For those dissatisfied with Gohan in the Super anime, state your reasons here.

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Re: For those dissatisfied with Gohan in the Super anime, state your reasons here.

Post by Lionel » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:28 pm

Goku has generally had a headstart when it comes to taking advantage of new training methods or transformations. It goes back to him first climbing Karin's tower in preparation for his rematch with Tao Pai Pai 3-6 years before the others ever got the chance to then continues onward from there with things like his training under Kami, King Kai, or using the gravitational chamber. The times when he's participating or reaping the fruits of a power boost with a companion tend to be the outliers actually. His training under Roshi alongside Krillin, for example, who ultimately remained somewhat weaker than Goku but the gap might very well have been closed some as Goku was able to almost effortlessly make Krillin cry "uncle" prior to training (juxtapose that with his commendable performance against Jackie Chun in the semi-finals).

Chances are Goku would still find a way to keep ahead of everyone else, even if they were lining up to train with him under Whis or whatever. The difference would be that he might actually have to think outside the box and discover a new innovative means for maintaining his lead instead of just being the first recipient of a new teacher/technology (think his combining blue with Kaioken in the anime or acclimating to the strain of Super Saiyan/blue in the Cell/Zamasu arcs).

Gohan's obvious setback is that he doesn't have the same willful diligence as his father. For him, training is a labour of responsibility instead of a lifelong passion like it is with Goku. I also believe that he can find enjoyment in fighting to an extent as well, he just isn't as zealous about it because he has other interests that occupy his time. On the other hand, the only thing preventing Goku from just training 24/7 is the fact that his wife has forced him to work on the farm in order to provide for his family. Imagine if Mr Satan hadn't financed his family so that he could go off to train. What are the odds that he might end up weaker than Vegeta? It's a similar principle to Gohan and his training. What's ironic is that Tenshinhan might arguably have the best compromise here because both his and Chaozu's abilities allow them to quickly, and efficiently, pick/plant crops before going off to train.

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