Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Audio remix (wip?)

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Audio remix (wip?)

Post by DHM211 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:03 am

Funimation, in addition to releasing a green tinted version of Broly (which wasn't entirely their fault, but nonetheless), also managed to mess up their mix for the English Dub. While the Japanese mix sounds pristine and clear, the Funimation English mix is far too low and has the bass boosted wayyyyy too much.

Taking advice from OmegaRockman (who is responsible for fixing Funimations mix for their DBZ Kai: TFC blu-rays) I also checked to make sure that all the tracks from the 5.1 audio mix were synced properly, and it seems like the second to last audio track was ever so slightly out of sync.

Some messing around in audacity and this is what I was able to get. Let me know if theres anything you guys think needs to be improved upon.

Comparison between Funimations mix and my "remix": https://mega.nz/#!wKYUnKBa!piJEh0QM_r3f ... UqXQyzFt5g

Original Japanese (for the sake of it): https://mega.nz/#!ZeY1AYQJ!FdH5sT39Ile1 ... bc4_k3vYXM

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Re: Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Audio remix (wip?)

Post by PremiumSalt » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:20 pm

I don't have the best ear for these things, but as far as I can tell yours sounds much clearer.
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