Kai Episode 89 (16 January 2011)

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Re: Kai Episode 89 (16th January 2011)

Post by Sonikero » Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:39 pm

Goku100xKamehameha wrote:
Son Geeko wrote:
JulieYBM wrote: Define 'this series'.
Define "Misreading a post"

I mean't to say was how are you guys able to watch new episodes of Kai without living in Japan or something like that. (I think it was mentioned a while ago on some other thread, but I'm forgot what thread it was, I believed it had something to do with a live-streaming website.)
You can use KeyHole or VLC (KeyHole has shitty quality, though). But I usually just wait until the fansub version to come out, since I don't really understand Japanese.
How do you do to see FujiTV with VLC?

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