DBS Broly Song "Blizzard"

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DBS Broly Song "Blizzard"

Post by Professor Freeza » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:16 pm

Blizzard by Daichi Miura is available on Spotify and Apple music is anyone wants to hear it.

Honestly, i still prefer Ultimate Battle over this.

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Re: DBS Broly Song "Blizzard"

Post by SpiritBombTriumphant » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:42 am

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've wanted to get this song since I heard it in the trailer!!!

Link to iTunes for anyone who wants it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blizz ... 1440448452

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Re: DBS Broly Song "Blizzard"

Post by Kataphrut » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:30 am

This song is catchy. A. F. It has the same effect as Ultimate Battle where you think "hm, this isn't right as a Dragon Ball insert song" then you listen to it again and then another five times and you're hooked.

I hope we get to hear a full version of the English cover soon. The brief snippet we got in *that* trailer was good.

Have a link to the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62-axx7fQrE

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Re: DBS Broly Song "Blizzard"

Post by majinwarman » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:32 pm

This song has totally won me over and now I can't stop listening to it!
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