy/ki attacks and do not prevent you from using any particular ability. However, if you were to use a particular school or mentor's special attack, that special or ultimate will get some sort of bonus.
  • Allow us to choose between working for the Time Patrol (Heroes), Time Breakers (Villains), or Fu (Neutral).
  • Give us a storyline that isn't "What if Character Was Stronger?" with no consequences.
  • Give us a dedicated "Create a PQ" mode where you can edit enemies, arenas, forms, allies, buffs, nerfs, and perhaps even add speech bubbles.
  • Allow us to level up abilities to unlock new abilities as an incentive to use them all. For example, Kamehameha and Kamehameha x10 shouldn't be separate supers. Rather, if I use Kamehameha enough (successfully), I can eventually level it up to Kamehameha x10 or Super Kamehameha.
  • Increase the size of the hubworld. Make the entirety of Earth in the Dragon World if needbe. Also add a Day-Night cycle.
  • Bring back beam struggles.
  • Give us FighterZ's graphics.
In terms of the roster, well I think they ought to include every DLC character from Xenoverse 2 from the getgo. I can understand if they still lock Broly (Super) away. But they ought to give us Kid Goku, Super Android 13, Super Bojack, Semi-Perfect Cell, and Freeza's other forms at the very least. It would also make no sense if they didn't give us Caulifla, Kale, and Toppo. Besides that, the roster's fine. Damn healthy, even. Xenoverse 2 with all DLC has over 100 characters, which certainly tickles my inner Tenkaichi fan. I could certainly go for adding Selipa, Zangya, Gine, and 21 though, even if they are locked behind wishes.
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