Super's pacing compared to DBZ and Kai

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Re: Super's pacing compared to DBZ and Kai

Post by zcherub » Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:50 pm

LuckyCat wrote:
zcherub wrote:I don't use BoG as a frame of reference because all of the Z movies are rushed & poorly written with no character development. Basically an animated fighting game...
No character development? I'll just go with BoG, but in the movie alone, Goku develops in 3 ways:

1. Goku understands that what he thought was the best, Super Saiyan 3, is completely worthless when fighting Gods.
2. Goku is shown to dislike having to rely on everyone else's power, and would prefer to surpass the Gods on his own.
3. Goku realizes he's nowhere close to being the strongest in the Universe, and that there a vast number universes with fighters that probably outclass him.

What about this is not character development?
That's fair. I should've stuck with dbz movies in general, excluding BoG. It certainly put the original 13 to shame in many ways.

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