New developments for Caulifla and Kale

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by Mooreish » Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:01 pm

Make them cabbas harem.

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by ankokudaishogun » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:05 pm

I don't think Caulifla or Kale will learn techniques from Goku: their fighting styles are just too different.

Caulifla is probably going on becoming SS3.
Cabba, otherwise, is likely going the Vegeta\MangaTrunks way of improving SS2. He might learn or, more likely, base some techniques from Vegeta's, though.

Kale... no idea. If anything, I'd say she'd get contacted to the Sadala Royal Family because the whole "original form of saiyans" and all.
Maybe she'll grow a tail and get SS4

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by ZeroDio » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:56 pm

If Kale does awaken her Version of SSJ3, it would probably be a form that’s a more Feminine Slim Body Build version of Legendary SSJ3

Then if In the far future she gets a God Form, it would be her version of The “Broly God” Form from “Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D at Super Tenkaichi Budokai”

While Caulifla would just get regular SSJ3,God,Blue

Then if The 2 refuse into Kefla again... she have a Form based on Kale’s Variant of Broly God

Then we could maybe get a Potara Battle of SSJ Blue Evolution Vegito VS “Legendary SSJ God” Kefla

But for the battle to last long enough, maybe they need to create Potara earrings that can withstand the usage of the Power of Blue Evolution & “Legendary SSJ God”

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by SsjCookie » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:19 am

As long as it is character development instead of them showing off how may colours and forms their hair can turn into I'll be fine with them reappearing every now and then in the future.

Characters who are so over-empowered for no damn reason quickly lose my interest on the long haul.

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by Yuli Ban » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:32 pm

I've no real hope that the writers at Toei will even begin to attempt something like this, but I hope we see Caulifla again so that we can finally get her arc completed. She's supposed to be a Robin Hood figure on Planet Sadala, right? What's more, she's obviously the strongest Saiyan on the planet, but as we saw with Goku's assault on the Red Ribbon army and Freeza's anxiety, being the strongest doesn't mean that you can just one-shot your way through everything if there's a potentially organized force against you. Goku nearly lost his battle with the Red Ribbon Army loads of times, and Freeza had to kill the Saiyans to prevent the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God from arising, something he was becoming increasingly concerned about as Saiyan battle powers began increasing (possibly back to the "norm" if U6 Saiyans's stupidly high levels are any indication).
So while she was essentially a bandit in the wastelands who could have led an uprising against the king, she didn't for the sake of personally helping the Saiyan outcasts that she found rather than potentially throwing her life away and leaving them without a leader.

Now that she is aware of Super Saiyan and its variants— and also has on her side Kale's unbelievable power, a literal GoD-tier level of power— what exactly is stopping her from waging a war against the king of Sadala and bringing about her own order? Supposedly, of course, in the name of justice. We already know that Frost was a double-crosser, so the fact he was working with the Saiyans puts some level of suspicion on the king. And there's no doubt Cabba will work to fight against Caulifla, and this can go two ways, really. Either the king is guilty and Cabba realizes this (I have absolutely no hope that he will be so loyal as to go down with the ship; he's too good and this isn't the series for that) so that we get a final battle to make the U6 Saiyans true fighters of peace and prosperity or the king is innocent and Caulifla was not honest in her intentions, meaning that she is also secretly evil and this rebellion is the same sort of rebellion that led to U7's Sadala being overrun by evil, war-like Saiyans.
Or maybe twist it up a tiny bit and reveal that Caulifla is actually the Princess of All Saiyans but was cast out for some reason and has a grudge against the king and she's playing up this role for the sake of an eventual take-over.
Something, anything other than a "U6 train to get SSJ3" ARC.

In reality, the current status quo is probably what we'll have for the sake of keeping Caulifla as an outsider punk girl and Kale as a timid-but-protective bodyguard.
May or may not be writing a Dragon Ball-inspired serial.

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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by BrolyKale » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:38 pm

I just hope Toyotaro will develop their backstory a little more, adding some flashbacks idk.
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Re: New developments for Caulifla and Kale

Post by Tai Lung » Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:52 pm

XanatosVanBadass wrote:
Jackalope89 wrote:Would love to see Chichi and Caulifla clash. Chichi has warned both of her sons about being punks/delinquents, and Caulifla is the very embodiment of that.

Plus, Trunks and Goten need to meet the U6 Saiyans, and show off their SSJ3 as Gotenks.
I always thought it’d be amusing to have Goku agree to train Caulifla, even letting her stay at the Son residence while they train. With Goku being completely oblivious as to why Chichi would have a problem with this.
in fact that would be very funny XD

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