Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

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Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

Post by Tombstone1988 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:24 pm

I debated whether or not to post this now or when the show wraps up in a month or two. I decided on doing it now as I'm sure many people will be posting topics on the arc's ending, the tournament as a whole, the series as a whole, etc. once that rolls around. Best to start this before it just feels redundant. Same rules as the first two parts, so check those if you need a refresher. As a quick summary, post your thoughts on the episodes, how you'd rate them, what you liked, what they could improve, and any overall thoughts. This is not an individual discussion topic; we're not here to critique each others' opinions, we're here to openly share them without prejudice. Alright, let's go:

Episode 119: Talk about starting on a low note. This episode had a few major issues that really hampered it as a whole. First, it was written by a rookie to the Dragon Ball franchise. Second, it lacked any of the pacing or presence necessary for what should be Universe 4's ace combatants. Third, it aired in the third act of the tournament with threats that were more tailored for the first or second act. All of this added up to make an episode that was extremely underwhelming. On a personal note, it baffles me that nobody fact-checked having Piccolo, the Namekian, be eliminated because he couldn't hear his opponent. The action, the writing, the pacing, pretty much everything was below par on this one. Bottom five of the tournament, in my books.
-My Verdict: 4.5/10

Episode 120: A step up from the previous episode for sure. Most everything was relatively solid, although the episode was still rather underwhelming in my opinion. The Universe 3 robots lacked the power to make them really feel like they were worthy of being in the last 15 remaining fighters. Gohan's "character arc" (not sure if that's appropriate, but it's what I'll call it) was simplistic but good enough. 17 and 18 continued to be enjoyable. The episode's ending made it clear that this episode was mostly a preamble to the next one. It wasn't the best episode, but it was enjoyable enough, I'd say.
-My Verdict: 7/10

Episode 121: Continuing on the upward trend, this episode was better than episode 120 although still not amazing. Anilaza felt like a genuine threat, albeit a short-lived one. The multiple movie references was kind of charming but a bit on-the-nose. 18's elimination felt much more natural than that of Krillin, Tien or Piccolo, making it satisfying to me. Working together to overcome Universe 3's trump card was entertaining, even if it had a "this is just a DBZ movie" vibe about it. An entertaining episode, but not one of my personal favorites.
-My Verdict: 8/10

Episode 122: This episode for me is a bit weird. In terms of art and visual design, the episode was great. In terms of entertainment value, it was good. In terms of characterization, it was pretty good as well. Despite that, the episode felt... underwhelming? I don't know how to describe it. I think it was because the episode had a LOT of downtime. The first five minutes is just the peanut gallery and close-ups of people's faces. It took a while to really get the ball rolling. Having said that, once things finally kicked into gear, it was great. It was enjoyable enough, and that's honestly good enough for me... most of the time, anyway.
-My Verdict: 7.5/10

Episode 123: This episode was the start of when behind-the-scenes production issues for this arc really started to become apparent to me. If you ignore the fact that the episode shoehorned another transformation into the arc, the episode was overall solid in terms of writing. The action should have been quite the spectacle as well; it wasn't. The animation crew seemed to be very stressed at this point, as this episode lacked the visual flair to keep up with what was occurring. I don't think this was really all that bad of an episode, but the strain on the production team hampered its full potential.
-My Verdict: 7/10

Episode 124: This episode is when all those production issues really came to a head, however. There are two sides to this episode. Conceptually, this episode is great, potentially amazing. It's an episode where Gohan and Freeza, two opposites, must work together to bring down Dyspo, Universe 11's #3. It culminates with Gohan making himself a martyr in order to ensure Dyspo's elimination. That all sounds great, but the execution is terribly flawed. First of all, for an episode in which Gohan plays a pivotal role, he has a severe lack of screen time. On a more severe note, the animation is just terribly lacking. Most of the episode uses re-used animation or stiff head shots. It lacks any of the visual punch needed for an episode this late in the tournament. This episode could've easily been a 9/10 with more time and resources, but as it stands, it is painfully average at best.
-My Verdict: 6/10

Episode 125: What a 180 from the previous episode. The writing, the animation, the directing, the storyboarding... everything was much better than 124. Toppo felt like a real character, with his own motivations. 17 and Freeza both felt very much in-character. There were a few minor issues of course, like why Toppo's Hakai energy functioned the way it did, but those issues felt largely irrelevant as I watched the episode. A thoroughly enjoyable episode and one of my favorites of this entire arc.
-My Verdict: 9.5/10

Episode 126: This episode was okay, but fundamentally lacking in one key area: the writing. Visually, the episode is fine. I didn't notice anything too offensive animation-wise. In terms of action, it was enjoyable enough. I was entertained by Vegeta and Toppo's fight in particular. However, the writing was incredibly lackluster. 17's grand plan to stop Toppo being "let's throw rocks" was incredibly dumb, even by Dragon Ball standards. Freeza suddenly awakening to essentially make a cameo appearance before being rendered unconscious again was unnecessary. Vegeta's entire character this episode felt incredibly cliche and diminished my overall enjoyment. It's certainly not the worst episode, but it didn't hit the right beats in terms of writing for me to really get into it.
-My Verdict: 6.5/10

Episode 127: This episode was okay, but I doubt I enjoyed it as much as others here will have. To start on a positive note, the handling of 17's character was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the last 5 minutes. However, the writing was still very mediocre as a whole; stamina continued to be utterly pointless, Freeza made a second cameo, and Jiren's backstory was as generic as it gets. To be fair, a lot of this episode's major flaws are issues with Super in general and not this specific episode. Jiren is of course his own issue, but at this point I imagine they're just trying to do the best they can with what they have. I don't think this is a bad episode, but I didn't particularly care for it.
-My Verdict: 6.5/10

Episode 128: I'll be a little more in-depth here since I didn't get a chance to post my review in the episode discussion thread. As a whole, I felt this was a very nothing episode. It felt like a necessary transition to get from where we were in episode 127 to where we will be in episode 129. The episode felt a tiny bit emotionally manipulative, although considering a beloved and talented VA passed away, I'm willing to let that slide. Vegeta's big emotional roller coaster this episode was fine, but it felt like this could've been done in episode 126 and wrapped things up in a more succinct manner. Goku's little spar with Jiren was perhaps the one highlight of the episode for me. Hyping up Ultra Instinct again felt largely unnecessary and reeked of forced padding. However, I haven't really touched on the episode's two biggest failures: the directing and storyboarding. I'll be blunt: I am a complete amateur when it comes to storyboarding. Despite my novice knowledge level, I could easily tell just how poor the storyboarding for this episode was. I didn't even need AnimeAjay to point it out for me in this instance (although I'd still recommend his video). When an episode is that bad, there's a serious problem. This episode isn't really the worst, but it's mostly padding and technically flawed.
-My Verdict: 5/10

Overall, I would have to say that this part of the tournament is much weaker than the second act. Very few of the episodes really hit that "wow" factor that you'd expect from the third act. Most of the issues, I'd wager, are a result of a strained production team. Episodes like 124 and 128 were definitely brought down in both quality and enjoyment due to limited time and resources. This really hurts as this is supposed to be the conclusion to this massive epic of an arc; going out with a whimper is the last thing you'd want. We're not done yet, so I can certainly hope that the finale makes up for at least some of the shortcomings of these episodes.

Alright, those were my general thoughts. As always, I'd love to hear what you guys thought of the latest batch of episodes!
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Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

Post by Asura » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:38 pm

Unfortunately, these string of episodes have been (mostly) quite disappointing. After U6 got erased, the arc has gone downhill, but I'm positive the last 3 episodes will make up for it.

Episode 119: 3/10

Probably the worst written episode of Super, ever. The episode was watchable, I'll at least give it that, but the writing was so atrocious and the pacing was some of the craziest I've ever seen in a show. U4 was a massive red herring that culminated in this shitshow of an episode, making me wonder what the purpose was of having so much focus and mystery around Quitela and U4. Piccolo was treated pretty bad, although nowhere near as bad as Krillin and Tenshinhan.

Episode 120: 6/10

Average episode, really nothing stand-out about it. Much, much better than 119 that is for sure. I'm glad that U3 didn't go out so soon and at least had 2 episodes to show off, although I don't really understand why they were in the top 3 instead of U6. I don't have much to say about it, it was all around average. Gohan had a good showing and the sort-of teamup between Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan was nice.

Episode 121: 7/10

This was a pretty good episode, I'm not really a huge fan of Anilaza as I feel like he (and U3 in general) just came out of nowhere as like, this insanely strong fusion near Kefla levels of power. Freeza finally doing something was nice, and this was a good episode for 18 to finally get knocked out on. She had a pretty good display this tournament. The beam struggle was great, and the art/animation of 17 destroying Anilaza's core was really, really good. My only complaint was that I don't feel Ultimate Battle should have played here. It was much more fitting here than in 115 for sure, but I just don't like it being played for non-Ultra Instinct moments.

Episode 122: 7/10

This episode gets a 10/10 for me in terms of art and animation. Takahashi is an absolute fucking god and his art was a very nice birthday present for me, my birthday being just a few days beforehand. Unfortunately, the art can't carry the episode alone to a 10/10, and I have to give it a 7/10 since this felt like kind of a waste of an episode where nothing happened. You could have eliminated this episode entirely and nothing would have changed. Vegeta getting his ass kicked meant nothing since his stamina is back to 100% the very next episode. The very, very limited scenes of Gohan & 17 vs Toppo and Freeza vs Dyspo were great, wish we could have seen more of that.

Episode 123: 6/10

This episode looked atrocious. However, the storyboard and directing obviously saved this from being a complete garbage episode. Despite the terrible art, you could still get invested in the episode due to how it was storyboarded and the fact that the fights had actual choreography. Again, nothing really important happens in this episode aside from Vegeta's new transformation which is dumb, unexplained bullshit. Basically Super Saiyan Rage all over again, but at least the peanut gallery acknowledged the transformation. Gohan & 17's scenes were great, wish we had actually seen more of this fight.

Episode 124: 7/10

This was a pretty nice episode all around, my biggest complaint was the re-used animation. There was so, so much of it, and it was so, so obvious. A lot of people disliked how this episode handled Gohan but I thought it was perfect. I wanted Gohan to at least take out someone important, and he did. Dyspo was one of the strongest fighters in the tournament, and I'm happy how Gohan came up with a great idea to bind him from running and take him out. The Gohan and Freeza dynamic worked much better this time than it did in 108, and I like how Freeza showed respect to Gohan as the team leader of U7. Finally, someone actually acknowledges that Gohan is the leader, and this plan showed it. This could have been an 8/10 had the animation not been so terribly re-used and Gohan had more screen-time.

Episode 125: 10/10

This episode man, holy shit. This is my third favorite episode of the entire series, right behind 116 and 110 respectively. I can barely think of a single complaint, everything was so on point and Toppo's onslaught on Freeza was terrifying. The change in the arena was much needed and I LOVE how it looks. This episode had so many "wallpaper worthy" stills, and every character was treated with so much respect. 17 was a calm badass this episode, and knew that he had no chance against Toppo but had to try anyway. One of Super's best episodes by far.

Episode 126: 4/10

Sigh... It's no surprise this episode turned out the way it did, it was written by the same guy who wrote 119, which I just called one of the worst written episodes of Super. This one lands right behind it. The horrifying, overwhelming power that Toppo displayed in 125 is completely gone. Freeza is magically back up again after being obliterated in the previous episode. For some reason, 17 and Freeza think the best way to beat Toppo is by throwing/collapsing rocks on him. Are you kidding me? Vegeta's inclusion in this episode and his fight against Toppo felt incredibly forced and not natural at all, you could tell they just wanted to give Vegeta a win here. Vegeta's fake-out sacrifice was done terribly. We get basically the same speech that was in 123, and Vegeta "uses up all of his energy" (LOL) for a final explosion to defeat Toppo... despite the fact that he was destroying Toppo easily with just his punches... somehow. Toppo is also throwing around destruction energy which could wipe Vegeta out of existence. This episode made no sense, and completely ruined everything that 125 had built up. Episode 126 and 119 are the only episodes this guy has ever written for Super, and both of them are easily the worst written. What a damn disappointment.

Episode 127: 6/10

MUCH better than last episode, although that's not saying much. This one was just OK. The writing however just wasn't here for me. Freeza was once again handled terribly, as he rages at Jiren for beating him... despite the fact that he hasn't even fought Jiren yet... ??? For the THIRD EPISODE IN A ROW Freeza appears for like 20 seconds, and then gets his ass KOed again. I mean, he obviously appeared for longer than 20 seconds in 125 but my point about him getting his ass KOed is the same. I saw someone theorize that the writing outline for this part of the arc mentioned Freeza getting destroyed, and the writers for each of these episodes had no coordination with each other which is why every episode has a scene with Freeza getting his ass kicked in it. Jiren's backstory was okay, at least it's something, but if there really is no explanation for his strength other than "he trained really hard", that's fucking moronic. I hope it's revealed exactly how he got this strong in one of these last upcoming episodes.

Finally, 17's sacrifice. A wonderful concept, a flawed execution. The emotion just simply wasn't there. It came out of nowhere and was completely unexpected, which some people praise, but I think is bad because this happened in like the last two minutes of the episode, and 17 saying he did it so that Goku & Vegeta could get a few seconds of rest (with Goku later acknowledging he killed himself just so he could get a few more seconds of rest) just makes it all the stupider. I've already gone into detail as to how they could have made this scene a lot more impactful and logical, but basically to sum it up, make it so 17 actually has no options but to blow himself up. Making him completely unharmed and free to move just leaves so many questions of "Why didn't he just...", and don't mention any of that stupid crap with him doing it just to give Goku 5 seconds of sleep time, it really lessens the impact when you put it like that.

Episode 128: 7.5/10

I liked this episode and I don't understand a lot of the complaints with it. One complaint I do fully understand (but didn't mind TOO much) was how the first half dragged and dragged and dragged. The writing here was much better than the previous episodes (barring 125 which was excellent) with stamina FINALLY being a factor. Vegeta couldn't do jack against Jiren, but he kept giving it his all anyway. His speeches and the flashbacks to Bulma and Cabba were touching and were well done, but the impact was very much lessened due to the fact that THIS IS THE THIRD TIME WE ARE HEARING THIS EXACT SAME SPEECH! Vegeta felt really forced in these episodes ever since 122. For the most part Vegeta hasn't even been a big factor in this arc. He was almost entirely missing from the recruitment section, and mostly went up against nothing but fodder in the tournament. Then all of a sudden he starts getting a ridiculous amount of screen time and focus, as if the writers were like "Oh yeah, we should probably give Vegeta some spotlight too." but it was far too late. This was a very good send off for the prince and this episode as it stands alone was excellent, but unfortunately it doesn't stand alone, and it's surrounded by all the dumb focus Vegeta has had since 122.

Ultra Instinct was beautifully done, I liked it a lot more than when he transformed in 115. I hear a lot of people complaining about this transformation sequence and I truly have no idea why. While I'm disappointed that Goku still hasn't even thought about his universe yet and what it means that him and everyone he loves could be erased, he at least acknowledges that everyone is counting on him, he's their last hope, he can't let them down. The piano theme of Chouzetsu Dynamic was beautiful, and fit so well. I am hyped for the next episode, although the white hair disappoints me greatly.

So yeah, that does it. A very, very mediocre string of episodes with only one stand-out episode. 109-119 were obviously the strongest episodes of this tournament and the highlight so far. The lead-up to the finale has unfortunately just been disappointing and rather drawn out. Every episode kinda felt the same. Goku & Vegeta fight Jiren, they get their asses kicked, next episode they're somehow back to full power again, rinse and repeat. The stamina issues became very questionable after 110, but here they were just atrociously bad, inexcusably bad. I'm confident that 129 and 130 will blow us away and make up for this mess of mediocrity, and if 131 is a wrap-up episode hopefully it'll be really nice too.

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Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

Post by Torturephile » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:07 am

I think you could have waited one more month.

-Episode 119 (Universe 4): 4/10. This episode decimated the potential of some neat antagonists after the buildup they got over the course of the tournament in an anti-climatic battle, all due to the idiot ball most characters held tightly onto.

-Episode 120 (Universe 3): 7/10. The long-ignored leader of U7 Gohan finally managed to showcase some leadership skills. Decent fighting and teamwork overall. I believe this episode is guilty of starting the annoying trend of homages that were seen through later episodes.

-Episode 121 (Anilaza): 8/10. The threat that was Anilaza and how he cornered universe 7 into working together made the episode for me. Unfortunately, universe 11's top three stood around doing nothing, something that episode 120 was also guilty of.

-Episode 122 (Vegeta vs. Jiren): 6/10. Despite the great art from Yuya Takahashi and Vegeta finally getting to challenge Jiren, the hype killed it for me. It fell short due to Jiren's more steadily increasing apparent power nerf since this episode, its inconsistent art style, and its annoying Final Flash homage. I think it was the episode that started the other annoying trend of having Vegeta remember his loved ones once an episode coupled with the obligatory Final Flash.

-Episode 123 (Goku vs. Jiren): 7/10. Despite the great action with Goku relying on strategies to ring out Jiren, the animation couldn't keep up with the action, and it introduced Vegeta's Future Trunks-inspired asspull transformation fueled by the power of love.

-Episode 124 (Freeza and Gohan vs. Dyspo): 6/10. I found characters acted dumber than normal, and there was a lot of reused animation during the fights. I didn't care for Gohan not getting screen time and getting eliminated.

-Episode 125 (God of Destruction Toppo, part one): 9/10. Toppo, a character I was waiting for to get serious, finally gets his chance to shine and corners my favorite U7 characters, 17 and Freeza. 17 and Freeza's teamwork was unexpected, and their differences in battle were a highlight, with how each took on the desperate situation in different manners. Unfortunately, Freeza's characterization reeked of his temperamental Namek self rather than his composed ToP self, and all for a Namek homage, which unfortunately would be the norm for the next two episodes with more inconsistent Freeza characterization as well.

-Episode 126 (God of Destruction Toppo, part two): 5/10. And Toppo gets thrown out of the window like nothing just to make SSSSGGGSGSGSSSB5 Vegeta seem cool. While Vegeta destroying Toppo was a "hype" moment, like the cool kids call it, whatever tension was established on the previous episode was missing on this one, from Freeza being fine after being brutally tortured by Toppo, to Toppo no longer having the hakai barrier protecting him, and it even made 17, one of the smartest characters in the ToP, moronically think that burying Toppo under a pile of rocks would stop him.

-Episode 127 (Universe 7 vs. Jiren): 7/10. Good teamwork and reminded me of the first Broly movie in a good way, but unfortunately some of the battle consisted less of hand-to-hand combat and was more of a light spectacle. Freeza was oddly mad at Jiren and attacked him despite previously saying he would prefer to not fight him and never directly interacted with him. Ridiculously unoriginal backstory for Jiren.

-Episode 128 (Vegeta and Goku vs. Jiren): 5/10. Vegeta's half of the episode was a waste of time, and Goku's part was better but still not mind-blowing. Boring in general.

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Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

Post by Lord Beerus » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:16 pm

Episode 119: This episode was so goddamn frustrating. It had some nice strategy injected into it, but some of it wasn't handled that well. It reminds me a lot of Episode 106 where I feel they could have done more with the concept behind the characters unique traits and abilities, but didn't really think all of through properly or to its full extent. Piccolo and Gohan, but mostly Piccolo, getting the spotlight like he did was nice. But how he got eliminated was anticlimactic and poorly handled. Shantsa was horribly wasted and Katopesla was very fun to watch but was another glorified gag character.

And for an episode that had a universe being erased, it sure felt like a non-event, when all was said and done. An episode like this should have happened much sooner than it did. They should have dealt with those kind fighters from Universe 4 way earlier in the tournament if that was their gimmicks. This episode, while innocuous, was just boring for the most part and felt like such a huge missed opportunity. I'd say this is the most disappointing episode of the entire tournament and one of the most underwhelming episodes in all of Super. - 4.5/10

Episode 120: This episode was fine, but really anything after #119 would have been seen as an improvement by default. Kinda felt a like a filler episode, but it was a good enough setup for what would come next. - 7/10

Episode 121: This episode felt like one of the DBZ Movies condensed into 22 minutes, but I loved it regardless. 15 years ago I would have never imagined a scenario where Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza and #17 would work together in a team based beam attack. And I thank Dragon Ball Super for giving us that. Because it was fucking awesome. I loved the twist of there being a little monster inside of Mosco and it controlling him. That's the kind of subversion I would expect from Toriyama. Universe 3 were really the dark horse of the tournament in terms of entertainment. Their sendoff episode was spectacular. - 9/10

Episode 122: This was episode that relied a hell of a lot on visuals and battles more than storytelling. Basically... this felt like a Studio Cockpit episode from the Cell or Majin Boo arc. But that doesn't inherently make it bad by any stretch. In enjoyed Vegeta's speech to Jiren and the overall skirmishes between Universe 7 and Universe 11 were fun. - 7/10

Episode 123: Despite not being anywhere near as aesthetically appealing as #122, this was a much better written episode. Goku put on one of his best displays of tactical fighting I've ever seen, #17 and Gohan worked together extremely well and it was nice to see Vegeta being rewarded for maintaining his incredibly selfless resolution.

I found Vegeta's motivation for him "breaking through his shell" to be excellent. We know that Vegeta is fighting in the Tournament Of Power to save his universe, but the motivation for actually obtaining the Super Dragon Balls is palatable and believable. He's not only fighting for his family and friends in his Universe, but he's also fighting for his Universe 6, but more specifically Cabba and his race. Vegeta's promise to Cabba, and his relationship as whole, meant a hell of lot more to him than we first thought and seeing it displayed in such a way was really great character development for him. It showed Vegeta's has quite a lot empathy, despite how he may outwardly act sometimes, and also it shows that his source of power can be channeled through more than one means. I'm really happy to see the conviction for Vegeta's breaking his limits in strength can come from other personal ties. It's all a great balance of Vegeta retaining the pride of who he is as a Saiyan and fighting so intensely to ensure his race lives on, while also further adding more layers to his characterization and adding some emotional weight to winning the Super Dragon Balls. - 8.5/10

Episode 124: Gohan went out on his own terms with his own well thought out plan, but I really wished his fight with Dyspo got more than just five minutes. The amount of reused animation was especially egregious in this episode. Probably the most blatant in all of Super. This just felt like a somewhat unfocused episode for the most part. - 5.5/10

Episode 125: This was just like #105 and #117, in that it was an episode that wonderfully over-delivered, and also served as a sensational way to bounce from the previous somewhat underwhelming entry. Great animation, wonderful direction, good writing and great suspense as you could really feel the urgency with how frantic and desperate the remaining fighters were acting. Hakaishin Toppo was fucking frightening in combat. - 10/10

Episode 126: This episode fractured the community. There were those who loved it but just as many people hated it... and I... loved it. But my love for the episode was more based on what happened in the second half of the episode than the first half of the episode. Mainly because I'm happy that the initial skirmishes with Vegeta and Toppo had payoff. I was dreading the idea that they were teasing Toppo and Vegeta fighting and it wasn't going to happen in the end. I'm just glad Vegeta got his first major win in... well... ever. I mean... Vegeta defeated a Hakaishin. And that's something no other character in Dragon Ball can ever talk about except him. It's a shame they had to sacrifice the mystique of Hakaishin Toppo for it, however, in my opinion, the trade-off was worth it in the end for me. The battle of ideologies was great to witness. With one character failing after giving up what he believed in after a moment of desperation to ensure the survival of his universe and another character succeeding by not abandoning what he stands for and what his convictions are.

And as I alluded to before, the first half of the episode was pretty uneventful and forgettable, with the first five minutes being just a rehash of the last five minuets of the previous episode. What was up with that? An episode of two halves, I guess. One half was great and the other half wasn't anything special. - 6.5/10

Episode 127: A shockingly fantastic episode. #17 being killed caught me off-guard so much. But I felt it was the most fitting end for such a wonderfully handled character like him. He gave his life to protect his universe when he originally didn't care if it would be erased. Say what you will about #17's sacrifice but if it didn't happen Universe 11 win instantly, so it had some meaning to it.

The whole "He's out of energy but he's really not" subplot was just getting tiresome at this stage that I'm certain the cast didn't know what they were talking about. But it didn't take away that much from how much I liked the episode. - 8/10

Episode 128: This episode as a whole was just Jiren beating the shit out Goku and Vegeta until the last 4 minutes, but it wasn't any worse for that because I really enjoy seeing Jiren fight and the other content that came with it. I enjoyed their being lasting effects of Vegeta actually out of power, and I very much enjoyed that Vegeta didn't go down with expressing his resolve. The flashbacks to his family and Cabba were a nice touch even if they felt like a retread of what we've already seen. And giving his last bit of energy to Goku before being eliminated and leaving the rest to Goku was a great character moment for him. Vegeta had a really great tournament and I couldn't have really asked more from him.

The emergence of Ultra Instinct again really reminded me of that moment in Battle Of Gods where Goku mentalears the names of all of his friends and family calling his name and it awakened Super Saiyan God again. It was a wonderfully handled moment. - 7.5/10

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Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

Post by Spider-Man » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:16 pm

Episode 119: An extremely frustrating episode,it was really rushed,shantsa illusion could have been for the entire episode and U4 Erasure was so hollow however they are some good things like Piccolo was awesome through the way how he got eliminated was so anticlimactic and props to #17 with his smart and patience in the battles.
    This episode had so many good idea but sadly the execution was horrible and U4 was wasted.4/10
      Episode 120:Ok episode,Gohan had a good showing and he finally managed to showcase some leadership skills,the fights was decent,my only complaint of this is how U11 are just standing there doing nothing and Paparoni annoying laugh.7/10
        Episode 121: Good episode,U3 had a better treatment than U4 and 10, I'm impressed and I find it hilarious that Moscow is actually a little guy inside of a suit.As for the episodes it had good teamwork and the beam struggle with Anilaza was awesome it also has a great sendoff for #18.9/10
          Episode 122: Average episode, Zeno was extremely annoying I seen way to many shots of him fawning and the final flash of vegeta was just a retread to the Cell saga but the fight between Jiren vs Vegeta wasn't that bad and Dyspo grabbing Frieza tail was funny.6/10
            Episode 123: This episode was fine through Vegeta obtain his new form was really stupid and the animation look clunky but I like Goku strategy against Jiren,the landmine with his was a creative move and Toppo vs Gohan & 17 was decent.7/10
              Episode 124: Not a bad episode however the amount of reused animation was very tedious, I wish Gohan had more screentime but at least his interaction with Frieza was better than 108 and I like how Frieza complement Gohan as a leader and his strategy against Dyspo was very good.7/10
                Episode 125: This episode was fantastic,I love it,Hakai Toppo was cool the way he curbstomped Frieza was terrifying and #17 was a badass also the new sky looks much better than the green one.9/10.
                  Episode 126: This episode was awful definitely the worst episode of this arc,The battle was really boring it was Hakai and Ki blast over and over again and I find the strategy of #17 and Frieza really stupid.
                    Vegeta did another pointless sacrifice like seriously what was the point when he was curbstomped him and Toppo was a disappointment.3/10
                      Episode 127: It was a good episode,#17 sacrifice was very unexpected as well sad and the battle was great,my only complaint of this episode is how Frieza came out of nowhere.8/10
                        Episode 128: Boring episode, Vegeta did another speech about his family and wish again and the first half was very underwhelming with the fight but the second half was ok,the scene Goku obtaining UI again was nice and I like how Vegeta Calling Jiren an emotionaless bastard that was hilarious.5/10

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by FrostByte » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:19 pm

                        Alright,lets do this:

                        Episode 119:(Universe 4)-This episode was very bad.It was rushed and it wasted characters like Damon,Gamisaras and Shansta.I'm satisfied with Piccolo's role in the arc(Including recruitment arc),but the way he got eliminated was just bad.I heard that this episode was written by a person who isn't familiar with Dragon Ball,and it shows in his/her writing.
                        My rating:4/10

                        Episode 120:(Universe 3)-This episode was good,even though it was basically a setup episode.We got to see Goku,Gohan and Vegeta fight together which was cool.Android 17 and 18 were awesome as ever,and they have been really well handled in the tournament.Gohan coming in with the Kamehameha towards the end was dope,even though it was later revealed that the universe 3 robots were still in the ring.
                        My rating:6/5/10

                        Episode 121(Universe 3)-A fantastic episode from start to finish.The pacing,the storyboard,the music etc. were amazing.The four way fusion of the U3 robots which formed Aniraza was so good,and i love his design.Even though he was a giant,he seemed to be very fast,and could even warp.Sadly Android 18 got eliminated,but she saved 17 in the process,so its all good.Every remaining member of Universe 7 coming together to fight Aniraza was such a great moment.Android 17 stole the show as he weakened Aniraza by destroying his reactor,which U7 used for the final push and eliminated him.
                        My rating:10/10

                        Episode 122:(Universe 11)-This was another great episode.Goku and Vegeta teaming up to fight Jiren,Freeza fighting Dyspo,Gohan and 17 fighting Toppo was cool.The art in this episode was excellent,and every character looked great.Vegeta did pretty well against Jiren after learning about his fighting style.The final flash,which was basically a rehash of Cell vs Vegeta was done very well,and the move(Final Flash) looked powerful.Of course in the end Jiren is an unstoppable tank,so he quickly took down Vegeta.
                        My rating:9/10

                        Episode 123:(Vegeta's new form)-Even though it wasn't as good as the previous episode,this was still entertaining.Vegeta attaining his own limit breaking form to match Goku's SSBKK is a cool idea,but the transformation itself was underwhelming.Vegeta and Goku walking towards Jiren,is one of the best moments of this episode.It looked so alpha,god damn! Goku and Vegeta doing well against Jiren because they are NOT in sync was a very good touch.
                        My rating:7/10

                        Episode 124:(Gohan's final stand)-Good episode,which could have been better.Gohan and Freeza teaming up again was nice to see.Gohan using his wits to trap Dyspo from blitzing around was a fantastic idea,and I'm happy that the writers are once again bringing good strats to defeat an enemy.Gohan's elimination was underwhelming,but i think he's been great in this arc.Freeza using his lasers to create a kind of cage was awesome.Freeza is another great character in this arc.He has been so good,that i like him here more than i did in DBZ.
                        My rating:7/10

                        Episode 125:(GoD Toppo)-Oh boy,this was a brutal episode.Android 17 fighting Toppo was nice.The beam clash between,and Freeza interrupting in the fight by attacking Toppo from the back sneakily is typical Freeza,and this is why i love him.Toppo giving up on Justice,and starting the use the powers of a god of destruction was amazing.He looked menacing and unstoppable.The music when Toppo was transforming into a GoD was beautiful.Freeza underestimating Toppo's Hakai is somthing he'll never want to do again.Toppo charging at Freeza and punching him right in the stomach was absolutely brutal,and i legit felt bad for Freeza.Who would have ever thought Freeza would be manhandled by Toppo.
                        My rating:10/10

                        Episode 126:(Final atonement)An okay episode,but surely a treat to Vegeta fans who were waiting for him to eliminate someone strong.We couldn't really tell how powerful Vegeta's new form was because he was fighting Jiren,but the power was shown when he fought Toppo.Vegeta saying he won't set anything aside was a cool character moment for him,and ends up beating the hell out of Toppo.Him punching through the Hakai energy was awesome,even though it doesnt make much sense.The final atonement was a great callback,and him figuring out how to use it without killing himself was nice.
                        My rating:6.5

                        Episode 127:(Android 17's sacrifice)-Way better than the previous episode,and it was also impactful.We got to know Jiren's backstory,which people think is generic,but i like it.I think its always awesome to know about the characters even though its generic or boring or whatever you want to call it.Android 17 pissing off Jiren was really cool.Android 17 sacrificing himself by self destructing,just to save Goku and Vegeta,is one of the best moments in the franchise history.He was created to kill Goku and gang,but ended up killing himself to protect them,is just perfect and shows how far 17 has come in life.
                        My rating:9/10

                        Episode 128:(Ultra Instinct is back bois)-It was a slow episode,which is setting things up for the final fight between the titans.Vegeta not being able to transform into SSJ is perfect.It shows that this time the saiyans have actually ran out of stamina and can no longer continue.Vegeta fighting Jiren in base through sheer willpower is awesome and shows Vegeta's determination.But in the end,nobody could save him,and he got eliminated.Vegeta crying and apologizing to Bulma and Cabba for not able to keep up the promise was touching and beautiful,and lending his final energy to Goku and believing in him made me like him a lot more.Here come my boi Goku all fired up,just to get his ass handed by Jiren once again.The piano music that played while Goku was remembering everyone who helped him come this far in the tournament was so god damn good.And BOOM here comes Ultra Instinct baby!!! Goku looking intimidating as always in the form and giving that satisfying punch to Jiren made the epsisode for me.I screamed in joy seeing my favourite character showing Jiren that this fight is far from over.Hyped for the next episode.Its going to be lit boys!
                        My rating 7.5/10

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by majinwarman » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:57 am

                        Episode 119: I feel like beating on a dead horse so I won't repeat the same points that everyone brings up about this episode. It was just a bad episode. Rating: 5 out of 10
                        Episode 120: I thought the first half was fine and the second half is okay. I'm not really interested in U3 but I gave them a shot. They fought well but it still could have been better. Rating: 6 out of 10
                        Episode 121: This episode really reminded me of Movie 12 and 13. The fights were cool but Aniraza was a raging monster. I thought it was fine but still wanted more character to him. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Episode 122: The episode did remind me of the Cell vs Vegeta fight. I did think that the first five minutes did drag a bit but still a great episode. Rating: 8 out of 10
                        Episode 123: I enjoyed seeing Goku being creative with his moves. I did think there were obvious signs of production problems in this episode. I personally like Vegeta's new form but still feels out of nowhere for me. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Episode 124: I enjoyed Freeza vs. Dsypo and Gohan's leave from the stage was fine for me. I would have like to see more Gohan in the episode he was going to get eliminated in. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Episode 125: I really liked this episode. Toppo was amazing in the episode and I enjoyed the Freeza beat down even though I'm a huge fan of him. I think that Toopo has earned a lot of respect from this episode. Rating: 9 out of 10
                        Episode 126: At first I loved this episode but as I go back and rewatch it, I see new problems with it. I still enjoy the episode but feel like Toopo should have double eliminate with Vegeta or take someone to show that he did something. But, it was very enjoyable to watch at least. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Episode 127: I really enjoyed how 17 died in this episode. 17 was willing to die to save Goku and Vegeta for Universe 7. He was a great fighter in the tournament and Dragon Ball fans are praising him right now. I do believe the stamina problem is just weird for me to see. I don't really care but I still think it is bad that Vegeta can go Beyond Blue after being out of power. It is a just a mess to look into. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Episode 128: I enjoyed the episode for what it is. An episode to set up the next. It was slow but I didn't mind it due to what I saw on-screen. I enjoyed how Vegeta went out and gave Goku energy. The end with Goku entering Ultra Instinct to set up next episode. It was really a huge set-up episode. Rating: 7 out of 10
                        Overall, I thought that this part was in the middle for me. I look back and see my opinion change since those episodes coming out. It wasn't bad or anything but wasn't what I expected out of a finale. It still was enjoyable to watch most episodes but it could have been better. Hopefully the final three episodes are great, and everyone loves them. Then, It will allow to finally give my final opinion about Super's last arc and Super overall.
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by ZenkaiBoosts » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:03 pm

                        I dont really use animation analysis (or nitpicks) to determine whether an episode was good or not

                        For example episode 123 had disappointing animation.

                        However I LOVED 123 due to the Goku vs Jiren 1 v 1 and Goku utiliising creative strategies against Jiren 1 v 1. The choreography, storyboarding, directing, pacing were amazing

                        The only episodes I realy didnt like are 119, 122, and 124

                        Every other episose was amazing IMO

                        I'm not going to do some kind of grand summary for every episode, but my personal scores for the episodes are as follows

                        Episode 119:
                        Not awful by any means. But not great. Just was kind of there and forgettable. Actually had some neat ideas brought down by poor execution

                        Episode 120:
                        Really enjoyed this episode

                        Episode 121
                        I LOVED this episode. The Saiyan dream team. The beam struggle. Andriod 17 going through the beam to punch out Aniraza's weak spot as the ultimate battle theme played. The elimination of Aniraza was mind blowingly epic.

                        Episode 122
                        Great art and animation alone give it this rating. I didnt care for the actual story/episode/Vegeta moments

                        Episode 123
                        LOVED this episode. Goku vs Jiren 1 v 1. Goku utilising strategy

                        Episode 124
                        Was not into this episode at all, and the fact that Gohan only got 3 minutes screen time in his own elimination episode further soured me on this episode

                        Episode 125
                        Amazing episode

                        Episode 126
                        I enjoyed the episode despite not liking Vegeta as a character and also feeling like Vegeta shouldve been eliminated too. I simply can not rate it lower because the actual story boarding, directing, pacing was great

                        Episode 127
                        Absolutely LOVED this episode. Everything about it was amazing. Andriod 17's sacrifice hit me in the feels so hard. This is how mind blowing this episode was, it turned me into a 17 fan

                        Episode 128
                        AMAZING AMAZING mind blowing episode that I love and adore. It nailed everything from Vegeta never giving up and being driven by his flashbacks/motivations - to finally passing on all his will, trust, and hope onto Goku - to Goku's emotional epiphany where he takes on all the hopes of universe 7 onto his shoulders as that amazing soft piano is playing - to Goku's awakening of a much more powerful Omen form - to Omen Goku landing that devestating body counter on Jiren - to that epic preview of mastered UI Goku's new form.

                        It had a valley of emotions (down and then up). Suspense. Drama. Music. Pacing. Great fighting. This episode literally had it all and executed perfectly on all of it. I can rewatch this episode again and again proving how spectacular it was

                        Episode 128 is probably the most emotional episode ever

                        The tournament of power arc has been 1 of my greatest arcs in Dragon Ball history (and is easily the best arc in Super imo)

                        I feel each episode has progressively been gtting more and more epic. Especially 127 and 128. Both had me legit crying. I now cant wait for mastered UI Goku vs Jiren 1 vs 1. So excitied.

                        Toriyama/Toei have been hitting the ending out of the park. I have no doubt mastered UI Goku vs Jiren (and Goku hopefully winning) will be one of the greatest things ever in Dragon Ball and will end Super on the highest note possible. A Goku win over Jiren is the best ending anyone could have possibly hope for and ends Super on an incredible highest of notes possible.

                        As of right now I rate the torunament of power arc an 8.5 (due to the begining and 119 and 124)....however if things play out the way I think, and the last 3 episodes are as mind blowing as 127 and 128, which is easily looking like it, then I will easily give this arc a perfect 10 as a whole. The positives will have far out weighed any negatives

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Tombstone1988 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:05 pm

                        Appreciate every one of you that took the time out to post your thoughts! It's always a blast to read through everyone's collected opinions and comparing and contrasting them. It really gives me a sense of how varied and interesting our community (or maybe I just read too heavily into things, I dunno). Thanks again and keep 'em coming!
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                        As I said, I was split on whether or not to do this now. Half of me honestly agrees with you. However, I felt like if I had posted it this a month from now, it'd end up getting lost in the sea of topics that are sure to sprout up. As such, I felt it would behoove me to put it up preemptively, before the floodgates open, as they say. Is it a little vain? Yeah. But at least it's honest. 8)
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by CJStriker_CBR » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:30 pm

                        I rather put the episodes from 119 and on into one overall view then each on their own cause IMO and this is just my view alone, after episode 118 the episodes seem to loose allot of their unpredictability to me and become more generalized in how they told their story.

                        The ToP IMO can be divided into like a 3 part Act; 98-106, 107-118 and Finally 119-131.

                        So we are, 119-131 in the 3rd Act and when Universe 2 and Universe 6 where erased in 118 it seem to strip away the ideal of a decent deal IMO of unpredictability since by my view they where the only ones with enough development to challenge the narrative of the Final Victors of the ToP and go further with it. U4 and U3 are fine but they did not have enough of personal in-depth development to go forward as being a possible winner of the ToP, U3 had a great showing but is was obvious sadly they would lose before U11 become the Final Predicable Mono-Storied Boss.

                        So besides some great personal character moments we got from the likes of Gohan, 17, Vegeta and Toppo, really narrative wise the story has felt very conservative and close to the basic level of just 2 opposing sides fighting each other with as always power creep in it.

                        So any fan that found more in-depth and better showing in 119-131/The 3rd Act then I am glad you did and Hope you continue to gain what you hope from it.

                        For Me the Final Review is the 3rd Act SO Far is a score of 4/10.

                        Most points given to Good Personal Character moments like I said earlier.
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by JazzMazz » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:42 pm

                        Here's a basic breakdown of my thoughts of each episode.

                        119- Just a truly dreadful episode, I don't think there is really any true redeeming qualities to it. This is really buttom tier Dragonball at its worst.


                        120- Significantly better than 119. It has a lot of neat action, the character interactions are decent, and the overall presentation isn't terrible. However, the lacklustre direction made the episode far less engaging than it could have been, so I feel a little indifferent to it on a whole.


                        121- Again, a step up from 120. Its presentation is rock solid, with the storyboarding and directing really selling the imposing nature of the Aniraza, and the script making him a somewhat interesting opponent due to his varied skill-set. However despite this, it still only feels like the set-up for bigger and better things, and his presence in the grand scheme of things is a little negligible.


                        122- A really fantastic start to the final showdown of the tournament. It does a really fantastic job at setting both the pace and tension of the battle afterwards, with our heroes being on the ropes throughout its entirety. Combine that with some decent direction, a fantastic storyboard, fantastic animation, and some nice character moments, and you've got yourself something that at the very least stands as a good set-up.


                        123- A step down from last episode, however, despite this, I still think it does a fantastic job at continuing the tension from last week. Though the animation for this episode was quite weak, I feel like the direction and storyboarding gave this episode the necessary scale to feel like a worthy continuation of last episode.


                        124- Easily one of the worst episodes of the tournament of power without a doubt. Awful direction, awful animation, awful content outside of some stuff from the 2nd half. Just all around bad.


                        125- Easily the best episode of this batch without a shadow of a doubt. With the exception of only a couple of scenes, the animation for the par of this episode is just fairly serviceable. However, the strongest aspect of this episode lies in its direction, storyboarding, and to a lesser extent script. The sheer amount of scale and size to the battles, as well as how generally creative a lot of the direction and storyboarding for this episode is, easily cements it as one of the most engaging and entertaining episodes of the tournament.


                        126- Hoo boy. The first half of this episode is just awful in pretty much every respect. The storyboarding is bland, the action is convoluted, and the writing decisions are questionable at best. The second half does pick-up a little, but not much. The action is generally far better framed and the animation is far stronger in this half, but the narrative content for the episode is really egrigous and I felt it failed to adequately make the struggle between Vegeta and Toppo, characters of opposing believes, interesting.


                        127- Though I find some of the story aspects relating to stamina in this episode irksome, I'm not going to complain when we get such a well-framed fight in the first half at the very least. Though there isn't much story content in the first half, the fight is very well done, despite being pretty limited on the animation front.
                        The second half definitely picks up though. The fight at the beginning of the second half is also very entertaining, and though I know some people have a problem with Freeza's comeback, I think him getting the crap kicked out of him is one of the few entertaining aspects of this arc.
                        The story content in the second half, namely Jirens backstory, is well presented and does help the character in the sense that it gives him a background, but thats really it. 17's banter and battle with Jiren, as well as his sacrifice, is easily the most noteable thing about the episode, and I think they executed it really well.
                        Overall an entertaining episode, however, I would only say it really becomes anything truly memorable in the second half.


                        128- God, this is absolutely one of the most dreadfully boring episodes of this arc. The narrative content is mostly recycled, but thats not the biggest problem with the episode. That would be how lacklustre the direction and storyboarding of this episode was. The storyboarding was completely flat, and though it had some interesting choreography, it completely failed to capture any sense of scale, and used a very limited amount of creative angles. The direction is jarring, with no scene really feeling like it has any wieght to it, in part due to the jarring music placement. The animation was not an issue with this episode, however, due to the terrible storyboarding and direction, a lot of it is very limited and even a little static. Overall, a very boring entry in the tournament, and pretty big disappointment considering the narrative content.


                        So based on averages, I would rate this batch a 4.725/10

                        As for next episode. I have high hopes. The script writer is easily Supers most consistently good, and the director/storyboarder is easily the consistent best of the show. At the very least, I'm expecting a fantastic spectacle.

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by The gr » Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:21 pm

                        was originally gonna wait for 131, screw it gonna post my thoughts here.
                        [spoiler]Episode 119:3/10 One of the most dullest Super episode of all time, the pacing is terrible and the opponent were boring.It almost felt like a filler episode which shouldn't be the case.The positive are No SSB, Piccolo and #17 were cool sadly cool moments didn't saved this one.

                        Episode 120:7/10 An episode with fun direction,I loved the battles here and I liked how the entire cast get to shine here and Gohan finally show some leadership here.It does annoys that U11 is just standing and the opponent were really generic oh and don't get me started on the stamina bs,I just wish Goku back off in this episode.

                        Episode 121:7/10 Another entertaining episode with some stupidity in there like why Goku and Vegeta are holding back especially in Vegeta case using SS1 of all things and Goku using IT to saved #18 and Anilaza was really generic.The Battle were the highlight of the episode and Anilaza intimidating nature.

                        Episode 122:7/10 My opinion have really changed on this episode,at first i was calling this episode fantastic now is just an ok episode.I liked the transition of this episode, they were perfect and Dyspo taking Frieza for a ride is a joy to watch.This episode started the annoying of Vegeta speeches and the blatant Final flash irked me.

                        Episode 123:7/10 While it had weaker animation, the direction was much better and it was more original with the content, this is some the best strategy I've seen with Goku and it was entertaining all around.Vegeta new form was not not my cup of tea.

                        Episode 124:6/10 This episode had an awful direction, even worse than 97.A lot of bank animation,Gohan being shoved in and it was forgettable in the action.The concept were really original, Dyspo Abilities are fun, Frieza teaming up with Gohan was really good,it helps the latter was competent.

                        Episode 125:8/10 A fantastic Episode, is one of the best in term of action and tension.Toppo was so cool and I liked the concept of him casting his justice, I would liked this more if we didn't see this 104 as well #17 barrier getting destroyed by a weakling in 103 since here it was a big deal.Frieza reverted back to the guy who losses his composure, things never changes.

                        Episode 126:4/10 Conceptually this would have been the best episode however due to weak direction, unneeded call back and just a terrible first half,it just didn't land the notes right.

                        Episode 127:7/10 The ring was used well with character jumping on debris.#17 sacrifice while it was stupid was a little sad and Jiren backstory while generic does explain this character well.,

                        Episode 128:6/10 Similar to 126 this would have been one of the best episode however the final product is just stiff.The punches lack any impact and the camera angle were just bland.The final minutes were a little fun with Vegeta giving his energy to Goku and Goku gut punching Jiren[/spoiler]

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Chuquita » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:35 pm

                        This arc's so long I gotta use my cheat-sheet even more than I did for Part 1 and 2. :crazy:


                        119 - I barely remember anything about this one. "They're ghost warriors!". Um, that bug guy that had a different character model silhouette on the official site? Or maybe that was his identical-but-orange partner I'm thinking of?

                        120 - [sarcasm]Wow I was so excited about U3's robots you guys[/sarcasm] because aside from one screenshot featuring a crosshairs and another with Gohan pushing back against something metallic they're not in a single screenshot I took that week.

                        121 - Ooh, ssjg Goku came back this week! One of the few redeeming factors of this arc is I get to see magenta-haired Goku again so that alone brings it above 119 and 120. Also there was a cool animated bit the the end of this where 17 gets a big attack on the merged giant robots + Paparoni who's name I only remember because its' pun is so overt. Pepperoni's not bad, but it's actually not my favorite pizza topping. (when it comes to pizza meats I'm more about the sausage than the pepperoni).

                        122 - TAKAHASHI!! Takahashi and his beautifully-drawn everything. :clap: This episode is also one of the "Goku frantically cries out Vegeta's name while Vegeta tries to defeat Jiren" episodes.

                        123 - In which Vegeta goes even bluether blueyond. Whatever this form is called it looks kinda goofy and potentially anime-only, but I'm not planning to buy the physical volumes of the manga for the ToP anyway so it doesn't matter to me ultimately. (Toyotaro would need to change how the ToP works way more drastically than he has so far--like he'd need to go full Hunger Games--and I doubt that'd happen.)

                        124 - Gohan and Freeza fight Dyspo while we get quick bits of Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren bookending the episode. Neither Freeza nor Gohan (barring when he's doing his fun Great Saiyaman stuff) really interest me so...eh.

                        125 - Toppo near-defeating Freeza was a delight because Freeza's a bad guy; he's Z's biggest villain and I can't root for him. I think 17 also did some cool stuff? This was the 2nd episode in a row of "here's a few seconds of Jiren vs Goku and Vegeta".

                        126 - That's right, back in 123 I guess there was a Cabba flashback(?) because I remember being relived to see Bulma, Trunks, and Bra in Vegeta's flashback this week and was so upset over the Cabba stuff because he's so bland and I don't care about him outside of the lost potential for that Planet Salad arc that never came to be. I would've liked Goku to be mentioned or shown as well ala the Z flashback of when Vegeta blew himself up the first time, but this arc is all over the place and King Ryu is gone, so. Also Vegeta beat Toppo. Congrats Veggieta.

                        127 - I'm still not 100% convinced 17's dead, but if he is that was one surprising way to go. Also hey it's topless Vegeta. Ah, I briefly thought that meant we'd get Vegetto Blue take two, but clearly not.

                        128 - In which Vegeta activates Goku's UI with the power of love, kind of. It's actually not executed as well as it could've been imo, but I still appreciate the intent. I'm glad Vegeta's not dead; especially since this is the last arc for at least a good while. I'm gonna miss Omen UI; it's my 2nd favorite Goku transformation.

                        I may post thoughts on 129-131 here after it's all over; unless you make a Part 4 thread in which case I'll post those there.
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Firebolt » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:07 am

                        Episode 119 : 0/10
                        This episode was abysmal in every single way. From the extremely lackluster writing, to the frankly embarassing send-off for a fan-favourite character, without a doubt the weakest episode of this arc in my eyes. Why did Toei feel the need to hire a new writer in the first place?

                        Episode 120 : 6/10
                        A somewhat enjoyable but ultimately uneventful episode. Gohan's leadership was nice to see but I can't help but feel bored watching.

                        Episode 121 : 8/10
                        Fantastic episode. From Yuichi Karasawa's stellar character art at the end, to an intense beam struggle between Anilaza and Universe 7, it was simply amazing. Also you can't help but love KA KA KA KA KACHI DAZE!

                        Episode 122 : 10/10
                        No complaints for this episode. Power scaling was surprisingly well done, and Takahashi's character art and animation elevated this episode far beyond what it could have been in the hands of any other supervisor.

                        Episode 123 : 4/10
                        The animation and art were a mess, but thankfully this episode was saved by the brilliant storyboading and direction. Goku's ingenious plan made me and a lot of other fans remember just how smart a fighter he is. But Jiren bouncing off a pebble was pretty dumb though.

                        I'll continue in about a week, pretty tired as of now.

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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Torturephile » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:39 pm

                        I'm not bothering to open a new thread for just the last three episodes.

                        -Episode 129 (Goku vs. Jiren, part two): 6/10. This episode suffered the same way episodes 113 and 115 did, limited in the animation department while presenting a boring first part of a fight that is continued in the episode after, albeit in a far better fashion.

                        -Episode 130 (Goku vs. Jiren, part three): 9/10. I wish Super always had this animation quality and fighting sequences. Hilariously parodied by Gonzossm. Android 17 being alive all along was bad, though.

                        -Episode 131 (ToP ends, wish granted, and series finale): 10/10. All I wished was a slice of life episode detailing what happens to everyone from U7 and other universes after episode 131.
                        From Super episode 113 thread:
                        MaskedRider wrote:
                        Torturephile wrote:
                        hunduel wrote:I liked this episode. I seriously don't know why people hate it.
                        namekiansaiyan wrote:I seriously don't see why some of you like this episode when nothing happened and was basically filler.
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Chuquita » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:51 pm

                        The last 3? Might as well.

                        129 - The last hurrah for Omen UI which I still think looks cooler than Mastered UI but I still like MUI well enough. I enjoyed Vegeta cheering Goku on, but I don't recall anything overly memorable otherwise this episode.

                        130 - The beautiful animation episode! Also 17's alive (and Freeza too I guess). Jiren has character development and tries to destroy the ring resulting in a beautifully gruesome Shida-drawn rage on Goku's face.

                        131 - Also had lots of fun animation. Vegeta's face when Freeza works with Goku and 17. Still not wild about Whis giving Freeza his life back, but at least Freeza's not going to become a good guy or antihero but now everyone is indirectly responsible for whatever evil deeds Freeza causes from here on out and that doesn't sit well with me Maybe they'll do something about this in the movie. ( >_< )
                        Liked how 17's boat ended up being the one from the reBOG arc wrapping everything around nicely. Episode still felt cramped--like they originally thought they did have 132 or 133 to play with, but only found out about one or both of the marathons later in the game than they would've liked (that unused Goten and Trunks music track, hmm.). Them dropping the "Goku can't go MUI at will" thing felt like it was mentioned purely to explain something that'll come up in the movie or when the TV series returns. Being the easy mark I am for Vegeta/Goku moments I was happy with where they leave off--Goku and Vegeta sparring as equals in the place they first fought. That was sweet.
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                        Re: Rate the Tournament of Power Episodes, Part 3: Episodes 119-128

                        Post by Spider-Man » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:48 pm

                        Episode 129: Peanut gallery and reused animation ruin the episode, the only good thing was Vegeta speech and the ending. 6/10
                          Episode 130: It was average, the fight and animation was great but the writing was meh and #17 revival was so underwhelming.6/10
                            Episode 131: This episode was amazing, Goku and Frieza teaming up to take out Jiren was awesome and Android 17 wish to restore all the universes was very nice of him, my only complaint in this was #18 dumb line to #17.
                              I love the Saiyan Saga reference in the end.9/10

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