Vegeta’s job right now..

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Vegeta’s job right now..

Post by GodVegetto91 » Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:16 pm

Beerus wants Vegeta to embrace his Saiyan biology and love of destruction. Which is something that Gods of Destruction and Saiyans have always had in common. It makes sense, since Vegeta has stayed away from his Saiyan instincts ever since the Buu Arc. We have seen the “earthling” side of him, have more influence on him than anything else, again, based on Goku’s buddha nature. Vegeta is still lost on the path of strength. Beerus is referring to all the earthling baggage that has invaded Vegeta’s original character. (I.e. his love for family, friends, his regret for his sinful actions on Namek, etc etc.) Beerus wants Vegeta to let all that go, and enter a state of buddhist emptiness(Sūnyatā). Like Ultra Instinct! (Except to channel ”Destruction” instead!)

It was a quick lesson. He showed Vegeta what to do. The problem is that this is more of a spiritual/mental powerup. It goes back to what Whis said to Vegeta about him thinking too much. And to reach the next level, you have to remove the hesitation. Will be interesting to see how Hakai changes on a Saiyan!