It's fun reading through older threads and articles!

Discussion of all things related to Dragon Ball video games (console and portable games, arcade versions, etc.) from the entire franchise's history.

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It's fun reading through older threads and articles!

Post by Yuli Ban » Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:14 pm

Going all the way back to 2004 when Dragon Ball Z was still hot in North America, back when Buu's Fury and the Budokai games were still new, seeing how people reacted to the announcement and previews of the now infamous Dragon Ball Z: Sagas, watching the progression of the Tenkaichi/Sparking series, seeing Super Dragon Ball Z remain a topic of discussion over the years, and so much more. It's also nice to see VegettoEX has been a solid admin for well over a decade.
What intrigues me is this prevailing sense around 2005-2007 that there was a glut of mediocre Dragon Ball titles for the PS2. In retrospect, it sounds hilarious because this was the heyday of Budokai 3, Sparking NEO/METEOR, etc., but I can see where they might be coming from. I myself forget Infinite World, Super Dragon Ball Z, and Tenkaichi 1 were things.

Back then, there was also this sort of resigned sense that Dragon Ball games were doomed to mediocrity. Remember when most major titles were developed by Spike? They became the face of mediocre Dragon Ball games for a while there because we were getting these titles every year, and the forum threads were full of posts ranting about how tired people were with playing through the story of Z from Raditz to Boo yet again. And I'm talking about as far back as 2004. Dragon Ball was over and it was never coming back, so games were all we had. Which is why it's also interesting to see the general atmosphere of Kanzenshuu between 2007-2012, when not only was DB dead but game & DVD sales were dropping. The idea of a DB game selling 10 million units in 3 years or being a top title at high-level tournaments was unthinkable back then. Super DBZ and the Budokai series came somewhat close but still weren't there.

If it weren't bad taste, I'd necro some of these threads. Rather, I'll follow the rules and comment on an ancient, decade-old post or two from an intriguing little thread from 2006: Things that the best Dragonball Z game ever must have. If any of these users are still around, I hope they can tell me how they felt about Xenoverse. All this about a "fighting RPG", "choosing your character's appearance," "leveling up to unlock new abilities," "exploring an open world," "combat that's a mixture of Budokai and Tenkaichi," "tag-team gameplay," "in-game transformations," etc.... All that sounds prescient considering what we eventually got a decade later.

The forum doesn't go back that far, but I wish I could see some threads from the early 2000s, back when Dragon Ball was just getting its start and the Dreamcast was still an active console. I say this because I found an old article describing the meteoric success of Dragon Ball in the West as it was about to come to the UK, and one line in particular caught my eye:
It's the longest-running animated series in the world, a global phenomenon shown everywhere from Spain, where its products outsold Olympic mascot merchandise during the Barcelona games, to the States, where it is the top-ranking show on the Cartoon Network across all ages (a figure that's rumoured to have attracted the attention of Disney), and there's a Dreamcast game in production, to follow the Playstation releases.
There was? I can find literally zero information on it, even with my kaio-level Google-Fu. Was there some port of Final Bout about to happen?
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