Episode #0414 (23 October 2016)

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Episode #0414 (23 October 2016)

Post by VegettoEX » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:38 pm

Episode #0414 (download MP3) (rss feed) (subscribe in iTunes) (YouTube version) (SoundCloud version)
50:59; 96 kbps, mono; 35.2 MB

Episode #0414! Mike and Jake discuss the quality of the subtitle translations available in Toei's "Dragon Ball Super" simulcast streams. With a mix of dub terminology, faithful adaptations, and even some direct romanizations, will the proper nouns be accessible to anyone at all? Terminology aside, how about (perhaps most importantly) the rest of the translation? Tune in for a great batch of examples and explanations, along with a news recap and look ahead to future website content!

00:14 - Introduction (what's on deck, etc.)
02:39 - News recap (Shueisha's new interdepartmental collaboration initiative, Dragon Ball Fusions updates, Xenoverse 2 updates, etc.)
08:55 - Topic (Dragon Ball Super simulcast subtitle translation quality review)
49:12 - Episode wrap-up and website project teases

You can just go watch the show. What even. 2016.
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Re: Episode #0414 (23 October 2016)

Post by SHINOBI-03 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:58 am

I'm glad that we're finally having an official Dragon Ball streaming service. Now we have a set schedule and not wait for fansub delays. I liked DragonTeam's work and I've been patient with their delays to get the best translations instead of ruining it with speedsubs, but the official translation isn't that bad.

Regarding name and term choices, Crunchyroll's translation for Digimon Adventure Tri had a similar weird issue. They'd keep the original human names, but they use the dub names for the Digimon (ex. Gatamon instead of Tailmon) and it annoys me! Why keep one and change the other? What's the thought process in that?

As for the whole "Ningen/Human" topic, not long ago I saw an anime series called Uchuusen Sagittarius (Spaceship Sagittarius). The characters are anthropomorphic animals (or the closest thing to "animals") but they use "Ningen" and the subbers translated it as "Human" to refer to each other despite not one single character is a Homo Sapian or anything humanoid looking! I even made this post mocking the fact because it's so damn hilarious!

EDIT: Also forgot to mention this: Dragon Ball and Anime Labs are back together! (Animelab, sure, but it's a ironic coincidence)

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Re: Episode #0414 (23 October 2016)

Post by Rukura » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:16 am

I never had any doubt that it should stay Rosé like the wine, as opposed to Rose. There's no ambiguity in or out of universe.

Using Saint Seiya as an example, all of Aphrodite's attacks have the flower he carries, Rose, in the name. Always written and said aloud as ローズ and not the ロゼ we have with Zamasu.

The argument can be made that he names it in response to Super Saiyan Blue, but the word Rosé is typically used to describe the color of the type of wine it's named after.

Even if you consider the character by himself, he fancies himself a god above gods. Those have been getting alcohol name puns, so using a wine pun in his "god" transformation fits even better. Especially considering how hung up he is on the beauty of things, makes sense to use the fanciest words possible to refer to himself.

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Re: Episode #0414 (23 October 2016)

Post by phattangent » Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:13 pm

Very good podcast episode. I especially liked the commentary on "pretty peas." :thumbup:

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