Some Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Terms You Should Know

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Some Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Terms You Should Know

Post by Yokumi24 » Sun Mar 14, 2021 3:09 am

Rush Reset Combo (RRC)- A technique performed by delaying a Rush Attack long enough to reset the Rush Combo while keeping the combo counter.

Madan- A nickname given to Adult Gohan due to players abusing his most overpowered and pretty cheesy Blast-2 Super Explosive Madan.

EW- The Explosive Wave Blast-1 is an ability used as a Defensive option that creates space between you in the opponent. This is used typically as a solution to negate combos. In Sparking Reborn this requires 1 Blast Stock instead of 2 like in vanilla bt3. Much like other Blast-1’s it can only be used by a select group of characters. It has 3 variants with each having its advantages and disadvantages.

EEW- Emergency Explosive Wave is the game’s combo breaker mechanic which allows all characters to do an explosive at the cost of life. It is considered a really risky mechanic because you lose a significant amount ( roughly 50%) of life depending on how long the combo is.

Dragon Dash Cancel (DDC)- A movement that allows you to manipulate the Dragon Dash towards the opponent’s back after certain attacks such as Charged Smashes or Throws.

Advantage On Tag (AOT)- A player’s having more offensive/defensive options when tagging out into another character.

Flank- A quick tap of the Ascend or Descend button done while holding direction on the Analog Stick to cancel a Dash with momentum. The use of this to get behind the opponent.

Majin Movement- A term coined by Majin Xu that describes a player who can perform complex and execution heavy movement tech. The first instance of this term being used was during a live stream where Majin Xu spent a whole hour practicing strictly movement techniques such as dash cancels and flanks with his main character Adult Gohan SSJ2 aka “Madan”. An example of Majin Movement was during the Loser’s Finals of Tenkaichi Takedown 1 in which Majin faced FunkayMonkay149.

Quadratic Quick Cancel Ki- A technique used to describe a player's ground dash canceling into an immediate ascend and descend towards the ground into another dash cancel ultimately forming a square shape direction. This can also be combined with a Blast-2 or a variation of the Ki blast.