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Video Game roleplays

Post by MCDaveG » Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:02 pm

I got really nostalgic in FighterZ thread guessing upcoming DLC and thought that it would be interesting, to share our headcannons and fanfictions from playing DB videogames among ourselves.
Man, this year I am turning 32 and it is unbelievable, that I have discovered Daizex (now Kazenshuu) years ago and 15 years ago, I have registered on these forums, that are still going.
Before, I was watching DB, Z and GT on Polish and German TV and we had a blast with my elementary school friend back then, when we found this Italian DB site with roms and emulators. It was unbelievable to simulate various consoles on PC and play games that weren't released here back then. Like as a kids with toys, as a fan not having means to watch the whole show back then, I had video games.

My top 5 DB videogames to reenact and create new stories in:
Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 - I have played this game the most before the PS2 era games.
I haven't seen the 9th Movie and the story was so different from it (which I didn't have a clue back then) that I have played tons and tons of the Z Warriors VS ''Space Pirates'' battles. I have later discovered that French version had Goku and Broly unlocked and this unleashed tons of what ifs. I loved the ''Saint Seiya'' like story mode, where you went trough the DB World from Cell Games to this cataclysmic event and were fighting clones and then the bosses to save the world. Spent years with this game.
My favorite set up was Gohan versus Piccolo as that scene in GT made a big impact with me (and Super Butouden 3 didn't have Piccolo)

Dragon Ball Final Bout - That opening was one huge what if. I loved how the game was in this limbo of connecting Z and GT, so it was like intermediary inbetween the two. You had adult GT Goku (which was basically streamlined EoZ Goku) in base and SSJ form, which for me was enough back then! My most favorite thing was reeancting fights from that awesome opening! Goku VS Vegeta, Piccolo VS Cell, Gohan vs Buu... I really missed Baby in this game, or something more from GT, but this was the ultimate DB experience (based on appearances alineú before PS2 era. Even tough this game was horrible even by the standards back then compared to SF or Tekken, it wasn't worst...
Just a shame that this video is really low-fi by today's standards :(

Budokai 3 - tons of gameplay and replayable value... my top fight EoZ Goku vs Uub and recreating various scenes of them training.
Nothing more to add, it is a classic. Remember being so hyped by the trailer with EoZ SSJ3 Goku vs Broly.

Budokai Tenkaichi 3/Sparking! Meteor - The ultimate DB simulator to this day, especially the Japanese version with Kikuchi score (I didn't know about the US version until visiting Daizex and wasn't used to it at all). Characters from DB, Z and GT!
I had tons of what ifs, but my most favorite was Goku with EoZ costume against GT villains. You also got the faux-ice Shenron when changed the color scheme with four star Dragon. It was like the ultimate play with DB characters and you can reenact everything.
The only con of this game nowadays is that it is missing the new content that came after obviously and outdated graphics.
Xenoverse 1 and 2 had potential to fill this simulator void, but these games are basically innapropriate for this kind of play...
Missing proper intros, missing proper outros, you can't adjust the difficulty and the whole mechanics of the game, that is basically based on story and online play using your CaC, with power differences (lot of characters are just a cannon fodder for PQs and Story Mode and useless to play as)...

Dragon Ball FighterZ - I am a huge fighting game fan and this game is lovesong to the fans. Not only it is a great fighter, there is so mucn love for the source material and fanservice in. This game is roleplay itself with taking place somewhere around Super and character intros and reactions to each other are simply fabulous. Things like Fusions competing with each other, clash dialogues... not only you have outro with character reacting to defeated opponent, you even have commentary from the character to his team. I was expecting just a good fighter after seeing previews and trying the beta version on PS4, but I have gotten so much more. Also, this is by far the best representation of the show in video game. The models are so spot on, it feels like playing the show. I spend hours besides competing online and after finishing the story even on hard, by just trying various combinations of characters be it with in-universe reasoning or just whatever for fun... The story had this weird 4th wall about the player's soul controlling the characters, but when you get behind that and that you battle countless clones just for the sake of not developing some henchmen and using existing roster, the interactions in-between the characters, the writing... I wasn't much hyped for the Android 21 at first, but having ''Cell'' with Majin Buu DNA was interesting. I have enjoyed the story even tough it was in parts rehash of what we had with Shin Budokais, Dokkan Battle and Legends, but the writing. We basically got Ressurection F with Cell and I enjoyed it toroughly... it was better than his comeback in GT, it was more belieavable. I loved Nappa in contrast with his GT comeback again... I don't skip trough intros and outros just because I love to look at it all. And the interactions again, it is like the game tooks the what-if roleplays out of my head and I just watch what unfolds!
Just a fun tidbit... with the GT Goku we got as DLC, it took me years back to the Final Bout Opening and game, as there you could fought with him against Buu, Cell and Freeza as well :)

It is great time to be a DB fan, as DB Super basically continued the story of Z, that I have tried to create with existing video games for years...
I know that this post got kind of out of hand and big, but please, share with us your video game stories :)
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