Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

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Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by FortuneSSJ » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:04 pm

(Can any Mod/Admin move this to Super section?! Thank you.)

BOG arc just ended. And instead of saying everything in the last episode thread of each arc, I thought it would be cool to create a new thread, where we could leave our overall thoughts about the entire arc. I plan to create a new one for ROF and Universe 6 arcs when the time comes. Go on!
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Hellspawn28 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:35 pm

I like it, but it went on for too long. Better then the Black Star Dragon Ball hunt, but I still put it below the Pilaf and Saiyan saga.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Chuquita » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:40 pm

It was a fun alternate-take on BOG. There was enough here; those first two episodes, more lil blue sweatsuit-wearing Gokû, Chef Vegeta, a completely different ssjg Gokû vs Beerus battle, Vegeta getting to make his very first princess-carry (of Gokû no less!) ; to make it worth my while. The animation collapse in episode 5 and the weird unutitilizing of Pilaf Gang was not enough awkward to overtake the awesome earlier stuff I listed.

AND next week we get Mr. Satan's BOG parody movie! :clap:
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by SSJ God Gogeta » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:48 pm

The movie was better. This Battle of Gods arc as a whole just wasn't anything great in my eyes. A lot of the jokes weren't that great, the fights for the most part were boring but had some nice moments but in the end nothing to write home about. The music a lot of the time was crap. All in all it just wasn't that good. I fear how bad the F arc will turn out judging by what we got right now.

I don't plan on watching this arc again anytime soon. I just want to move on to the new stuff already, and thankfully the Super manga is doing just that.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Bullza » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:12 pm

It was pretty good I suppose. Definitley not the best arc or the worst arc. I can't say if it was better than the movie or not because it's not really an apples to apples comparison, they each have their advantages but if I had to pick I'd say maybe the movie was better because it had better animation and fight scenes.

I guess I'd give the arc a 7/10 overall.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Doctor. » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:19 pm

It was better than the film. It greatly improved on Beerus' character, despite not having the "pride talk" from the film for Goku. The pacing was iffy at times, though still decent in general, and the Pilaf gang was completely and utterly useless. Despite this, and the inconsistent animation, it was a funnier, more entertaining and more fleshed out version of the film.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by LightBing » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:19 pm

It had it's moments, hard to compare to the movie.It had many more minutes that felt empty and unnecessary, sure they had to stretch it, however there were various bad choices. The new additions to the Beerus fight were enjoyable, bar that episode of just powering up and the kamehameha bonanza.

Best points:
- First two episodes, Cook Vegeta, added Beerus vs Goku fight and the Namekian Book tidbit.

Worst points:
- No real new material, episode 5, awful Pilaf Gang(much better in the movie version) and the stretching that occur in some episodes, for example: the long janken game.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by dbzfan7 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:25 pm

It hardly warrants it's own existence. Honestly I think you'd simply get a more well rounded time with the Battle of Gods extended edition than the......Battle of Gods Super Extended edition. There were some cool highs like adding the universe being at stake, and Goku having more of a learning experience this time around with SSJG. Then there are the lows such as not being funny, wasted characters still, mostly uninteresting action, a lot of padding, and the pointless inclusion of the Pilaf Gang. Honestly I have no real reason to ever watch this arc again. I can watch either parts of it if I feel like it, or the movie to get a much more well rounded experience. Yeah it's not the worst arc ever, but it left a lot to be desired. It coulda been better if they tried to do more of their own thing. Oh and unfortunately Super Saiyan Satan didn't make it to the end of the arc. He's in the next original episode, so he didn't show up in time to make the BOG arc worthwhile or the best thing ever.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by DBZAOTA482 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:48 pm

It had some nice additions (like making Beerus more villainous and the ritual) but for the most parts it's wasted opportunity and needlessly dragged out.

Not to mention it really showed TOEI was in control (dumbed-down and inconsistent characterization, juvinile and forced humor, logical inconsistencies to powers of characters, etc.), the fight scenes were mostly lame, the art/animation is pretty lacking (or in the case of episode 5, horrible), and it actually takes out scenes even ones that are crucial to the story like the explanation of Pilaf and his gang becoming kids.
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fadeddreams5 wrote:
DBZGTKOSDH wrote:... Haven't we already gotten these in GT? Goku dies, the DBs go away, and the Namekian DBs most likely won't be used again because of the Evil Dragons.
Goku didn't die in GT. The show sucked him off so much, it was impossible to keep him in the world of the living, so he ascended beyond mortality.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by irreality » Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:16 pm

Other than the weird underutilization of Pilaf gang, pretty much everything was better plotwise for me in the retelling. The Bingo being replaced by Chef!Vegeta removed all the awkwardness of the movie for me, and the last few episodes of Goku vs. Beerus were much more interesting to me. And Whis has had some great moments. And the additional Mr. Satan plotline is great.

I approve of this in general. :D

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by ZombieVito » Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:58 pm

irreality wrote:Other than the weird underutilization of Pilaf gang, pretty much everything was better plotwise for me in the retelling. The Bingo being replaced by Chef!Vegeta removed all the awkwardness of the movie for me, and the last few episodes of Goku vs. Beerus were much more interesting to me. And Whis has had some great moments. And the additional Mr. Satan plotline is great.

I approve of this in general. :D

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by SingleFringe&Sparks » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:12 am

I have mixed feelings about it as well. I thought the arc itself was very poorly directed, uncreative and filled with way too much inconsistent tones, actions, and filler. Then there was the often really bad, to sub-par character models and static fighting movements. This arc for me is very hard to watch. Its one of those times where next time, I'd just watch the fight itself and skip the outside pieces because even in their recreation seemed to take loner than necessary. The worst parts of the episodes are often when the characters are doing meaningless things that don't foreshadow or reference anything from the past. Instead just time-wasting miscellaneous scenarios.

It's why I really hated the second half of the first episode with Goten & Trunks looking for water to give Videl, and having trouble beating up a very generic snake for it. C'mon. The Snake thing being the plot was centered around something the characters didn't actually have to do at all in any relevance to the arc itself. Then they introduced Pilaf in short dialogue cameos, the forgot about him; which was easy because unlike GT, there was no foreshadowed plan for them at all. All they did was complain and eat, then leave yet even when they do come back in FnF, they remain useless and pitiful because their very simplistic plans aren't very off-the-wall enough for them to impact the plot. They just aren't Team Rocket and with no depth let alone use for them; they are insufferable now, because there is just nothing to do with them at this point.

Then we have the rest of the arc, where its a DBZ cliche upfront and straight forward. Though its a DBZ norm for characters to do absolutely nothing when Goku is fighting solo, but this felt more obviously like the characters were just stuck in the background. They couldn't sense Beerus, and couldn't see them. So them being in the episodes at all were just pointless again. At the least if Dende, Piccolo & The kais could sense Beerus, they should have been the ones to give some more detailed narration, commentary or a monologue on Goku's performance, or something. At least in the Cell Games arc, they were watching but involved in the right in their own right. Cell didn't just ignore them either. Granted, there wasn't anything they could do this time, but that's the writing's fault, The only thing they could do was just sit through Bulma's ship malfunctioning. Then they're Kibito Kai, frozen in fear the whole time, with very off-model portrayals of his petrified faces.

The only thing they really did better than the movies was the choreography of the main fight itself on Beerus' side, and the slight details they added to how sadistic is while he exerts his techniques. Like flicking his giant ki ball at Goku with a finger; only for it to be overwhelming to him. Those difference really shown how strong Beerus just was, as opposed to him just being moderately OP in BoG. In this arc it really proved the gap between Goku and Beerus even while he had god ki. The characters also seemed more friendly with each other, like new rivals, in between sparing and mutual competition. It really felt like Pre-SSJ Goku vs. Freeza. Both sides showing each other how they feel as a character and their expectations of themselves and each other giving that sense of rivalry that makes DBZ fights entertaining, more so than the fighting itself.

Other than that, those small things do not hold this arc up to be memorable or satisfying for me at all. Especially when we know all that extra garbage would be cut out in the games anyway, to show how irrelevant they are.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by garfield15 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:31 am

I wouldn't call it "necessary" but I wouldn't say it was bad either. I think there were a few things that did work better in a TV format and I still do love that SS God sequence even if it was a whole episode.

Thing is that it is pretty clear that this is an adaptation of a movie and that hurts it a lot because you can tell when things are extended or added. But I will praise the things it got right (Like Chef Vegeta and Beerus being shown doing its job) and denounce the things it got so very wrong, (Like episode 5 or why the living hell were PIlaf and crew even there?)

I'll say I liked it more than that whole Black Star DB first arc and leave it at that

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by fadeddreams5 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:23 am

I think it was explosive diarrhea.

- Strong emphasis on comedy, though I didn't find much particularly funny.

- Unnecessary padding, considering the anime isn't following a manga.

- Shoddy animation that ruined a lot of parts that actually could be interesting.

- Lame new transformation ( pretending I didn't watch the movie).

- Bland music.

- Pilaf is pointless.

- A lot of poor character portrayals.

- Uninspired battles.

- I'm not a fan of the modern DBZ art style.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by MajinMan » Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:28 am

I thought it was pretty good overall. Sure some of the art and animation was bad at times, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the show(except episode 5, that one was really bad). I loved the Goku vs Beerus fight and I felt that there were a lot of funny moments throughout. If I had to complain about anything, it would be the Pilaf Gang. Seriously, what was their purpose? Were they just there just to be there? It didn't even explain how they turned into kids either. I guess pacing would be another issue, but that's mostly because we already knew what the outcome was going to be.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Draconic » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:12 am

Really, I am just going to repeat what everyone is saying. I didn't like Pilaf's antics were not used at all. I would have taken that over the rock-paper-scissors episode between Beerus and Oolong. They already gave him an episode in the fourth one, why not another half? As it stands he was useless: came out of nowhere and went nowhere.
I think out of it all, two episodes should have been a little more focused on the plot, rather than padding: ep8 (Oolong one) and ep12 (ki-dragons one). With a little tweaking those could have fit into ep7 and ep11 respectively. However, I can understand that for a TV format, the way the events moved into the movie, to keep up the tension, those episodes probably had to be paced this way.
Then, there is ep5, which even I can't defend. The idea of having Goku fight Beerus in all his forms was interesting and was good creative padding. But the way it was executed... just bad.

But, all of those things combined can't change the fact that for me, the amount of cool new stuff shown in this arc makes it better than the movie. It stroke a great balance between comedy and seriousness, very fitting for such a villain as Beerus. The fight got silly at times, but when you look at who the fighters were, it was inevitable and made it much more tense when the God of Destruction would actually turn serious.
Concluding, I will say that every new piece of material was great for me, with the moments were they tried to stick close to the movie feeling slower and this just gives me that much more confidence in this show, especially for the next two arcs, since in RoF you can squeeze a lot of things in to make it more interesting and the U6/Champa arc is going to be all new and so, the novelty of having seen everything before will be lost and the episodes/arc will finally be able to be judged on their own.

Bravo, Super! Keep it up!
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by ArchedThunder » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:53 am

Ignoring some of the bad animation at times and some weird off model stuff in some of the episodes I prefer it over the movie, though there are a few things I prefer in the movie.
-The titular Battle of Gods takes place in a city, forest, cave and space, while in Super it's just the sky, space and a little bit of underwater, though it was kinda interesting how they kept going in and out of space in Super.
-The thing in the movie about Goku hating that he couldn't achieve God by himself and it is a huge disappointment to me that it wasn't in Super at all.
-The moment when "Hero" plays in the movie is absolutely godly, however Super Saiyan getting some better use in Super kinda makes up for this.

And as mentioned above, I think it is weird that the Pilaf gang did pretty much nothing, though I imagine they were mainly just there to set up their "use" in the F arc. Also what's the deal with not mentioning why they are kids in Super?

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Baggie_Saiyan » Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:27 am

Pretty mixed.

The movie handled characterisations better. Was more funnier. The whole cave scene. Pilaf gang was handled much much better.

Super however handled the my Bulma scene better, SSGod actually did something other than get his ass kicked by Beerus. We got significant screen time for SSG. When the time limit ran out Goku reverts straight to SS and not base. Super had better scenery.

To get the best out of the BoG story I feel like you could watch BoG film up to the SSG ritual and then switch to Super and finish the arc from there. Or switch back to just where Goku is defeated so Beerus mentions the 12 universe and Whis bit.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by BeholdeR » Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:42 am


Sometimes the fight scenes just bothered me quite a lot, 5 minutes to punch other person while both are screaming? ( annoying )

a lot of things dragged on too long.

The episode 14 fight scenes were the best ( even if the art was quite.. well, not that good )

What I liked more in super version of BoG was that we got to see more of the planets in space and Beerus and Whis.

Over all I think I liked the Movie one more.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Blackstripe » Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:31 am

Hmmm, mixed feelings on it.

The fight overall I thought was better for its impressive feats and over the top effects. It had some solid animation at points, and Beerus atom-like attacks were quite cool.

The pacing, however, pissed me off. It doesn't seem like something that needs to last fourteen whole episodes.

My biggest gripe, however, is in how they handled Beerus. I feel like they took something away from the character by making him little more than a grinning troll, and Freeza Lite. I'm going to make a thread on this in the In-Universe section.

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