Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by PsionicWarrior » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:10 pm

BlueBasilisk wrote:My favorite part was seeing how much Roshi, Goku, and Krillin all still care for each other and that Roshi was inspired by his boys to better himself.
A great moment indeed, it was beautiful. :)

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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by Zagacious » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:43 pm

Nero<>Akira wrote:getting mad that Caulifla got SSJ and SSJ2 easily is like getting mad that someone that can lift 300 can easily master 350 when it took years for another person that started out much weaker than you were.
No, it's really not like that at all. Going from 300 to 350 is not that difficult depending on the lift. It'd be more comparable if someone say added 200 lbs each to their bench,deadlift, and squat in only a day before a weightlifting competition. Them already having Super Saiyan before we saw them would be better then them just attaining it 2 days after hearing about it. Not that it matters at this point, but it was obviously made that way to rush them ahead as fast as possible to SS2 so they can be relevant even when it makes little sense. I'm not mad about it either, but I'm not going to try to argue it makes any sort of sense when it was completely decided based on plot.

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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by Nero<>Akira » Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:56 pm

This is a saiyan that's stronger than Cabba when both in base who back in the U6 arc was equal to Vegeta after all that training Vegeta did. Vegeta and Goku were monsters then and they're more disgusting now. they're both easily above Fat Boo in just their base form. Probably SSJ3 levels from the Boo arc. I don't really take SSJ3 Gotenks vs Copy Vegeta seriously since it's an alien substance being able to access Vegeta's power in unknown ways. But let's take that into account anyway. Why get mad at a Saiyan that's that powerful from U6 getting a form like SS 1 and 2? lol
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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by Noah » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:24 pm

Hugo Boss wrote:This episode pretty much confirmed what I have been thinking about Dragon Ball Super for a while. It is remembering me that Dragon Ball isn't all about going straightforward against your opponent and beating power with power. Despite the science-fiction involved and the ridiculous amount of power of its characters, it is trying to teach people that no matter how tough life is, you can beat it by joining other people (righteous people please), by thinking about a way to get around it, using your talents and you can surpass your own limits too!
I enjoyed that from this episode too, but we can't deny that ToP is showing to be more raw power > skill than the otherwise yet.

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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by MainJPW » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:41 pm

Since Roshi almost died and we see him sitting around still in the arena in the next Ep. preview...would it not be better to have him drop out and sit in the stands instead? He's totally vulnerable out there.

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Re: Super Episode 105 (27 August 2017)

Post by KingKaash » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:22 pm

I didn't get a chance to write anything on this episode earlier so I'm doing it now. The fighting was alright but the Roshi near death scene was actually pretty touching. Goku rarely shows off raw emotion towards anyone anymore and is usually focused on fighting. But to see him trying to revive Roshi and then wipe away his tears when Roshi woke up was pretty sentimental. Nice touch by DBS writers.

The only thing I didn't like in this episode was the use of the capsule for the Mafuba. That's straight up cheating. The talismans were not cheating because they were created from the characters ki. The capsule used for the Mafuba was an outside object. I was hoping Roshi would disqualified for that. I like rules to be concrete and not flexible to the whims of the almighty Zeno. Otherwise the show loses credence to me. I see the Mafuba will be used again soon so that just makes me more upset
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