Are we missing something here?

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Are we missing something here?

Post by superfan2024 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:39 pm

Obviously Broly's original 3-hour storyboard has been cut down to the 100-minute film we have today, but I wonder if we missed some crutial Paragus and Broly interaction(s). Specifically in-between the period after Broly tells his story about Bah and before Freeza, Paragus, and Broly meet up with Goku and Vegeta in Antarctica.

First we see Broly being calm and gentle telling Bah's story, but then next thing you know he's angry and ready to fight in the next scene we see him. Hell, he doesn't even speak actual lines for the entirety of the battle.

Predictions if maybe there was a scene cut in between? We're most likely never going to get confirmation of any more deleted scenes unless we get more interviews btw (in case if some of y'all were curious).