Top 10 DB/Z/GT Songs

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Top 10 DB/Z/GT Songs

Post by Noah » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:15 pm

This thread is solely based on my personal opinion, feel free to agree or disagree:

Dragon Ball franchise had great songs in-anime, movies and games, here's my list that what would be the TOP 10

1. Aitsu wa Son Gokuu:
I can't tell how this song is great and well paced, it's a song about Goku, the main character! When I started to watch DB/Z/GT subbed I always imagined that this song would play in Episode 280 when Vegeta finnaly admits that Goku is the number one, this song would so perfect fit with his speech and all those flashbacks and yeah when I watched the whole episode it was not there :(
And after watch all anime episodes, movies and special I realized that this song never played in any media (correct me If I'm wrong)

2. Mezase Tenka-ichi:
I have no words to describe this song it is in fact one of the best ever made in the franchise, all about the Tenkaichi Budokai and incredible fighters at time like: Goku, Krillin, Jackie Chun, Yamcha and Tien. I so would like a updated theme of this song about the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and its participants.

3. Aoi Kaze no HOPE:
After a special with a dark plot like History Of Trunks, this song bring me the feeling of "HOPE" the word written in Trunks time machine and that we know that his future will be better after he come back from the past.

4. Hikari no Tabi:
Not the same was HOT, this song is actually pretty sad... Bardock go against Freeza alone and he perish along all the other Saiyans, he didn't care about his son but then he smiles after realize that he will be the one to avenge the Saiyans.

5. Blue Velvet:
The second best song ever made in DBGT and the best ending song.

6. Saikyo wa no Fyuujion:
Movie 12 ending. This song is so good and epic! All about fusion and Gogeta, this is a perfect to song to listen when you feel that awesome lol

7. Chala HEAD Chala:
How this song couldn't be in my Top 10? It's the first opening of DBZ anime, when I first heard in japanese I feel it like that was no dub that could compare at how great it is this song in original japanese.

8. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku:
This song did not only mark me for being DBGT opening but because of the last episode, Goku walking in the streets smiling and all those flashbacks and this song played full time, I couldn't say that I cried at the end.

9. Unmei no Hi - Tamashii Vs. Tamashii:
A great song played in the most dramatic transformation scene, Gohan finally realizes that he need to unleash all his power and fight without mercy if he need to protect the Earth.

10. HERO (Kimi ga Hero):
Movie 6 ending. I like this song has kinda a melodramatic pace, it's pretty good.

Honorable mentions

The Biggest Fight:
In my opinion the best song made my Kageyama in a DBZ fight game. (DBGT Final Bout)

Chou Super Dragon Soul:
The best song ever made in Kai, I would like that song to actually plays when Goku transforms in SSJ for the first time.

Hikari no Will Power:
Trunks theme in DBGT Final Bout, another great song.

Kiseki no Honôyo Moeagare:
The second greateast song ever made by Kageyama in a DBZ fight game. (DBZ Burst Limit)

Moeru Heart De Red Ribbon Gun wo Yattsukero:
When Goku decides to destroy the whole Red Ribbon Army, what a incredible song.

Wolf Hurricane:
Yamcha theme, a really good song.

Solidstate Scouter:
Bardock theme, most instrumental but in overall amazing.

Ore ga Yaranakya Dare Ga Yaru:
Movie 13 ending. If I don't WHO WILL WILL? DRAGON FIST! :lol:

Mind Power Ki:
Another song about Trunks, but that is focused in his perished future all the terror that Earth had suffered because of the androids, a very good song.

Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima O Uchi Nukou:
The last ending in DBGT, marks me because in the TV ending shows all the phases that Goku went throughout the anime story.

Top 10 DB/Z/GT Songs

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