Jiren's Wish

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Re: Jiren's Wish

Post by lancerman » Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:48 am

Asura wrote:
Kenneth La Torre wrote:I want to know what knowing jirens wish would change in the story? If jiren outright told us his wish, why would anything change in the story? The outcome would have been the same.
See my previous post that compares this to Zamasu's situation. Or to paraphrase really quickly, if we never knew the reason why Zamasu hated Goku/Trunks so much and wanted to kill them or why Zamasu decided to steal Goku's body...

"I want to know what knowing Zamasu's motivation would change in the story? If Zamasu outright told us why he hates Goku and Trunks so much and why he decided to steal Goku's body, why would anything change in the story? The outcome would have been the same."
Everything Zamasu did was over his motivation. That's not true of Jiren. He was going to be erased if he didn't win, regardless of whether he got his wish. If the Pride Troopers won and Jiren didn't erase anybody, he wouldn't have gotten his wish if someone else did better.

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Re: Jiren's Wish

Post by Kenneth La Torre » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:40 pm

Regardless, toeis decision was that jirens wish didnt matter, so i guess, yay me and the people who though jirens wish didnt matter.

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Re: Jiren's Wish

Post by Zagacious » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:45 pm

People are getting way too caught up in semantics and completely missing the point of this thread. No, it's not a plothole, but it's very bad writing. It's one of the many examples where they brought something up specifically, and then never completed the idea later on. Throughout the tournament it was matchups being displayed between certain fighters and then next episode the fight is never mentioned again. For something more serious like bringing up a main character wants to obtain the Dragon Balls, but never explains why, that's pretty bad no matter how you spin it. They even further reinforced it later on when Jiren is hesitating to eliminate Goku, and Belmod brings up 'You'll obtain the Super Dragon Balls!" that adds even more insult to the fact they never explained it.

Even if his wish ultimately doesn't matter, it's still a fairly large error to bring something like that up and then never follow through with it. It's one thing if they did this with a minor character, but Jiren is basically a main character at this point (for the arc). I think Asura's point about Black Goku represents this writing error pretty well. It'd be like if they never explained who Black Goku is but saying it doesn't matter because he was defeated anyways. It's not as bad as that, but pretty damn close.

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