Funi's Kai dub and accuracy

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Re: Funi's Kai dub and accuracy

Post by Aim » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:32 am

NitroEX wrote:
Thu Apr 01, 2021 2:05 pm
A lot of great points made in this thread.

Every time I've tried watching the Kai dub I'm often taken out of the experience with Funimation's questionable attempts at humour. Jokes can sometimes be tone-deaf to what's going on within the scene, such as - off the top of my head - when Cell delivers the line "What!? seriously?" in a comedic tone after Goku threatens him with a Kamehameha from above (resulting in the IT Kamehameha). Or this moment from the Boo arc where Vegeta suddenly decides to say "wrooong!" like he's in a TFS abridged dub. It honestly just wrecks immersion for me, and I know that people will undoubtedly consider these things minor and forgivable because Funi or Dragon Ball is their sacred cow but... They really do add up across the series and after constantly hearing such exaggerated claims about Kai's dub being the most accurate and perfect DB dub ever, and you're met with flaws like this? I really have to wonder where these people are coming from.
Dragon Ball deserves a dub that’s treats the series with respect. I can’t believe they added that line in there. There’s no point in just going in and changing random things and messing with the tones. I made a post about this a while back, the characters especially in Super have been changed in nuanced ways that give different feelings compared to their proper versions, which I personally find unacceptable.

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