Anime or Manga - Which one handled Caulifla and Kale better in your opinion?

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Re: Anime or Manga - Which one handled Caulifla and Kale better in your opinion?

Post by emperior » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:32 am

Anime Caulifla > Manga Caulifla
Manga Kale > Anime Kale
Anime Kefla >> Manga Kefla

Anime wins this for me. Even if anime Kale is just a shameless Broly’s ripoff and is quite annoying, at least she still has somewhat of a character development. Manga Kale is still more interesting and a lot less annoying, but she basically disappears entirely once she transforms in the tournament apart from showing how powerful she is.
Anime Caulifla and Kefla are much better than their anime counterparts though. And they had some nice interactions with Goku.
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Re: Anime or Manga - Which one handled Caulifla and Kale better in your opinion?

Post by ruler9871 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:44 pm

In terms of characterization, the manga is only better at introducing characters (except for Black, Zamasu and Kefla). When it comes to doing anything else with them after that, the anime is constantly better.

And this is best scene with Caulifla & Kale. Manga Kale's introduction was great (her anime intro sucked), yet manga Kale (despite her more badass base form than in the anime) has little discernible personality and is even more submissive to Caulifla than her anime counterpart. And the moment she transforms is when she loses any character she had in the manga. Anime Kale (despite her terrible first appearance), actually begins to exhibit some character development from ep.101 onward (which is also when she stops being a Z-Broly clone).

Manga Caulifla also has a better introduction (but worse everything else) than her anime counterpart . I liked how the manga put a much detail into her life and role as a bandit when we 1st see her. However, once the ToP begins in the manga she start's to lose much of her appeal characterization wise (even though her fight with Freeza was awesome). She comes across as even more of an arrogant, delusional fighter with none or her sympathetic traits from the anime (such as her protectiveness and mentorship of Kale, her growing respect for Cabba and Goku, etc).

And what the manga did to Kefla is simply a disaster lol. Nuff said.
zarmack wrote:The whole "Dragonball is only supposed to be light and funny" mentality that exist in a lot of the fandom is in many ways even dumber than the "edgeload" side of the fandom. You know, the contrarians who think DB should be a Slice-of-Life series, the folks who worship Pre-Raditz Dragonball uncritically, the folks who downplay and often flat-out deny that Dragonball is an action series, the folks who try to push that false argument that none of the serious moments in the series were mean't to be taken seriously, etc.

Dragonball doesn't have a single tone. It has both silly and serious moments, both humor and drama, just like real life. The idea that a work of fiction should be only all-comedy or all-serious is unnatural and frankly, retarded.

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