Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

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Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by VegettoEX » Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:05 am

Episode #0405 (download MP3) (rss feed) (subscribe in iTunes) (YouTube version) (SoundCloud version)
30:52; 96 kbps, mono; 21.4 MB

Episode #0405! Mike and Meri hash out one last batch of Trunks anticipation based on the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 46 stinger and next-episode-preview. We also share the top five cover versions of the original "Dragon Ball" TV series ending theme, "I'll Give You Romance". A wide selection of old and new covers alike make the list, so listen in for some great tune recommendations!

00:13 - Introduction (what's on deck, DBS!Trunks hype, etc.)
10:41 - Topic (Top 5 "I'll Give You Romance" covers)
26:07 - Ending

It's impossible to not spoil some of the Top 5 without also providing useful links to purchase the available ones... so I threw them in alphabetical order by artist and left out the one you can't actually purchase :P. So please listen before reading! But... you're already at the bottom... oh no... it's ruined... it's all over... pack it up... we're done here... who's still reading this...?
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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by Ajay » Wed Jun 08, 2016 2:58 pm

I'll be honest, I didn't actually expect to enjoy this one since the topic didn't really interest me. That was actually really great! Genuinely. Felt like a nice relaxed radio breakdown of some really great covers. Nice job!

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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by Saikyo no Senshi » Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:44 pm

Same as Ajay wasn't expecting much enjoyment out of this but it was fun. Good job as always.

- Travis

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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by TrunksTrevelyan0064 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:48 am

Is it 2006 again? Back then, "I'll Give You Romance" and Trunks' whole "HOPE" thing got me through some angsty times of having a huge unrequited teenage crush. Plus Meri being all excited about new Trunks stuff certainly feels like a blast to the past. Of course, Trunks is a time traveler, so it all fits rather perfectly.

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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by Dogasu » Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:33 am

If your goal was to get Romantic Ageru yo stuck in my head all day then congratulations: mission accomplished :P

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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by Theophrastus » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:37 pm

I feel like it's worth noting that the Czecho no Republic version is actually available on US Amazon in MP3 form for anyone who doesn't want to import a physical copy of the CD.
(Edit: Oh, wait, I didn't realize the CDJapan links were affiliate links. I hope providing this link is okay in that case?)

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Re: Episode #0405 (05 June 2016)

Post by SHINOBI-03 » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:13 pm

"I'll Give You Romance" has always fascinated me. Sure it got a nice tune and a beautiful singing voice, but never have I imagined it would be this... huge. There was a time when we got a new version of the song like it was a part of every new idol's contract and it always me me question how popular is it to reach such status!

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