"DB Super" Section General Rules

Discussion specifically regarding the "Dragon Ball Super" TV series premiering July 2015 in Japan, including individual threads for each episode.

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"DB Super" Section General Rules

Post by Hujio » Tue Apr 28, 2015 1:35 pm

This sub-forum has been created for the general discussion and documentation of the "Dragon Ball Super" TV series. It will be very similar to the "Kai" section and will therefore run under an additional set of rules. Any breaking of these additional rules are grounds for moderation, effective immediately.

  • Only moderators can start new topics in this sub-forum.
  • If a thread created elsewhere is better suited for this section, we will move it here.
  • We will start a thread for each individual episode each week.
  • We are evaluating how many / what types of topics are made and will eventually open it up down the road.
  • Don't help distribute copies of the show here.
  • Don't ask where or how to see the show. Google. You'll figure it out.
  • Follow all the regular rules, too.
  • Support it however you can, if and when you can, if you so desire.
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