Episode #0401 (17 April 2016)

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Episode #0401 (17 April 2016)

Post by VegettoEX » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:46 pm

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Episode #0401! Mike and Julian discuss the recent article and interview translations added to Kanzenshuu. What kind of media attention was Akira Toriyama subjected to after his early success, and what did the anime staff have on their minds as the DBZ-portion of the series began to hit its stride?

03:43 - News (Extreme Butoden JP & international updates, "Digest Edition" manga re-releases, etc.)
16:01 - Topic (recent article & interview translations added to our website)

Onward to 500...!
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Re: Episode #0401 (17 April 2016)

Post by omaro34 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:15 pm

Great podcast. I enjoy listening to this when I go on my long drives, very peaceful.

A good portion of fans of the entire series, particularly in the Western hemisphere, started out by watching the first episode of DBZ when Raditz came to earth, and they haven't seen the previous series of Dragonball until later on. The pressure of the Anime staff keeping up with such a high demand especially in the early stages when they were caught off guard having no idea the DBZ portion would create such a buzz must have been excruciating.

DBZ was a pioneer for Western countries embracing Anime and it certainly paved the way for other shows to come in the future. It's character's and their struggles had something many can resonate with. It's ability to align itself with popular culture should be noted as well.

As for Toriyama, him being known as an introvert and preferring to having a low profile from the media and then all of a sudden being subjected to the limelight must have been difficult to overcome, especially during the early years. There is no doubt however, that despite him having other projects completed, his legacy will heavily revolve around the entire series of Dragonball.

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