Episode #0446 (17 June 2018)

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Episode #0446 (17 June 2018)

Post by VegettoEX » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:23 am

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Episode #0446! Mike, Randy, and Stacey scientifically rank the eleven "Dragon Ball Super" ending theme songs. Which are the best sing-a-long songs, which represent Dragon Ball best, and which should have been scrapped in the studio? There's no arguing against science! Tune in for the completely unbiased ranking and stick around for a little bit of news and website content chat.

  • 00:13 - Introduction
  • 01:42 - News
  • 06:03 - Topic
  • 44:30 - Wrap-up
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Re: Episode #0446 (17 June 2018)

Post by Vegard Aune » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:35 am

When Usubeni came out, I thought it was a step down from Starring Star. (I like it and Hello Hello Hello roughly equally.)
When Forever Dreaming came out, I thought it was the worst ending in the series.
Then Yoka Yoka Dance came out and I thought it was the worst ending in the series.
Then Fried Rice Music came out and to hell with the above, this is the worst ending in the series!
Thankfully the rapid downward spiral finally came to an end after that, but that was like a solid year of me liking each new ending less than the last. Note that I'm not exactly putting much thought into what makes a song good or not, it's literally just a case of Forever Dreaming being bland and boring and repetitive, Yoka Yoka Dance being annoying, and Fried Rice Music being borderline unlistenable.

...And it was back when that ending was still on that my enthusiasm for the series kinda died and so all the endings after that I've watched/listened to a whole lot less, and probably because of that, none of them stuck with me as much. I will say though that I still stand by Fried Rice Music and Yoka Yoka Dance being the bottom of the barrel. Say what you will about the nondescriptness of Lagrima, I found it perfectly inoffensive. Actually when I heard it for the first time I kinda liked how it started. Though as it went on it got... significantly less impressive.

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Re: Episode #0446 (17 June 2018)

Post by sailorspazz » Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:35 pm

Though I'm pretty sure I described at least the general placement of most songs as we talked, here's what my complete ranking list was from top to bottom, if anyone's curious about getting 1/3 of the raw science (and wants to mathematically figure out the other two lists from here :lol: )

Light Pink
Hello Hello Hello
Boogie Back
Yoka Yoka Dance
By a 70cm Square Window
Evil Angel and Righteous Devil
Far Away
Starring Star
Forever Dreaming
Fried Rice Music

Some of these were pretty close (like my 3rd through 5th place are ones that I could see shuffling around a bit), so I know the rankings could've ended up slightly different if I'd ended up going a different way, since we had a couple of ties. It was interesting to discover that we agreed on some songs, yet were strictly divided on others...just goes to show how complicated musical taste can be! But it was a fun topic to record, I really enjoyed this :D

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Re: Episode #0446 (17 June 2018)

Post by sangofe » Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:05 pm

Am i the only one who can't stand Boogie Back?

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