Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by FortuneSSJ » Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:59 am

I think Super BOG arc blew BOG Movie out the water and did everything better, except:

- Pilaf Gang. In Super they're 100% filler and we don't even get the reason why they are kids. In BOG not only we have a explanation about it, as they aren't filler either.
Their interactions are better and funnier. They mistake Goten for Kid Goku, recognize Bulma and Marron becomes Trunks's girl. When Bulma asks her age and she gives her true age,
it was funny to see Pilaf saying she shouldn't make funny of older people. Toei can still explain why they are kdis in ROF when they gather the Dragon Balls to revive Freeza,
but I think they blew it.

- (Before the ritual when the gang are questioning themselves if the Saiyans that they have are pure of heart.) Everyone end up applauding vegeta for becoming a good person.

- Videl revealing she's pregrant. It was disappoting in Super. In the movie, Dende foreshadows it and when the time comes for the revelation, Gohan runs happily twoards his wife
and hugs her. In Super its more like "Hey guess what, I'm pregant!" and Satan pushed down Gohan... There's time for everything and I rather have a beautiful moment here, than a
gag one.

- Even though the final fight overall was better in Super, it had too many kamehameha spamming. Seriously, did Toei forgot that Goku can use normal Ki blasts too?! Will all his
fights be like this in Super?! The biggest problem of this fight is not that has been dragged, it was the spamming. So another point for the movie.

And that's it.

Things that Super did better:

- World building and see Beerus actually do his job as God of Destruction.
- Screentime for everyone. Seriously, even Puar and Chaouzu had lines. In entire GT, they only had cameos...
- Character interactions.
- The fights.
- The ritual (holy shit, the ritual!!).
- Goku having trouble in getting used to his god form.
- The ending. I like how Beerus didn't talk about the the 12 universes and Whis status yet. The right time will come. Gohan talk with Goku in the end was heartwarming too.

Even the location where the party takes place is better. Its cooler to have a party on a cruise, than in the city. The cruise having Princess Bulma written on it nailed it.

Comparing soundtracks, both are cool. But I shall give the trophy to the Movie for pieces like this:

I should also say that I loved Flow-Hero song. Both vocal and instrumental.

I won't talk about animation, because its not fair comparing a Movie with a Tv series. I just hope the worst Super parts, mainly the polemic episode 5, will be fixed in The Blu
Ray release. Also Bulma's mother eyes too. She already opened her eyes more in this arc, than she ever did in the entire series. Draw her with always open eyes, is like doing the same thing with Fat Buu. How could they mess up her portrayal until the end is beyond me.

About the cast performance:

Every one did a great job, except Jouji Yanami as Kaio/Narrator, due to his sickness and old age. Unfortunately the staff didn't realize this sooner, and his bad performance
damaged Super quality, despiste his efforts. Now with Naoki Tatsuta everything is much better.

Top Episodes

Best Episodes: 2, 9
Worst Episodes: 4, 5

Things that Super Manga did better than both:

- Champa/Whis Waifu build up behind the scenes.
- SSj3 Gotenks.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Jaetinh » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:04 am

Dragged on for too long and the final fight between Beerus and Goku was unimpressive and boring.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Neo-Makaiōshin » Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:05 am

I still think the movie is better than Super and the manga adaptation.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Cetra » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:19 pm

What do I think about it?

It started out somewhat entertaining, then switched between unnecessarily stretched and okay stretched scenes. Then the final battle began, which was a bit boring in the middle of its first third and then the rest was great.

So, Super got some very good scenes, some of them superior to former Dragon Ball shows' scenes but not as superior as people make it out to be. And if we compare the entire series to DB, Z or GT then not anyway. But it definitely had its moments in battle that seemed way more awesome than battles in GT and stuff. Not comparable to scenes like Goku charging his Genkidama against Xi Long but very good.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Beerus-sama » Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:56 pm

Bad for most of it:

-Beerus being more siniester :thumbdown:
- Goku being such a douchebag :thumbdown:
- Buu being a spoiled child that only cares about eating :thumbdown:
- Pilaf gang being pointless :thumbdown:
- Videl not being her normal self and just serving for showing the love between Gohan and her :thumbdown:
-Everyone being lazy to fly at one point (don't tell me they were tired... I don't believe that :evil: )
- Poor battle between Beerus and Goku for most of the episodes, last 2-3 where the only ones interesting
-SSg ritual
- episodes dragged a lot on small things like Rock, paper, scissor thing (although that one wasn't that bad), SSg ritual and a full episode about charging, screaming and fist clashes(that was the worst) :thumbdown:

Good things:
- More of Beerus' house
- Some good interaction between Beerus and Whis and a bit of Goku and Beerus...
- Vegeta jumping out of the ship :lol:
- Beerus reaction to Vegeta jumping out of the ship, watching Goku coming back in the last episode and his reaction to Mr. Satan's phone ringing :3

- Whis being more expressive :eh:

Best episodes for me: 3,6,14
Worst episodes: 7-12

Overall I prefer Battle of Gods 1000 times over this arc. :thumbup:
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by fexus » Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:14 pm

They clearly have a properly planned start,middle and end but they the in between those they padded the hell out of it. If I were to judge this for the battles alone, Super would clearly be better even if they have more poorly animated scenes. I'll also give the characters to Super too, as they feel more involved in this. The only thing I would give to BoG movie is the pacing and the overall quality because it was a great movie but seeing Super makes me feel there are a lot of wasted opportunity in the movie.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by ekrolo2 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:20 pm

Well I caved in and gave the last two episodes a shot since I'm gonna video review it on my YT anyway. Episode 14 was actually good, no stupid cutaways to superfluous reaction shot bullshit that plagued the entire fight, had some really cool moments like Beerus' multiform technique and a the fakeout with him sleeping was funny.

Overall the arc is a bust though, the couple good fight scenes along with the Vegeta slice of life and fleshing out of Beerus is the only thing worthwhile in the arc. Just watch the movie, you'll get a better arc for Goku (the guy who hasn't had any in decades while the villain to hero types constantly do), better pacing, better animation and you'll get through it in a long shorter time span than Super BoG.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by sintzu » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:59 pm

I have a more positive opinion on it thanks to today's episode so overall I think it was a good arc however they should've changed it a bit more from the movie and the animation could've been better in some episodes such as ep5 but hopefully that'll be fixed on the home release.
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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Scott » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:57 pm

It was very poor overall in my opinion.

Animation = Terrible in every episode, horrendous in most. The art style is really poor now and CGI animation takes everything great away from how Dragon Ball used to look. If you have terrible animation in animated tv show then that is going to make the show 50% worse.

Story = Boring in most parts. Everything was dragged out and didn't really get anywhere.

Fight scenes = Poorly animated and repetitive. I'm sure Goku was knocked out about 6 or 7 times in his fights against Beerus.

Characters = Pointless. Every character apart from Goku and Beerus were just filler throughout. I also hate the way characters like Mr. Satan have now got bigger roles in the show than Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, etc etc. I also see absolutely no point in bringing back the Pilaf gang either. They can't seem to do anything good with the other characters as it is, i hardly see the point bringing back these 3. We also haven't had it explained to us why they are young, that right there is poor.

Comedy = Lame. Only one moment i can remember made me laugh and that was Older Kai's reaction to Kibito Kai slapping away Older Kai's dirty magazine. The comedy throughout was poor and too much of it was forced on us. I don't mind comedy but there is far too much of it in Super.

Even the smaller details are bugging me. Bulma's mum's eyes constantly being open now is one of these things.

It's like everything about what made Dragon Ball so great has been forgotten about in Super. It's not just an embarrassment to Dragon Ball so far, it's not even a good anime show.

With the first Arc out of the way, i would rate the series a 2/10 so far.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Lord Beerus » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:21 pm

For the most part the Super retelling was better than the movie. Super's BOG arc fleshed out Beerus' character better, provided more lore than the movie did, gave screentime to more characters than expected, handled the fights better, the SSJG ritual was far more impressive and the ending was much less anticlimactic. But the movie handled the Pilaf Gang much better, the soundtrack was also superior, the movie also developed Goku's character and had more well-timed comedy as a whole. Irregardless of the major misfires of Super's BOG arc, it definitely gets my approval.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Cipher » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:48 pm

It's been fun to have weekly Dragon Ball back, and this would be a mostly fine arc had the movie never existed.

It doesn't compare favorably at all to the film, though. The humor's better there, the pacing's better, the portrayals of secondary characters seem less simplified, and everything seems to have been included for a reason compared to Super feeling a bit scattershot (ex. the movie mines its focus on Vegeta; Trunks plays a memorable role, as do Gohan and the Pilaf gang, etc.; in Super the same characters receive focus early on before hardly playing a role). The Oolong-Beerus janken scene, while somewhat funny in the TV version, is probably the most egregious example of a neutered gag.

Also, the fact we still haven't gotten an in-series explanation on Pilaf and co. being children is ludicrous/borderline unacceptable. It almost seems like someone made a mistake.

However, two major benefits of Super's version:

-Some interesting world-building bits like Goku and Mr. Satan's money exchange
-Believably presented power-scaling for the first time since the Boo arc. The series often has difficulty conveying that the characters have reached the next tier of power; not at all a problem here. Even after the universal-shockwaves are managed, the series does a good job of making Beerus' and Goku's fight suitably grandiose. I'm not concerned with characters' relative strength the way some fans are, but it's always nice to have that rising scale presented experientially in the series rather than just being told, "Wow, X is so much stronger than X!" I fully believe, just visually, that we're in a whole new realm from the Boo arc now.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Battousai » Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:53 am

It was pretty decent.

Some good fighting scenes, definelty well portraited the fight between Beerus and Goku as a Battle of Gods.
Super SSJ God transformation was pretty good.
A very small scene but in this last episode I really enjoyed all the Z-Fighters coming foward ( after Goku's defeat ) to defend Earth against Beerus, altough they didn't have any chance to begin with. Even Chaozu, Yamcha and Roshi! /respect
Piccolo acting as a leader even tough his power is nowhere near the top tiers. After the Buu saga's stupified Piccolo, I was glad to see his former self once again.
Beerus and Whis, really liked them. Interesting characters.
Wasn't impressed with Pilaf neither I was with Shenlong, Gotenks and Satan.

The best thing I have to say is that I did have my doubts about DBS after the horrible DBGT, but I've been surprised, Dragon Ball is back! I honestly think the series have a great potential.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by precita » Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:30 pm

As a whole it was inferior to the movie in every possible way. The comedy scenes of Pilaf being kids, Mai holding a gun to Trunks, Pilaf thinking Goten was Goku were all cut from Super. Likewise Videl revealing she was pregnant after getting shot by the bullet in her leg was much better in the movie than the series.

Beerus himself is also portrayed terribly in Super to the point where he's Freeza 2.0 whereas in the movie he was more playful, whimsical and understanding. They ruined Beerus, drew out the fights, and the animation was poor.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Hero » Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:38 pm

What BoG Did Better:

1. The Soundtrack

2. "Hero" by Flow. Yes, it's placement in the movie is that good that it gets its own spot on this list.

3. Beerus as a character

4. Goku not liking how he got his God power and what it meant

5. Goku and Beerus's talk in space after he gave up

6. The Pilaf Gang and how they're used

7. Beerus vs. the Z Fighters

8. SSJ3 Goku vs. Beerus actually looking cool and not shitty

9. Goku punching through King Kai's planet

10. Beerus and Goku not going overboard with ki attacks and mostly using hand-to-hand combat.

Things Super Did Better:

1. The first two episodes with Goku farming and Vegeta's family trip

2. Beerus actually destroying planets

3. Showing feats better than planets being destroyed..... yet even in Super the only thing they actually showed being destroyed was planets :(

4. Elder Kai giving Kibito Kai porn and being punched in the balls :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Things the Manga Did Better:

1. Actually showing Champa and Waifu Whis

2. SSJ3 Gotenks

Overall Verdict:

BoG > Manga >>> Super

And this is from someone who loved the gags and humor of early Dragon Ball. I was looking forward to Super before this arc (as a lover of BoG) but after this I'm just not going to watch Super until the U6 arc. Consider it a viewer lost.

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Re: Dragon Ball Super BOG arc - Your thoughts

Post by Duo » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:51 am

Battle of Gods is more coherently told, superiorly paced, and much more entertaining for me to take in. The amount of padding in Super does so much damage to the experience that I can't imagine watching any of it more than once or twice, and the good new things here and there do not make up for it. The big battle was definitely a poor man's version of the event and felt like a lot of the same thing happening over and over. I can't imagine this slow, sloppy, inconsistent version winning preference with very many people.

Thank goodness the source material the next arc is deriving from has a lot more room for improvement. And the manga chapters have been quite enjoyable remixes of the events in BoG / Super.
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