Survey Coding Request

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Survey Coding Request

Post by VegettoEX » Mon May 10, 2010 10:12 am

Hey, all!

So as described on the most recent podcast episode, I had a total Internet n00b moment -- I wanted to run a quick survey about the podcast, so I went ahead and just made a SurveyMonkey version and used that... totally forgetting that their "Basic" surveys have a maximum of 100 responses that you can view and track. Yeah, uh... by linking it on just Twitter and Facebook (and eventually the forum), we hit that number in no-time... and that's without even linking it on the website proper or mentioning it on the podcast.

The information is still incredibly valuable to me, and I really want to have access to it so I can gear things appropriately in the coming months and years. Is anyone interested in coding me up a custom version that I can use and deploy? It would need to be essentially identical to what SurveyMonkey offered -- multiple questions with multiple-choice answers. The front-end form is the easy part and I could probably code myself, but it's the back-end stuff that I just don't have enough time or familiarity with to do (collecting the data, creating the graphs for display, etc.). Also want to prevent spam responses and preferably cookie it up so people (without a little bit of extra work) wouldn't necessarily be able to complete the survey more than once.

If anyone wants to work with me on it, I'd really appreciate it. It'll help make everything better for everyone in the long run, so think of it that way :).

Serious inquiries only. If you don't know how to do this stuff on a pretty low technical level, please don't bother responding ^_~. Not really for general conversation. Thanks, folks!
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Re: Survey Coding Request

Post by SSj_Rambo » Tue May 11, 2010 6:03 pm

Don't really have time at the moment to look into how similarly this can be set up to mimic your SurveyMonkey poll, but micropoll ( does seem to be a great little service, and I really like how it is used and set up on some sites. Hope it helps.

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