When are you guys going to watch Broly?

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Re: When are you guys going to watch Broly?

Post by theoriginalbilis » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:03 am

I convinced four friends from work to go see as a group on Friday evening. Should be fun.

(Two casual fans who are current with Super, one who is really only into DBZ Abridged, and one who hasn't watched a lick of Dragon Ball material since the Toonami days)

Truthfully, I haven't watched very much of Super dubbed, but what little I've heard sounded fine; so I'm looking forward to the ol' FUNi gang bringing their best game to this movie.

Also echoing the disappointment of not even a single subtitled screening. Dragon Ball and Pokemon will forever be the only anime franchises with dubbed-only theatrical runs in the US. Oh well...
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