What’s everyone’s opinion on how the manga has so far handled the Universe Survival arc compared to the anime?

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Re: What’s everyone’s opinion on how the manga has so far handled the Universe Survival arc compared to the anime?

Post by Mister_Popo » Tue Aug 21, 2018 5:35 pm

Lord Beerus wrote:I thought turning Goku into a novice in martial arts just make Roshi look more competent in battle was horrific character writing.

I thought the implantation of "skill > power" through Roshi was much more sloppily handled in the manga.

Gohan didn't get a truly satisfying resolution to his preparation before the Tournament Of Power.

The debut of Ultra Instinct was also incredibly anticlimactic in the manga.

Jiren appears a much less of threat in battle in the manga.

And the pacing is still terribly rushed.

Yeah... not good at all.

I agree Master Roshi fighting Jiren doesn't make much sense, but i'm certain it was meant with a wink.
It's typically Super to make this kind of 'jokes', just like the Trunks Spirit Sword-scene in the anime.
In a sense, it's a parody and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Goku getting UI basically by observing the fight, that's how he learned the mother of all attacks: the Kamehameha, i didn't even think that was half that bad.
Goku being rewarded with UI after getting his own Spirit Bomb up his ass, was that so logical?
It was an epic moment with great scenery, no doubt about that, but did it make any sense?
I think it was a clever piece of writing still, it managed to captivate the community, just like this one does.

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Re: What’s everyone’s opinion on how the manga has so far handled the Universe Survival arc compared to the anime?

Post by ricky84 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:36 pm

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate how the manga makes every antagonist seem weak and underwhelming compared to their anime versions. First Hit, then Black and now even Jiren smh.

Say what you will about Jiren's (lack of) personality, at least in the anime he lived up to the hype of being an unstoppable force beyond the GoDs.

Gohan vs Kefla makes zero sense (she could one-shot him at his peak in just her base form) and it didn't even give us an exciting fight.
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Re: What’s everyone’s opinion on how the manga has so far handled the Universe Survival arc compared to the anime?

Post by lancerman » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:21 pm

SupremeKai25 wrote:
lancerman wrote:
SupremeKai25 wrote:Don't act like the anime were any better. Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction spent MILLIONS of years trying to achieve this legendary technique, the Ultra Instinct, and failed, and yet somehow this random 40-yo-old Saiyan is able to master it in 30 minutes? I don't care if Goku is a prodigy. I don't care if he learned the Kamehameha in five minutes. Ultra Instinct is clearly a much more advanced technique than that stupid ki blast that even fodder characters can do, if it makes even the Gods of Destruction open their mouth in astonishment. Give me a break.
Yeah no. Goku at UI is fine. Goku is a prodigy of a race that is biologically designed for battle. It makes sense that Goku and any Saiyans would have a much greater aptitude for fighting abilities and evolution within fighting styles than the gods who aren't part of a race who exists to fight. Goku was able to learn the Spirit Bomb and Kaio Ken which were techniques that Kaio sama developed over a long period of time. He is one of only two Saiyans to train in god ki and to be trained by Whis who was trying to get them to understand UI.

Goku being a Saiyan makes him much more likely to have his body go into UI than any other race and the fact that he is even a prodigy amongst Saiyans increases that dramatically.
Yet when Beerus and the others were found worthy to attain godhood and become eternal Gods of Destruction, so clearly their species must be much more battle-hardened and powerful than saiyans. They wouldn't have got that position in their first place if their power hadn't impressed Zeno, or whoever appoints the next Destroyers.

Goku, the saiyans, have one of their species ever been a Destroyer? No? Thought so.

And besides, Goku is a prodigy, so is literally every other saiyan character in the show. Prodigies in this show are a joke, even Pan and Bulla are most likely prodigies.
That has nothing to do with it. Saiyans are a race that are designed to be perfect warriors that haves established the ability to learn techniques that take decades to master and use ki that only those designated as God’s had access too

They are literally a species whose sole function is to fight and adapt to battle. Beerus and the gods might be super strong species but they aren’t designed to be the greatest warriors in the universe. The Saiyans are designed to constantly evolve.

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