Anime adaptation of the Broly movie: is it necessary?

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Re: Anime adaptation of the Broly movie: is it necessary?

Post by Ki Breaker » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:43 pm

Anime adaptation would be good if some plot points could be expanded upon, considering the chance of a more seemingly full version of the same story, a retelling sounds nice!
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Re: Anime adaptation of the Broly movie: is it necessary?

Post by Green_Goblin » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:08 am

NO! The only thing I hope from this movie is not an anime adaptation (we had seen how badly Super 1.0 had handled those) but a FULL UNCUT VERSION with all the scenes that were left out during the editing process.

I'm mostly interested in seeing scenes like Frieza learns about toddler Vegeta IV's existence, and taking him away with him after seeing how high his potential/battle power is for a creature his age, giving the toddler the threat that his old man's life depends on his loyalty to the tyrant. Bardock's Crew talk with him about going to Planet Kanassa, conquering it with much surprise by Dodoria and Zarbon, then they're directly ordered by King Vegeta to go to conquer Planet Meat ("consider this a bonus, chums, you were asked to this assaingment by Frieza himself, he's most pleased with your last work"), then after conquering it (perhaps showing us the Meatians' fighting abillities) facing Dodoria and his 4 goons over there (hopefully they'll finally recieve names; with Dodoria telling them: "U take on that one with the Scouter, X take on the girl, Y kill the fat one, Z that tall one is all yours - I'm just here if things will get out of hand. Direct order by the great lord Frieza."), Bardock lands there in a singular pod to assist his crew then learns of what had happened and proceeds to killing the 4 Dodoria soldiers who were still in the vicinity in return, with Dodoria just fires a random mouth blast from afar towards the area where Bardock was at and believing he killed him before scraming with his small spacecraft back to Frieza, then watching the battle injured Bardock returns to Planet Vegeta to warn the others and his fight against Frieza's soldiers stationed on there (now it's within Planet Vegeta's atmosphere) before the final blow by Frieza. I also want to see the canon version of King Vegeta's end, IMHO his character needs to do something (like planning an attack over Frieza with his elites like in DBZ) before greeting his end.

Also, a scene that will be pleasing to most fans and me would be that of Gohan, Videl and Pan in some important academic convention while Frieza and Broly's ki are near/entering the Earth, stressing him about the upcomings but is aware of his dad and Vegeta over there, which calms him down temporarily as they can fend the tyrant and Broly (initial base form) and protect the Earth for a long while at the very minimum.

Unrealistic scenario: Toei will add all Z-Fighters and Dende's reaction to Frieza and Broly's arrival to the ice continent, Piccolo will stand shocked as he was when Raditz first showed up, Krillin being caught sweating in the middle of work, Yamcha stops to look at the sky all sweaty with a rival pitcher throws the ball right to the catcher without him giving a damn about it, Tien and Chiaotzu are staring towards the 2 huge ki flinching, Roshi will be stressed on his island, Dende and Popo will be terrified.

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Re: Anime adaptation of the Broly movie: is it necessary?

Post by Hugo Boss » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:10 am

Necessary? I don’t think so. The two first movies retellings weren’t necessary either, but I would like to see an anime adaptation of this one, since they could expand on the ideas that were cut.

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Re: Anime adaptation of the Broly movie: is it necessary?

Post by Shad73 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:48 pm

Grimlock wrote:Regarding previous retellings, I would say absolutely not. Movie 14 and Movie 15 were poorly retold and the result in general was not good at all, so it is best not to waste time retelling something that doesn't need a retelling and make the same mistakes.

That said though, depending on the execution of the past section in the film, I actually might want a retelling. From what people said, the flashback is rushed and not much is developed or seen in the movie. So, in this particular and specific case, a retelling might (and I can't stress "might" enough) be necessary.
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