Kai Episode 121 (14 September 2014)

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Re: Kai Episode 121 (14 September 2014)

Post by Black_Liger » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:09 am

Vijay wrote:Just 1 thing.

It defeats the very purpose why Kai was made. Filler-free, Toriyama's Cut etc.

Guess inconsistencies like Goku vs Ultimate Gohan inside Buu, & Vegeta vs SS3 Gotenks will still be present in Kai at this rate.

If I want to watch Buu Saga, WITH fillers, I'd rather watch DBZ. Not Kai.

It's still almost twice as fast. I myself don't have the time to rewatch all dbz, so kai is great for me.
There's room for only one snake, and one big boss.

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