Where do i get SSJ Vegeta in "Budokai 2" ?

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Where do i get SSJ Vegeta in "Budokai 2" ?

Post by Cbot » Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:05 pm

I got super sayan 2,where do i get super sayan 1?

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Post by VegettoEX » Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:52 pm

You get them at www.dictionary.com. :roll:

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Post by Cbot » Mon Aug 16, 2004 1:54 am

I am sorry for my grammar.English is my second language and I don't have many friends in my area to pratice it.I live in the Quebec province.The basic language there is french.Feel free to correct my mistake if I make some.

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Post by confused » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:16 am

I got the SSJ capsule for Vegeta by using him to defeat Cell (the first time, not Majin Cell), and I've heard that you can get all the SSJ capsules by using the characters you want the transformation for to defeat a boss, but that didn't work when I used Vegeta to beat Freeza on Earth.

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Post by Deus ex Machina » Sat Nov 13, 2004 7:30 pm

I don't remember how you're supposed to get the Super Saiyan capsule for Vegeta, I just bought mine from the skills shop, if I remember correctly. If you still have trouble finding it, you could just beat the story mode to get his breakthrough capsule.

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Post by El_Diablo » Sun Nov 14, 2004 2:59 pm

I think it's available in the skill, shop isn't it?
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