What would Xenoverse 3 need to be better than previews 3D DB games?

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Re: What would Xenoverse 3 need to be better than previews 3D DB games?

Post by Logania » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:18 pm

Just make the game not so damn ugly. Stiff animations, weird faces and facial animation, most beams and other attacks don't really pop or have a good feeling of damage when hit.

And for the love of god, make the transistions of characters coming in/out and other things in missions not just the same animation every time, put some variations in there. It feels so lazy (like when 3 characters get revived for a PQ and they cut away to each character getting up the exact same way, back to back and make the game go to an awkward halt) they need to make it flow naturally, maybe showing them get up as a scene on the side while playing can let it go better.
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